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Top 10 Benefits of Japanese Matcha Green Tea – Secret Recipes

Are you a health nerd?  Do you like to keep abreast of the latest superfood fads rocking the health world? Then, you probably must have heard about Japanese matcha green tea. You must be wondering that since you are already an avid tea-drinker in general and green tea drinker in particular, what is it about...

Moringa Seeds – 8 Nutritional Benefits and 4 Recipes to Keep You Healthy

Moringa seeds are making all the right noises in the nutrition world and have almost achieved super food status now. The reason why they are being hailed as a superfood is because of their high nutritious profile and the fact that they are anti-oxidant-rich and also full of anti-inflammatory properties make them an extremely sought-after natural...

Everything You Need to Know About Ragi Malt Benefits and Recipes

Nowadays we are so enamored by packaged and good-looking food that we have almost shown the door to our traditional foods. A generation ago we were familiar with millets and its essential nutrients. But today, the humble finger millet or ragi has been carelessly nudged aside for convenient foods. Was it a good choice? Given the...

6 Best Pasta Recipes at Home – Health Benefits of Eating Pasta

Who does not like a plateful of tasty and filling pasta? Diet plans go for a toss just at the sight of a plate filled with pasta in all its geometric shaped glory. Yes, pasta seldom looks boring, comes in so many shapes, and can be cooked in so many different ways. But the question...

Top 5 Delicious Recipes and Health Benefits of Antioxidant Rich Berries

Some foods are so nutritious that they have been labeled as superfoods. Berries are one of them. It is like a miracle pill, which can help you combat the deadliest of diseases. We are all aware of the benefits of anti-oxidants and berries are an absolute powerhouse of it. So, what makes berries enjoy such...

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Top Summer Juices and Smoothies to Beat the Heat!

With the advent of summer, we think of myriad ways to beat the heat and take a chill pill. The intolerable heat not withstanding, we still enjoy the summer to the fullest, thanks to frozen desserts, which cater to our incorrigible sweet tooth. Ask anyone what they look forward to most during summer, and most...

The Nutritious Seed Quinoa
Which Should You Choose Between Quinoa and Amaranth?

Quinoa has been labeled as the new super grain in the world. In fact, there’s a funny adage doing the rounds on the Web! “Never eat ingredients you can’t pronounce. Except quinoa. You should eat quinoa.”  Yes, suddenly the world has woken up the super grain, as it is regarded as a weight watcher’s delight. ...

12 Healthy American Wheat Free and Sugar Free Recipes

Who says healthy eating for losing weight and staying energized has to be boring? People who are trying to lose weight or coping with food intolerances think that a restrictive diet devoid of fat, carbohydrates, meat, poultry and desserts is the only option left for them. But in reality healthy eating does not always have...

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