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Nutrition - An essential part of fitness
Why Nutrition Is An Essential Part Of Fitness

In recent times, it has become essential to take care of your health, so a focus on fitness, nutrition and going to the gym can certainly help you stay fit and healthy. Food plays a vital role for us, and it can sometimes determine the way we look and feel about ourselves. Our world is...

42 Delicious Healthy Food Swaps for Quick Weight Loss Results

Good Food Vs. Bad Food In life, we are always in the pursuit of gain; except for one thing, and we fight equally hard to lose that! We are talking about weight loss. It is the most searched about, discussed, thought about and written about a topic. But, you know what, it does not have...

13 High Protein Foods That Help in Weight Loss – 11 Vegetarian and 2 Non-Vegeta...

“Eat more protein and go on a high protein diet plan”, said my gym instructor when I complained that I was not losing enough fat, nor was I gaining the lean muscles that I wanted to. He said it almost matter-of-factly, but it sent me thinking; are high protein foods the key to weight loss...

Tiger Nuts
18 Tiger Nut Powder Benefits – Try The Hottest Superfood in Town

Time to go nuts on tiger nuts! They are the hottest superfoods on the market. But wait a minute, technically, they are not even nuts. These crinkly, marble-sized orbs are small and hail from the family of tuberous rhizomes of a sedge grass (cyperus esculentus lativum) that has been cultivated for ages together. Native Americans...

Cardamom tea for
10 Amazing Benefits of Cardamom Tea – Healthy and Flavourful Drink

Do you love to sip on cardamom tea when you want a break from the regular caffeine fix? It is a great way to relax and recuperate after a hard day’s work. Cardamom hailed as the ‘queen of spices’, joins the elevated ranks of some of the most expensive spices such as saffron. It belongs...

Top 10 Benefits of Almond Milk for Total Body Health – Recipes and More

Recently, cow milk has gotten a bad rap. From doctors to health exponents, everyone is asking us to make that big shift from cow milk to almond milk. Now, why is it that almond milk is creating a buzz in the world of health and fitness? Low on sugar and high on taste, it is...

The Sports Nutrition Guide and Recipes for Primary and Secondary School Children

As much as we’d like to think of them as small versions of adults, children and their nutritional needs are different on a different level altogether. It’s a wrong belief to nurse that by simply cutting the calories, adding tutti-frutti flavor, and luring the kids with cartoon characters, we can substitute kid’s food with adult...

Starbucks Coffee
Top 10 Health Benefits of Black Coffee – World’s 10 Best Coffee Shop Chains

When it comes to coffee, most people have a mixed reaction to the alluring black water. While most of us can’t even think of beginning our day’s work without enjoying a steaming cup of black coffee, many health conscious people strictly stay away from it because of the rumoured disadvantages of coffee. In reality, the...

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