Lifestyle Changes to Help Control Your Diabetes

Few diseases in health and well-being demand as much care and proactive management as diabetes. The importance of lifestyle choices cannot be emphasized, regardless of the length of time you have lived with diabetes. Managing diabetes requires a comprehensive strategy that extends beyond prescription drugs. People can improve their overall quality of life and control […]

Diet Plan for pregnancy
Indian Diet Plan for Pregnancy: What Foods to Eat & Avoid When Pregnant

A woman’s body and many emotions change during pregnancy, making it a life-changing experience. The importance of nutrition during this period cannot be overstated, as it affects the mother’s health and is vital to the growth of the unborn child. Pregnant women in India frequently gain excessive amounts of weight due to the widely held […]

Diabetes Insipidus
Everything You Need to Know About Diabetes Insipidus

Let’s debunk the common belief that consuming sugar can lead to diabetes. However, excess quantities of sugar and calorie intake can cause overweight and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic health condition impacting your body’s ability to turn food into energy. It occurs when blood sugar levels are higher than […]

Basil leaves for stress relief and boosting immunity
The Indian Holy Basil for Stress Relief and Immunity Boosting

Basil leaves are not just the holy ingredient for your kitchen; they have a significant medicinal value. The Holy Basil, or Tulsi, is considered sacred in India and finds its place among rituals and various festivals. Contrarily, ancient Egyptians considered the leaves as an embalming supplement. One of the primary benefits of the herb would […]

Monitoring Diabetes
Indian Foods and Lifestyle Tips for Managing Blood Glucose Levels

The prevalence of non-communicable diseases like increased blood sugar levels has dramatically increased recently. According to research, there are now 101 million people in the world who have diabetes, which represents 11.4% of the country’s total population. Eating a diabetes-friendly diet, which contains lots of fruits, vegetables, and proteins while avoiding sugary foods and foods […]

Urbanization and Obesity
Metabolic Phenotype and Complications Associated with Obesity

A condition known as obesity involves having too much body fat. Obesity is more than simply a visual issue. Although there is no proper obesity definition, it is said that it is a medical condition that raises the chance of various illnesses and conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and some malignancies. There […]

Perspective on Reversible Diabetes -Exploring Signs, Symptoms, And Tips

Diabetes is a health condition that has taken the world by storm, affecting millions worldwide. With a staggering 463 million adults living with diabetes globally, it is clear that this epidemic is not going anywhere anytime soon. In the United States alone, over 34 million people grapple with this chronic condition, reversible diabetes, known as […]

Glycemic Parameters and Lifestyle Factors in Obesity
Correlation Between Glycemic Parameters and Lifestyle Factors in Obesity

Obesity is like a formidable enemy that lurks within, waiting to strike with its deadly claws. It is a condition that plagues millions worldwide, manifesting in excess body fat that can lead to various health complications. To put it simply, obesity is the accumulation of an unhealthy amount of fat in the body, causing a […]

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