Lifestyle habits for controlling diabetes

10 Simple Lifestyle Habits That Help You Control Blood Sugar Levels

High blood sugar occurs when your body doesn’t make enough insulin or is unable to use it effectively. This can result in the build-up of excess sugar in your blood. If not controlled, it can cause severe damage to the nerves, organs, and blood vessels. Long-term high blood sugar levels …

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Does Obesity And Snoring is interconnected

Why Do Fat People Snore? Is Obesity And Snoring Interconnected with Health Complications

Waking up at midnight to hear someone snoring loudly next to you isn’t ideal. Many snorers end up waking themselves up depending on how loud they are. Sometimes you try to sleep again, and other times you persuade them to switch to the quieter side. Severe snoring can disrupt your …

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18 Low Risk But Dangerous Conditions Associated with Obesity or Excessive Body Fat Individuals

Obesity is a condition in which an individual has excess body fat. It can be defined based on the BMI (Body Mass Index) score, according to which a person with a score of 30 or more is considered to be obese. The hip to waist ratio is also a factor …

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Best diet for weight loss

11 Best Dietary Modifications for Obesity That Actually Work Resulting Weight Loss

Obesity is a complex disease that has reached epidemic proportions in many parts of the globe. With the advent of technology, modern-day lifestyle and dietary habits, the cases of obesity have sky-rocketed over the turn of the century. Several factors can cause obesity, such as psychological factors like stress or …

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Habits to prevent obesity

1200 Calorie Indian Diet Plan to Control Obesity and 9 Best Habits for Prevention

Obesity is a common health condition in which an individual has a high amount of body fat. A body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more signals obesity. It has become widespread and is a significant concern for governments across the globe. The lifestyle changes seen in the latter half …

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Infused water recipe for diabetes

How to Lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally with Infused Water – Best Drinks for Diabetic Patients

Not that keen on drinking water? Does following a habit of drinking the recommended glass of water seem too arduous? We are here with the perfect recipes to make that bland glass of water into a delicious and nutritious treat. Just a teensy bit of an effort, and you can …

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