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Low carb diet for weight loss

5 Foods to Avoid and Include to Your Low Carb Diet for Weight Loss

The low-carb diet trend appears to be sating on. Whether following a paleo diet or experimenting with keto, plenty of foods are nutrient-dense and low in carbohydrates. Whatever your reason for avoiding this macronutrient, remember that not all carbohydrates are created equal. A low-carb diet involves replacing high-carb foods with …

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Gestational Diabetes

7 Natural Remedies to Maintain Gestational Diabetes

Natural diabetes treatments have grown in popularity in recent years. However, it is unfortunate that most people are unaware of the effectiveness of these methods for naturally overcoming diabetes. Even if your pregnancy starts on a positive note, there are numerous reasons to prioritize for the sake of both fetal …

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How Diabetes Causes Eye Damage, Respiratory Issues and 20 Other Problems

Diabetes is a chronic disease that impairs the body’s ability to regulate or use sugar (glucose), which acts as a fuel to provide energy. In such an instance, either the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin, or the body fails to use this insulin effectively. This hampers the ability …

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A guideline in the management of autoimmune disorders

Guidelines for Autoimmune Disorders Management – Types, Causes and Symptoms

Autoimmune disorders have been shrouded in mystery and confounded healthcare professionals for ages. To this date, no study or research has been able to ascertain the precise nature of its cause or the reason that makes certain individuals vulnerable to them. A healthy immune system is our body’s primary defence …

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Best diet tips to treat diabetes

10 Healthy Eating Tips for Diabetes Management

There are very few health conditions that are as discussed as diabetes. This is a condition that has seen a steady rise in recent times due to lifestyle factors. As is the case with several other diseases, your eating habits play a central role in both causing and managing them. …

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Diet plan for COVID-19 patients with diabetes

The Effects of COVID-19 on People with Diabetes – Treatment and Diet Tips

The Coronavirus 2019 pandemic has swept across the globe, causing large-scale social upheaval. As the pandemic rages on, new complications and new findings have come to light. It has been long known that older people, those with underlying medical conditions and a compromised immune system, are at a higher risk …

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Tongue Discoloration And The Underlying Diseases They Indicate

Dangers of Tongue Discoloration – Diseases Associated with Tongue Color

At some point or the other, we have all gone through tongue issues. Tongue colors could signify the presence of an underlying disease. Research has suggested that even COVID can cause a change in tongue colour and appearance. According to the National Institute of Health, this virus has been said …

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reason for chest congestion

10 Home Remedies for Quick Chest Congestion Relief – Mucus Prevention Guide

The build-up of mucus in your chest ruining your day? We feel you! Chest congestion is annoying and so difficult to get rid of. How would you recognize the symptoms of chest congestion? If you find out that you have a stubborn cough, then you are likely to have an …

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