hardboiled eggs
10 Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

I am an eggetarian! Well, if a word like that even exists! Okay, there is, Collins dictionary acknowledges this word and I know this is a perfect word to describe me, because what will you call a person who can

7 Delicious Low Carb Desserts – Satiate Swee...

Keto is not a fad diet but a way of life for keto followers. But it’s not an easy diet to follow since you have to go low-carb and give up on your favorite desserts. But do you really have

Guide on Paleo Diet – 7 Best Paleo Foods and...

There have been many celebs on social media who have hailed the paleo weight loss diet as the best diet to drop those stubborn extra pounds. Do you know that the paleo diet plan also propagates the caveman way of

10 Best Natural Foods to Boost Your Energy –...

Do you feel an energy slump at the end of the day? What do you do then, reach out for your caffeine laden drinks or worse still, reach out for those fizzy sugary drinks? I did that too! Yes, guilty

Fast Metabolism Diet – 9 Secret Rules to Spe...

Most people follow diets only to give up on them a few months later. Do you wonder why you are simply unable to keep up with a diet plan for more than one or two months? It is simply because

List of Foods containing potassium
Food Habits and Lifestyle Changes to Boost Your En...

If you have ever felt sluggish, tired and burned out, the lack of balanced food could be a reason for this condition. For humans, food and molecular oxygen is the richest source of energy. While oxygen is available through respiration,

8 Best Meal Replacement Shakes to Lose Weight Natu...

There is no running away from the fact that you need to eat right to lose the extra flab. Even if you spend hours at the gym, pump iron or run for hours on the treadmill, you cannot out exercise

Top 10 Healthy Weight Loss Shakes to Lose Weight I...

What is the hardest part of losing weight? For us, it is keeping a tab on calories. We are pretty clueless most of the time, as to what we should eat and exactly how much to eat. This is where

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