Urinary Tract Infection Guide – Home Remedie...

“I want to pee but I cannot” – Does this seem like I am describing your state when you have the oh-so-dreaded Urinary Tract Infection? Has this too become your monthly companion like Aunt Flo? Well, while you better embrace

Lifestyle Problems – Common Causes, Diseases...

To most of us, fitness means a sweaty session at the gym, at the park or at home. As long as that is done, we feel relaxed that we are done for the day. But are we? The rising levels of

Causes Colon Cancer
7 Dangerous Colon Cancer Symptoms and How to Diagn...

Colon cancer is the most common type of gastrointestinal cancer. It is caused by genetic factors, environmental exposure (including diet), and inflammatory conditions of the digestive tract. The Big C! Yes, the name cancer is enough to send a chill down

Symptoms of Thyroid_2
Everything about Hyperthyroidism Symptoms, Causes,...

Hyperthyroidism symptoms are sometimes so mild that most people fail to recognize it. Therefore, they do not get diagnosed with hyperthyroidism until it gets worse. Especially when it comes to older people, the sudden loss of weight and the feelings

Try hard blinking
How to Stop Eye Twitching with Home Remedies and E...

The sudden twitching of your eyes can mean a number of things. A lot of us, however, like to put it down as superstition. We come up with the most inane of reasons behind this recurring action of our eyes.

Eat magnesium-rich foods
Everything about Magnesium Deficiency and How to A...

We get so hot and bothered about chronic diseases that we seldom give importance to nutritional deficiencies. This deficiency, ironically, in the long run, happens to be the cause of most chronic diseases. Magnesium deficiency is one such problem which

Everything about Kidney Failure – Signs, Sym...

More often than not we are so caught up with life that we hardly heed the subtle signs that our bodies give us, until they too chronic and beyond our control. Kidney failure is one such condition that begs our

Symptoms of Breast Cancer
12 Deadly Symptoms of Breast Cancer and How to Pre...

The very word “Cancer” makes us feel scared and vulnerable, but most of it stems from the fact that we are largely ignorant of; that breast cancer can not only be prevented, but cured, if caught in the early stages.

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