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| Author: Manoja Kalakanti

Healthy, strong hair is one of the first signs of good health. Black (or any colour), strong, thick and bouncy hair signify that you are either blessed with great genes or, you really work hard to take care of your hair. Regardless, it makes you look awesome. Good hair care techniques and hair products have been around since years. But unlike earlier, when hair would become a concern only when you grow old, today’s lifestyle makes us worry about our crown in our mid 20s! Having said all of this, we should take extreme care of our “crowning glory”.

hearbal home remedies for healthy hair

Taking flawless care of hair health takes time, practice and a lot of hard work. Needless to say, it’s also expensive at times. If you don’t have time, with your busy schedule, you are bound to fall prey to all the chemical filled products that the Indian and international market has to offer you. Today, if you find an all-natural list of healing herbs, real products and help for your hair, it’s a real blessing. But what you aren’t really aware of is that you can, like a pro, have all hair remedies right at home!

All pure, all natural, very less time consuming and excellent results in the long run are benefits you get when you use herbal home remedies for your hair instead of marketed products. Also, the herbal magic will make sure you are soon a fan of the same even with a busy life and a tight schedule!

Herbal Remedies:

To begin, what are herbs or herbal products? These are all naturally found remedies since all of this actually started. Man has been lucky enough to discover these herbal home remedies on his own a while ago, yet hasn’t been wise enough to use them to their full potential.

Herbs have a lot of potential. The potential of binding and holding a huge variety of compounds that benefit us in more ways than one. In a general way, herbs and plants are used to flavour foods, as all natural medicines to cure diseases, for beautification purposes, as perfumes and a lot more! Herbs are made from every part of a plant. The roots, the barks, the stems, flowers, fruits buds, leaves, are all used for various forms of herbal remedies for mankind.


Similarly, we have innumerable items for hair and its problems in the herbal list. Mother earth can halt your hair problems very efficiently if you know how to use it in the right way.

Why Use Herbal Products for Hair?

Hair grows from the follicles of the scalp. If you look closely, you will know how delicate each part of your hair is. And thus, its needs a lot of gentle care and protection. Most of the times, all the hair follicles are busy working on making new hair or repairing the existing ones. But a few are always resting too.

An interesting fact is that, on an average, an adult loses 100 hair strands each day. It’s an equally distressing and amazing piece of information. But the fact is our hair keeps shedding naturally and this shedding is actually good. It’s like the dead skin cells that should fall away for a better skin. Now thinning of hair or the number of hair reducing on the scalp happens when the number of hair fall that occurs is more than what’s required! If that goes up, then you will definitely see more loss of hair.

Herbal Products for Hair

All these delicate characteristics of hair in general make it a very vital part of our overall health. It requires tons of care and reconstruction at all times, as well as constant monitoring. You cannot get careless with hair, or it won’t take time to show it up. This is where herbal, homemade, natural products come into the picture. Nothing can beat the kind of repair they do to your hair. Some general products that you use can also aggravate hair issues, which is why it’s always best to cleanse, nourish and stimulate the hair and scalp in the safest and natural ways you can.

Our hair is all made of a protein substance called keratin. And hence the number one thing we need for hair is protein. This can be put into our systems by diet or external products. However, all natural and herbal products will give you way better results. If you find out how herbal home products can work for your health, you will be amazed! There are products like oils, powders, hair masks, hair creams, shampoos, juices and the list is endless!

Top 10 Herbal Remedies for Healthy Hair:

Here we bring to you a few top, easy, effective and very efficient home remedies for common hair troubles which are all natural and herbal.


This has been the best thing to turn towards when suffering from any hair problem. Oil has been used since ages. It serves as a multi-purpose tool for hair growth, hair repair, hair conditioning, oil for dry hair and hair thickening. The keratin cells in the hair strand gets dry and flaky by everyday exposure to sun, dirt, dust and even stress. Hence when oil is applied and massaged really well into the scalp, it replenishes the roots, the scalp and the entire hair strand till the tips. Oil is the basic yet the most important of all hair care products.


Dry, coarse, flaky hair? Do this:

Coconut, argan, avocado, olive or castor oil. Take two tablespoons of oil and apply this only to the scalp of your hair dividing into 2 inch portions so that the whole scalp gets the oiling. Now massage this well for a good 15 minutes. Take some more oil and apply to the hair strands till the very tip of the hair where you are most likely to have split ends. Wear a cap on the head and keep this for a few hours or better, overnight. Wash away the oil the next morning retaining all the oil goodness!

(Tip: Heat your oil a little bit before applying.)


You are what you eat. Yes, eggs are one of the best calorie packed food you can get your hands on. The whites, the yolk, everything in an egg is tremendously beneficial to your hair. Because the hair is made of a protein substance, it needs proteins to remain healthy and work better. You can eat eggs for hair everyday by boiling them, light pan frying them, scrambled or plain baked. Apart from the diet addition, you can also make a number of hair packs with eggs. You will be amazed at how the benefits will outgrow the awful smell.


Lifeless, brittle hair? Do This:

For brittle hair, use egg whites to add moisture to your hair. Use ½ cup of egg (just white or whole egg) and apply to clean but damp hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water. This also takes care of any scalp dryness you have.

Lemon Juice:

If you are a lemon fan, you should definitely try this for your hair. You will love the tangy and fresh smell. Apart from this, lemons are full of bleach. They lighten your hair colour to a pleasing one especially if you have already brown or blonde hair. You cannot use this on a regular basis or use a lot of lime on your hair though. Lemons are acidic and can dry out the hair. However, for an oily scalp, this works best.


Oily, sticky hair? Do this:

Applying lemon juice directly to hair will make it dry. Hence, add water to the juice and apply on hair (no scalp) using a spray. Keep on for 2 hours and rinse off! This bleaches plus cleanses the hair well.

Fish Oil:

Fish is a protein filled food. It contains all the vital omega oils necessary for overall and hair health. And as we know, protein is also the number one substance needed for healthy hair, so eating fish is a very smart move. Any type of edible fish is good enough to add to your diet. It helps with dryness of scalp, reduces itchy, flaky skin and makes hair extremely shiny!


Want healthy, lustrous hair? Do this:

Make fish an integral part of your everyday diet. The benefits are amazing! Also, if for whatever reason you can’t have fish, you can buy the fish capsules from the market. Fish oil’s omega 3 acids lubricate the scalp giving it a long and healthy life!


You will find this herbal home ingredient very easily in your kitchen. Fenugreek is amazingly benefitting for hair. Its controls dandruff and in turn controls hair fall. Fenugreek seeds are excellent for hair growth and hair repair. Fenugreek also helps a lot in thickening your hair.


Weak hair? Do this:

Soak a handful of fenugreek seeds overnight in water and grind them to a paste the next morning. Apply this mixture on your scalp and leave it for a couple of hours. Then wash it off with a mild shampoo. Alternatively, you can also eat the soaked fenugreek seeds. They work almost the same way!


Very famous in all our Indian households, amla, also known as the Indian gooseberry is another herbal product that has endless benefits for your hair. We all know it’s an edible fruit which isn’t too pleasing in taste, but its benefits cannot be ignored. This traditional Indian medicine is used in a number of Ayurvedic and herbal preparations. Amla is best to reduce hair fall.


Hair fall? Do this:

Crush the fresh amla fruit into a juice without adding any water. Squeeze in a little lemon juice into it. Mix well and apply into your scalp till it dries up. Rinse off with warm water.


Another very commonly used herbal medicine in India and around the globe. Henna is basically a herb. Its leaves are dried up and made into a powder and sold. You can also do this entire process at home yourself if you have time on you. The henna available in the market is also pretty famous. This herb is mainly used for colouring purposes but also fills in a lot of other hair health requirements.


Need a natural coloring ingredient for your hair that nourishes? Do this:

Use henna powder and mix it with an acidic ingredient like lemon juice, tea or coffee. Soak this mixture preferably overnight and apply to the entire head the next morning. Let it dry up entirely and then wash it off with or without a shampoo. You will love the softness, smell and the colour of your hair!

Other Herbs:

Apart from henna, rosemary and shikakai are other very famous hair health products. Shikaki is a well-known fruit which is used in its dried form for hair. It effectively cleanses hair and scalp. Because it’s all natural, it keeps all the natural oils intact in your scalp.

Other Herbs

Rosemary however, isn’t found easily in India. But you can find rosemary oil which is an awesome natural moisturizer.

Need an all-rounder hair product? Try this:

Whisk 1 tsp of organic honey, 1 tsp of coconut oil and 6 drops of rosemary oil to form a smooth paste. Apply onto your hair for 30 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.

Aloe Vera:

This is another very famous and well known herbal plant that’s amazing for skin and hair. It’s used in countless skin and hair products, diets and supplements. It’s a vitamin mine! Proteolytic enzymes are the main ingredient in aloe vera. This ingredient works best to repair dead skin cells on your hair scalp. It also promotes hair growth and stops your hair from drying up easily.


Hair fall trouble? Try this:

Mix some aloe gel and coconut oil. Apply this as a mask for smooth, shiny, bouncy hair!


Yes, the last on the list, but probably one of the most important things to do for good hair health is to keep a check on your food intake. Make sure you have a clean diet so that the same shows on your skin and hair. Include tons of fresh fruits and vegetables along with all the necessary fats and lots and lots of proteins.


The best way to go is to juice your fruits and veggies. It’s an easy way to get them inside your system.

General Tips for Hair Health:

  • Do not wash your hair every single day.
  • Do not use heat products to dry your hair every time you wash it.
  • Go for a unique split end cut regularly.
  • Condition your hair twice a week.
  • Use good quality brushes to comb out hair.

If you stick to these guidelines, you will be soon able to flaunt a thick mane, bouncy and radiating with health. Its always best if you use natural products so that there isn’t any side effects. Eat right and take care of hair, so that you don’t have to say “hair today gone tomorrow.”

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