Yoga Poses for Weight Loss: Indian Practices for a Fit Body and Mind

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Yoga is a spiritual discipline, an ancient holistic practice striking a harmony between the mind, body, and soul. The archaic ritual originated before the Indus Valley civilization, as evident from various archaeological finds. It is deeply rooted in physical, metaphysical, and spiritual aspects pivotal in overall well-being. Yoga for weight loss was widely practiced, driving a complete all-around unification of body, mind, and soul.

Yoga practices for fit and mind
Yoga is often connected with physical well-being as much as with spiritual well-being. It can quickly soothe mental stress, thereby curbing emotional eating, allegedly one of the root causes of obesity and excessive weight gain. The different types of yoga can help burn extra fat and calories and keep body fat under check.

Understanding Yoga and its Holistic Benefits

Yoga is known for its healing properties. It can have tremendous power of mind and body, driving positivity through the nervous system and relaxing the stressed muscles. But yoga’s benefits do not end there.
There are profound reasons to consider yoga for weight loss. It eases the stiffness of the body muscles, improving flexibility, strength, and endurance of the body. A few such spiritual, mental, and physical health benefits would be:

Physical Health and Fitness

Power yoga for weight loss can drive significant changes to humans’ overall fitness.
1. Flexibility: The divine yoga poses make the body more flexible. Through various stretching and holding positions, the ligaments and tendons elongate, and muscles relax, driving a more excellent range of motion.
2. Balance: Specific poses, like Tree and Half-Moon, increase body strength and ensure proper coordination between mind and body. These capabilities provide an increased balance and confidence. Furthermore, the postures will reduce the chances of physical injuries sustained through falling or tripping.
3. Digestive and Organ Health: Certain poses like Seated Twist and Cat ones act as a natural masseuse, gently massaging organs from the inside, which eases and amplifies blood flow. The poses naturally detoxify the body, improve blood circulation, increase energy, and rejuvenate the body from the inside. It maintains the health of the internal organs, which is vital in preventing diseases.

Mental and Spiritual Synergy

Yoga fundamentally differs from physical exercises, as it strives to bring a holistic harmony between the human body, mind, and soul. The self-sufficient approach can not only improve the health and appearance of practitioners, but it does also more. It enables you to reach a higher level of consciousness and establish deeper connections with your soul and others. It propagates mental peace and harmony and promotes calmness and relaxation.
The following are examples of how yoga benefits in ways other than keeping body weight under check.
1. Memory: Yoga postures stimulate blood flow to the brain, clear your mind, and boost your concentration and focus.
2. Stress Reduction: Power yoga reduces stress levels. Through controlled breathing, one can sublimate their anxiety or rage more flexibly.
3. Awareness: Yoga exercises build self-awareness and give you better control over your mind, body, and soul.
4. Peacefulness: Meditation, integral to yoga, enhances the ability to stay in the moment, soothes a troubled mind, and keeps it tranquil.

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss – 5 Ways to Cut the Extra Fat

As per popular beliefs, yoga for weight loss is great for eliminating extra fat and keeping calorie counts in the body under check.
Yoga poses are known to increase the human body’s metabolic rate while activating the endocrine system and effectively supporting the body’s ability to burn calories. Further, the continuous and prolonged practice of yoga helps calm the nervous system and restores hormonal disbalances in the body, often responsible for hindering weight loss efforts. And intense yoga heals heart ailments by elevating the heart rate, improving thyroid gland functions, and stimulating metabolism. These practices contribute to building lean muscle mass even when the body is at rest.
There are obviously numerous postures helpful for keeping the human body fit, healthy, and fat-free while maintaining muscular flexibility.

Dhanur Asana or a Bow Pose


Dhanurasana, or the bow pose, improves blood circulation in the body while toning the chest, arms, abdomen, and thigh area. This yoga can effectively stretch the upper and lower body parts and prevent excessive accumulation of body fat.
Some of the other benefits would be:
1. Strengthening the back and abdominal muscles
2. Adjusting hunched back and body postures
3. Managing ailments like diabetes, digestive disorders, and chest pain

Setu Bandha Sarvang Asana or the Bridge Pose

Setu Badha Asana

This is one of the simple yoga poses for women. The bridge pose is a typical yoga asana offering a plethora of benefits, including tightening the glutes, toning the muscles, and working on the thyroid, a common ailment in women. This specific pose helps stretch the whole body, keeping hormones and metabolism well-balanced, eventually leading to burning much fat.
This yoga poses for weight loss has other therapeutic effects on the body, including the following:
1. Stretching neck, chest, spine, and hips to remove cramps
2. Controlling various symptoms of asthma and high pressure
3. Preventing anxiety, insomnia, and health fatigue
4. Relieving the aftereffects of menopause in women
5. Offering therapeutic assistance to sinusitis, osteoporosis, and hypertension patients.

Virabhadra Asana, Aka the Warrior Pose


Virabhadra asana can also be referred to as the warrior pose. ‘Vira’ means warrior, and ‘asana’ means pose. This yoga posture primarily focuses on maintaining a toned lower body. Through regular and systematic breathing techniques, this asana can help strengthen the inner thigh, arms, and spine. Simultaneously, this asana also helps elevate human concentration levels through systematic and regular practices.
Apart from the aforementioned uses, the warrior pose has other advantages, such as:
1. Maintaining the balance in the body
2. Increasing strength and stamina in athletes
3. Supporting muscle endurance for older people
4. Relieving back and neck pain for employees with desk jobs

Bhujangasana, the Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana yoga derives its name from the word “Bhujang”, which literally means “cobra,” and “asana” refers to “pose”. This asana stretches the spine, shoulders, and chest while relieving stress and tension in the body. Furthermore, this yoga workout for weight loss also helps tighten the buttocks and strengthen the abdomen while effectively burning the excess fat from the body.
Like others, bhujangasana also offers a plethora of benefits, other than the ones mentioned above. A few such examples would be:
1. Stimulating the digestive organs for better digestion
2. Removing chest congestion and clearing the lungs
3. Opening the shoulder blades, neck, and collarbones
4. Regulating the adrenal and thyroid glands

Surya Namaskar, the Divine Sun Salutation Pose

Surya namaskara

The Surya Namaskar, also known as the Divine Sun salutation yoga pose, is the ultimate answer for your mental and health problems, even weight loss. The posture regulates the whole body while burning excess fat when added to your daily fitness regime. Each body posture of the Surya namaskar focuses on a specific body part, strengthening the muscles and the core elements. It helps with muscle flexes while improving mind concentration and immune systems.
Since this is unlike a cardio workout, this yoga is considered a body warmup. And its benefits are far-reaching, beyond what’s stated above. Here are a few examples:
1. Increasing the metabolism of the body
2. Regularizing menstrual cycles in women
3. Improving the facial complexion in men and women
4. Relaxing muscle tension and effectively treating frozen shoulders
5. Combating insomnia and irregular sleep patterns

Perspective on Yoga and Mindful Eating

Mindfulness has a deep connection with weight loss, just like yoga. It works differently than a typical dietary plan. Rather, it helps people struggling with excessive weight gain to cut some extra fat from their body easily and retain a slender shape for an extended period. Mindful eating, a unique example of mindfulness, is often pivotal in losing weight. It enables a person to practice conscious eating, like eliminating fat-inducing junk or avoiding excess consumption, aka overeating. With the help of yoga exercises, one can easily develop a deep connection between the body and its specific needs. It helps you to become attuned to your body’s subtle signals for hunger and fullness. Yoga encourages mindfulness, empowers you to make healthy food choices, and supports you to avoid overeating.
However, consistency is the key to achieving the end objective. A consistent and regular yoga regime for weight loss will ensure steady progress in your metabolism. This will eventually keep your weight under control, leading to gradual and lasting improvements.
In hindsight, patients with underlying health ailments should consult an expert before trying new yoga postures. Sudden extreme motions of the head and neck, as is needed in certain yoga exercises, can strain the vertebral arteries, leading to clots, swelling and constriction. These conditions can easily trigger a severe stroke and subsequent cerebral damage.
Contrarily, breathing asanas like kapalbhati, bhastrika pranayama, and agnisar pranayama can prove fatal for patients suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, or hernia. Likewise, padmasana can often aggravate arthritis or cause slipped disks or other injuries to the spine when practiced without expert supervision. Therefore, consultation with a professional medical practitioner or a certified yoga teacher can help assess any plausible health danger for patients.


In the same light, the importance of yoga in our modern life can never be undermined. It benefits the entire body while purifying the mind and soul from toxicities. And yoga for weight loss is already gaining widespread popularity. From celebs to even doctors, all believe in the divine capability of yoga as one of the natural ways of keeping the human machine properly operational. The above-mentioned asanas are just a handful of examples. There are numerous others to adapt to your daily routine, however, under the guidance of a certified yoga professional.


1. What are the 5 major types of yoga?

Ans. The five major types of yoga would be:
a. Ashtanga vinyasa yoga
b. Vinyasa yoga
c. Iyengar Yoga
d. Kundalini yoga
e. Yin Yoga

2. What is yoga and its benefits?

Ans. Yoga is an ancient practice that harmonizes the body, mind, and soul while synchronizing them to develop a deep spiritual connection. The benefits are:
a. Increased flexibility
b. Weight reduction
c. Cardio and circulatory health
d. A balanced metabolism
e. Increased muscle strength, tone, and vitality

3. Which yoga is suitable for skin health?

Ans. Bhujangasana.

4. Which yoga is best for hormonal balance?

Ans. There are a couple of yoga postures suitable for maintaining hormonal balance in women and men, such as:
a. Ardha Chandrasana
b. Baddha Konasana
c. Supta Badha Konasana
d. Supta Padangusthasana
e. Samakonasana

5. What is the best time to do yoga for weight loss?

Ans. Early morning on an empty stomach.

6. What is the difference between yoga and power yoga?

Ans. Yoga usually concentrates on improving both physical and mental fitness. The exercises meant for the body and mind help create harmony between the two.
Contrarily, power yoga for weight loss is done faster, ensuring the seamless flow of one position to another. It tests individuals’ physical endurance with this speed.

7. Can you lose belly fat by yoga?

Ans. Yes. Yoga helps reduce weight and prevents the accumulation of abdominal fat.

8. Which yoga is suitable for skin health?

Ans. Bhujangasana.

9. Which asana is recommended for back pain?

Ans. Shalabhasana.

10. Which yoga is best for blood pressure?

Ans. There are a couple of asanas suitable for fighting high blood pressure in patients, such as:
a. Shishuasana (Child’s Pose)
b. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
c. Vajrasana (Diamond Pose)
d. Shavasana (Corpse Pose)
e. Pranayama

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