Beat The Heat With 7 Body Cooling Healthy Foods In This Summer

| Author: Manoja Kalakanti

Summer is full of possibilities. The summer season is in high gear, and if the scorching heat is any indication, we’re in for some high temperatures later this year. We associate summer with ice cream, swimming pools, summer camps, and road trips. However, due to the scorching summer heat, one can quickly feel more drained and demotivated than usual, and for a good reason. Body cooling foods are a far more delicious way to stay cool during the dog days of summer.

Hydrating your body with water isn’t the only way to stay cool on hot days. Foods high in water and fiber help you feel full without feeling sluggish after a large hot meal drenched in heavy oils or sauces. If you don’t want an upset stomach, you must keep your system cool. Avoid foods that heat your body and include stomach cooling foods if you want to feel free and light during the summer.

Healthy Food for Summer

7 Natural Foods that Will Keep Your Body Cool and Boost Your Energy Levels

Water and juices cleanse the body of toxins and provide a cooling effect. Aside from drinking these juices, you should also include some healthy foods that cool your body in your diet. Being outdoors in the heat and sweating can put you at risk for dehydration and vitamin deficiencies.

Summers in India are scorching, particularly in the north. It is necessary to maintain a healthy diet to keep the body cool and avoid diseases such as dehydration, vomiting, and diarrhea in the summer. Here are some healthy foods that can help you cool down. This summer, include these foods in your diet to stay healthy and relaxed.


Watermelons are a great summer hydration food. This water-rich fruit is highly effective at reducing body heat and keeping you hydrated and cool. It is composed of 92% water and contains a good amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants, and amino acids in each juicy bite. It also contains lycopene, which shields skin cells from sun damage.

Leafy greens

Leafy vegetables, such as kale, celery, and spinach, are high in water and an excellent source of vitamin C. They are easy to digest and require little energy for the body to process, keeping you cool. To maximize the benefits of your leafy vegetables, avoid overcooking them, as this will lead to a loss of water content.


Berries have numerous health benefits. Strawberries and blueberries are high in flavonoids, which increase blood circulation to the skin and improve the health and appearance of your skin. Tart cherry anthocyanins activate a molecule that increases fat burning and decreases fat storage. It contains antioxidants, which may help prevent muscle fatigue by mopping up the extra free radicals produced by muscles during exercise.


Cantaloupes and honeydews are amazingly healthy foods high in nutrients, water, and flavor, making them an ideal summer treat. Melons are also diuretics that do not dehydrate, which is especially important for women experiencing hormonal changes.


Coriander aids the body’s elimination of excess heat and toxins. It detoxifies the body while also keeping it cool and fresh. It is anti-inflammatory and relieves the digestive tract. In addition, it also reduces fever or high body temperature by inducing perspiration and lowering the internal body temperature.

Coconut Water

Summertime is synonymous with coconut water. We see vendors selling these on every corner and in every fruit shop, especially in South India. Coconut water contains numerous vital nutrients and helps you maintain your body’s electrolyte balance, and it is a great-tasting drink that revitalizes you exceptionally well.


Buttermilk is an Ayurvedic favorite for combating heat stress because of its probiotic content and high vitamin and mineral content. It is an elixir that replenishes the body by replacing fluids and nutrients lost due to excessive perspiration and improving metabolism for this lethal composition. It may also be beneficial to women who experience hot flashes.

These healthy summer foods will keep your body cool and replenished. A glass of cool ice-cold or an aerated drink would temporarily make you feel better.

Tips To Overcome Indian Summers

Drinking enough water to replace lost fluids can help treat dehydration. If you lose a significant amount of fluid, consuming an electrolyte drink containing sodium and potassium may be required to restore balance.

Here are some ways to beat the Indian summer:

  • Consume plenty of water
  • Always opt for a light diet
  • Avoid drinking too much tea and coffee
  • Do not eat spicy, hot, or highly salty foods
  • Include Fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid drinking and smoking
  • Immerse your feet in cold water
  • Make use of sandalwood
  • Foods To Avoid To Beat The Summer

Due to unhealthy eating habits, the summer months in India are prone to various stomach ailments. Eating light is essential because overeating heat causes sleeplessness, exhaustion, inflammation, stomach upset, and acidity. It is just as important to keep track of our eating habits to stay hydrated.

Here are some foods to avoid for the following reasons:

Fast Food

Though it is rarely a good idea to eat junk food regularly, it is especially wise to avoid street food during the summer. They are soaked in oil and frequently undercooked, increasing the risk of indigestion and food poisoning.

Cold Snacks

Ham and salami are more likely to spoil than other foods. When left unrefrigerated for an extended period, cold cuts can cause stomach infections and indigestion due to bacterial growth. If you want a salami salad, make it fresh and eat it within 15 minutes.

Spiced Cooked Veggies

Eat nothing that you cooked more than a day ago. If you’ve refrigerated it, don’t keep it for too long. The vegetables and spices begin to degrade within a few hours of cooking.

Red Meat

Mutton, lamb, and pork are rich in saturated fat, which raises bad cholesterol. It is heavier and more difficult to digest. Therefore, it is advised to avoid eating red meat during the scorching heat.

Sweet and Caffeinated Beverages

Drinks such as aerated colas, sherbets, and fruit punches increase calorie intake while dehydrating our bodies and affecting the kidneys. Consuming tea and coffee should also be avoided because they can dehydrate you.

Milk and Dairy Products

Do you enjoy the rich spread of your morning salad? Dairy products contain a lot of fat. As a result, our nutritionists advise limiting our daily dairy intake because it generates heat, causes gastric problems, and causes pimple eruptions. Improperly stored butter, milk, cheese, and ghee can upset the stomach. Save your dairy cravings for the winter.


It is best to avoid overindulging in seafood because it is a sure way to get food poisoning. If the seafood is preservative, it can cause severe stomach upset, diarrhea, and skin eruptions.

Stay healthy and free of stomach infections this summer by being extra cautious about what you eat.

Healthy Diet Plan For Indian Summer

There is no traditional food that contains all the calories and nutrients that the body requires to stay healthy. That’s why a well-balanced diet rich in macronutrients like carbohydrates, protein, and fat and micronutrients like vitamins and minerals is essential in the summer to keep your body cool and your energy levels high.

You’ve found the right place if you want to change your diet to make it more summer friendly.

You will not have to give up your regular eating habits or drastically alter your diet to beat the summer; all you need is the best-balanced Indian diet plan!

Our Take:

Summer heat can leave you exhausted and sluggish. To keep the body comfortable and relaxed, eat a variety of summer foods high in water, vitamins, and minerals. Include these lighter foods to boost your energy. Stay hydrated and stay safe from hot summers.


What foods are cool for the stomach?

Consume cooling foods like watermelon, pears, apples, plums, berries, and prunes are all high in water content. Choose vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, and sprouts to cool the body from within.

How do you cool your body with food?

Choosing your summer foods wisely can help you cool down. Vitamin C-rich foods can help reduce body heat. Consuming foods high in vitamin C increases blood flow and metabolism. It treats both internal and external heat in your body.

What are cooling foods?

Water-based foods such as cucumber, zucchini, greens, berries, coconut, and watermelon are cooling foods

Is celery a cooling food?

Yes. Celery is a low-calorie vegetable high in antioxidants, vitamins, and flavonoids that help to cool the body.

What food keeps the body cool in summer?

Water-based foods such as avocado, melons, cucumber, berries, and leafy greens are cooling foods that will keep your body temperature in check and prevent sunstroke.

What is the best food to eat in extreme heat?

Berries are the best food to eat in extremely hot conditions.

What should you not eat during the heat?

Diuretic foods cause your body to excrete more water. Coffee, tea, soda, and other caffeinated beverages are included.

How do you beat summer heat food?

We can beat the heat by avoiding pre-cooked, reheated, frozen, processed and dried out fried foods.

Does egg produce heat in the body?

Yes. Eggs produce heat in our bodies, which can cause indigestion and discomfort.

Which vegetables are good for summer?

Cucumber, tomato, broccoli and leafy greens are some of the best summer vegetables to eat during the summer.

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