Cooking with Papaya
How to Add Papaya to Your Daily Diet to Keep Diseases at Bay

Papaya is an incredible fruit! But what is so incredible about it, you ask? Well, not only is it power packed with a whole lot of nutrients but it is also easily available. Popularity wise, it does not go anywhere close to mangoes or says berries but nutrient wise, it can beat any fruit hollow. […]

20 Amazing Benefits of Plantain for Hair, Skin, and Health

At first glance, a plantain looks like the long-lost cousin of a banana, and if you confuse the two; well you won’t be the first, as plantains belong to the banana family and tend to be mistaken for them. They grow in temperate countries such as Uganda, Colombia, and Cameroon. There, people have a clear […]

Diet rich in copper
16 Amazing Benefits of Copper for Skin, Hair, and Health

Somehow in the crowd of the more important minerals, we tend to ignore some of the trace minerals that play such an important role on our health. We are talking about copper here. The one trace mineral that has suddenly shot into the limelight. All of a sudden people are buying copper bottles and copper […]

20 Natural Home Remedies to Remove Dandruff at Home Permanently

Winter is coming! And winters always come, don’t they? They bring a lots of lovely snow fall with them! Then, what’s the issue? Yes, the issue is snow fall, when it is your scalp that is snowing instead of the skies! There’s itching, there are things falling all over the place, and then there is […]

5 Reasons to Avoid Chemical Hair Straightening – 10 Natural Ingredients for...

This content has been Medically reviewed by Dr. Surya Kedara, MBBS – General Physician Are you a style diva, who keeps abreast of most style trends doing the rounds in the fashion world? And of course, that includes your hair! It has to be on point always. If you have poker straight hair, what’s not […]

Herbal Products for Hair
Top 10 Natural Herbal Home Remedies for Hair Health – DIY Masks

Healthy, strong hair is one of the first signs of good health. Black (or any colour), strong, thick and bouncy hair signify that you are either blessed with great genes or, you really work hard to take care of your hair. Regardless, it makes you look awesome. Good hair care techniques and hair products have […]

Foods which Nourish Your Hair
How to Improve Your Hair Color Naturally with Diet and Home Remedies

Your, hair is your crowning glory and you take immense pride in your beautiful locks. But with time, the color of your hair the thickness or the texture suffers thanks to pollution and exposure to chemicals. As you age, there are color changes, it becomes dull, limp and lackluster, but you need to do something […]

13 Effective Yoga Asana and Pranayama Exercises to Stop Hair Loss

This content has been Medically reviewed by Dr. Surya Kedara, MBBS – General Physician A head full of long and flowing hair is a dream of each and every woman, but this dream rarely comes true. A number of internal and external factors such as stress, poor eating habits, hormonal imbalances and disorders, diseases, hair […]

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