Hormonal Imbalance
Lifestyle Modifications to Restore Hormonal Imbalance Naturally

A hormone imbalance impacts one’s general state of health. Certain circumstances are out of an individual’s control, but there are controllable factors that can also affect hormone imbalance. Hormones are circulated by the endocrine system and serve a variety of purposes throughout the day. Hormone fluctuations, even in small groups, can have negative consequences and […]

Vegan diet plan
Indian Vegan Diet Plan for Weight Loss Fast

In a world of quick solutions and fad diets, the quest for a better life frequently takes center stage. Many people want to lose those excess pounds to feel better, be more confident, and have more energy. It’s not just about looking beautiful. Consider the Indian vegan diet plan your hidden weapon if you’re trying […]

Thyroid diet plan
A Thyroid Health Guide: Best Ways to Have Healthier Thyroid

The thyroid gland is an essential player in the complex functioning of our bodies, frequently functioning in the background to preserve general health. This modest-looking gland in the neck, shaped like a butterfly, makes hormones that control energy levels, metabolism, and other internal processes. You might not even be aware that your thyroid is working […]

Balanced meal
Best Indian Balanced Diet Plan for Weight Loss

In a society where health and fitness are valued highly, many people share a similar aim of reaching a healthy body weight. The goal of the best Indian balanced diet plan for weight loss is to help you lose excess weight while savoring the variety and taste of Indian cuisine. Indian food is well known […]

Diet Plan for pregnancy
Indian Diet Plan for Pregnancy: What Foods to Eat & Avoid When Pregnant

A woman’s body and many emotions change during pregnancy, making it a life-changing experience. The importance of nutrition during this period cannot be overstated, as it affects the mother’s health and is vital to the growth of the unborn child. Pregnant women in India frequently gain excessive amounts of weight due to the widely held […]

Obesity lifestyle management
Obesity: A Guide to Managing Your Lifestyle and Health Conditions

The accepted body mass index, or BMI, for most adults is somewhere between 18.5 to 24.9. The body mass index basically compares your weight against height to work out if your body weight is healthy or not. So, age, gender, and height are ideally the key parameters to identify if you are overweight, underweight, or […]

Healthy weight gain foods
Weight Gain Diet: Best Healthful Food to Gain Weight Faster

The average weight of a man with a height of 69.0 inches is approximately 199.8 pounds. On the other hand, the average weight of a woman with a height of 63.5 inches is nearly 170.8 pounds. Anything less than the figures is deemed underweight, which can throw unprecedented health challenges to individuals. Therefore, a balanced […]

Hypertension and Lifestyle Management
An Overview of Hypertension and Lifestyle Management

Hypertension is deemed the number one risk factor worldwide for causing death by heart stroke. It accounts for nearly half of heart diseases and deaths connected to strokes, affecting more than 1 billion globally. Approximately 1.28 billion adults between 30–79 years worldwide suffer from hypertension. Modern lifestyle choices are blamed for this, so lifestyle modification […]

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