Make your Own Essential Oils – Homemade Herbal and Mint Oils for Hair

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This content has been Medically reviewed by Dr. Surya Kedara, MBBS – General Physician

Have you ever tried to make your own essential oils? If not, then you can learn making two important oils today. One is the Mint Oil and other one is the Herbal Oil. Usually, these essential oils are very useful to maintain a strong, healthy hair. Coming to Ming, it not only makes our food tasty but also improves our immune system and refreshes the mind. When applied to the roots of your hair, it stimulates the follicles and pushes for the hair growth by maintaining the pH levels of your scalp. It makes your hair healthy and thick giving it back the lost shine. It prevents dandruff from coming back and takes away the itching sensation. The dry lips can be softened if mint oil is applied on them. It gives natural beauty to your body. It can be made at home in a very simple way.

Make your Own Essential Oils: Mint Oil

Required Things:

  1. A bottle
  2. A container
  3. Oil, mostly almond
  4. Fresh mint leaves
  5. Fine cloth

Mint Oil


  1. Take an empty bottle and wash-dry it thoroughly. Clean the mint leaves so as to remove the dirt from them.
  2. Crush the mint leaves and put them in the container.
  3. Pour the oil over the mint leaves so that they are immersed completely into it.
  4. Close the container and keep it near a window for about 2-3 days. Shake it occasionally.
  5. Then filter the oil into the bottle using a fine cloth to remove the residue from the mint.
  6. Store the oil in a cool and dry place. Use it for a long time.

Make your Own Essential Oils: Herbal Hair Oil

Many herbs have proved to improve the hair growth. Alopecia, a hair loss and thinning condition can be caused by aging or can also be genetics. Few herbs can prevent hair loss and thicken your hair if applied to your scalp. We here are giving you an easy way to make your herbal oil and make your hair grow back, making you look beautiful as ever.

Herbal Hair OilIngredients:

  1. Curry leaves (Kadipatta/Kariyapak)
  2. Neem leaves
  3. Tulasi leaves
  4. Fenugreek seeds (Methi)
  5. Almond oil

A container for boiling, a jar/bottle to store the oil and a fine cloth to filter is required.


  1. Wash dry the jar thoroughly. Also wash clean the leaves for removing the dirt.
  2. Crush all the leaves together. Be sure to take them all in the same quantity.
  3. Pour the oil, the fenugreek seeds and the smashed leaves in the container and heat it till it seethes.
  4. Keep the container for cooling covered with a lid.
  5. Filter the oil using a fine cloth and store it in the bottle. It is not required to store it in a cool place; room temperature can be more effective.
  6. Use it for a long time

These are the two important oils you can make at your home. Guess you can now make your own essential oils whenever necessary. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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