Effects of Triglycerides on Health – Reasons, Levels and Precautions

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With the increasing population being effected by heart diseases day-by-day, many are getting aware of the impact of cholesterol on our health. This is a very good sign and it is equally important to know about triglyceride’s, which have equal impact on your health similar to cholesterol. These triglyceride’s not only effect heart but also have adverse effects of triglycerides on health. It is an ester with three types of fatty acids. These are produced in our blood by liver through the fats present in the food we consume. Hence, you need to maintain a balanced diet chart which includes healthy foods.

Basically, the normal level of triglyceride’s produced are good for health, as they are used as energy by your body. But, the excess intake of high calorie foods will increase the levels of triglyceride’s in your blood, which in turn increases the risk of heart diseases and even metabolic syndrome. The triglyceride level is generally known through the blood test conducted for cholesterol.

Effects of Triglycerides on Health:

Levels of Triglycerides:

  • Normal is less than 100 mg/dl.
  • Moderate-high is 100mg/dl to 199mg/dl.
  • High is 200mg/dl.

There are various effects of triglycerides on health. If the levels of triglyceride’s is more than the moderate level, then we will be prone to many diseases.

Heart Diseases

As the level of triglycerides increases in our blood, it forms a layer along the side walls of the blood cells. This results in the failure of effective flow of blood throughout the body. Due to this, the stress on heart muscles increases as it should pump blood continuously with much force than needed. This makes us prone to heart diseases and stroke.

Effects of Triglycerides on HealthDiabetes

The intake of sugar, high calorie food, carbohydrates can be digested very easily and get converted into triglycerides in blood. If the triglycerides level increases beyond 200mg/dl the waist part becomes fat than other body parts, this in turn will increase the chance of getting affected by diabetes. If the person has diabetes already, the increase in triglyceride level indicates that his sugar levels are not in control. This may lead to many health hazards.

Effects of Triglycerides on Health


Pancreas is an organ which releases hormones, insulin, glucagon, which are responsible for effective metabolism and digestion of food. Pancreatitis is a state of inflammation in this organ. This is because whenever the level of triglycerides increases in blood, the blood cells get blocked and to clear this blockage, the cells of pancreas increase in number to generate the enzyme known as pancreas lipase. Due to this, the size of pancreas increases resulting in pacreatitis.

Effects of Triglycerides on HealthOthers Triglycerides:

As the levels of triglyceride’s increases there are many problems like nerves of eyes get effected and may result in blindness. And at times we can observe lumps of fat accumulated at many places in the body like knee joints, elbow,etc. These lumps will be in yellow colour.

Reasons for increase in amount of triglycerides:

  • Food Intake: The intake of sugar contents, carbohydrates, alcoholic consumption and excess calorie intake are the major reasons for increase in level of triglycerides.
  • Age: The level of triglycerides also increases with the age.
  • Medicines: Usage of steroids and contraceptive medicines are also responsible for increase in level of triglycerides.
  • Genetic: Genetically also the levels may be high in many persons.

Effects of Triglycerides on Health

How to lower triglyceride levels?

  • Intake of condensed milk, clarified butter, cheese, red meat should be avoided, instead opt for skimmed milk,fish,chicken can be taken
  • Deep fry food should be avoided as transfats present in such items will also be responsible for triglyceride level changes.
  • Polished food grains should be avoided completely. High fibre content food like fruits and unpolished food grains should be taken which will help in eliminating bad cholesterol in blood.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are said to have a great impact in lowering triglycerides level , so intake of sea cod oil, almonds, and pulses should be consumed frequently.
  • Regular exercises mainly aerobics are very much helpful in eliminating the cholesterol as well as triglycerides in our body.
  • Smoking and Drinking habits will be very much dangerous for Triglyceride levels in blood,so these habits should be avoided.

As these triglycerides have the adverse effect on health, it is important to check the levels of triglycerides in your blood regularly and control it. You need to take care by following proper diet, avoiding alcohol consumption, smoking and performing regular exercises like aerobics, dance and yogasanas for reducing fat. You must also avoid consuming soft drinks, as soft drinks impact on health.

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