Diabetes Insipidus

Everything You Need to Know About Diabetes Insipidus

Let’s debunk the common belief that consuming sugar can lead to diabetes. However, excess quantities of sugar and calorie intake can cause overweight and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic health condition impacting your body’s ability to turn food into energy. It occurs when blood …

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Indian Weight Loss

Indian Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast and Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is a unique defense mechanism guarding the human body from harmful and foreign stimuli. It enables the immune system to commence the healing process concurrently with identifying potentially hazardous stimuli. Chronic inflammation and weight gain are closely interlinked, the former boosting the other as triggered by hormonal changes in …

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Healthy weight gain foods

Weight Gain Diet: Best Healthful Food to Gain Weight Faster

The average weight of a man with a height of 69.0 inches is approximately 199.8 pounds. On the other hand, the average weight of a woman with a height of 63.5 inches is nearly 170.8 pounds. Anything less than the figures is deemed underweight, which can throw unprecedented health challenges …

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Hypertension and Lifestyle Management

An Overview of Hypertension and Lifestyle Management

Hypertension is deemed the number one risk factor worldwide for causing death by heart stroke. It accounts for nearly half of heart diseases and deaths connected to strokes, affecting more than 1 billion globally. Approximately 1.28 billion adults between 30–79 years worldwide suffer from hypertension. Modern lifestyle choices are blamed …

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Ashwagandha Sleep Elixir: Unraveling Its Mysteries

Do you clock your sleep time? It’s time you should! You may be surprised to know, but most adults need, on average, 7-9 hours of downtime at night for their body to operate normally. Sleep deprivation is a scary reality of modern life, giving birth to a horde of physical …

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Vitamin and mental health

The Striking Link Between Vitamin Deficiency and Mental Health

Anxiety, depression, irritability, and insomnia are the white elephants of modern life. However, there was a time when such rare ailments were considered demonic, like someone lacking spiritual fruit. And patients experiencing dementia or memory loss were straightaway branded as the walking dead. Little did they know the symptoms were …

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