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Ashwagandha Sleep Elixir: Unraveling Its Mysteries

Do you clock your sleep time? It’s time you should! You may be surprised to know, but most adults need, on average, 7-9 hours of downtime at night for their body to operate normally. Sleep deprivation is a scary reality of modern life, giving birth to a horde of physical …

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Causes and Consequences Of High And Low Levels of Uric Acid In Adult

Unusual uric acid levels in the urine are cause for concern. Uric acid in adults is developed when the body breaks down purines and crystalline compounds in certain foods. This naturally occurring waste product dissolves in the blood, travels through the kidneys, and is excreted from the body via urine. …

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What are the effective ways to lower cholesterol levels naturally

Best Ways To Naturally Lower High Cholesterol Levels

Do high cholesterol levels bother you? Changing your habits and eating delicious foods high in polyunsaturated fats and fiber, combined with an occasional routine, is all it takes to lower your cholesterol and live a longer, happier life. When it comes to changing your cholesterol levels, a high cholesterol diet …

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Dry mouth

10 Natural Remedies For Dry Mouth Relief – Add Freshness to Your Breath

Have you ever heard about xerostomia? More commonly known as dry mouth, it is a condition when your mouth does not produce enough saliva to wet your mouth. Dry mouth is usually found in aging individuals, but aging is not the only reason you have it. There are other underlying …

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Different Types of White Blood Cells

How to Increase White Blood Cell Count Naturally – 13 Home Remedies

This content has been Medically reviewed by Dr. Surya Kedara, MBBS – General Physician Your immune system is extremely hardworking; every day it fights mini-wars, protecting your body from microbes, virus, and bacteria. Your immune system has an able ally in your white blood cells. Together they form a team …

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Ear Infection Causes

10 Effective Home Remedies for Ear Infection – Symptoms, Remedies

What causes earaches? What truly are the causes of the debilitating pain in your ear that makes you spend wakeful hours in the middle of the night? We would love to know all of that, as we have suffered from the same at some point in our lives. Earaches are …

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home remedies for bleeding gums

Top 13 Home Remedies for Bleeding Gums – Keep them Strong and Healthy

Bleeding gums always remind me of the advertisement on television, a girl biting into a green apple and her teeth leaving a bloody trail on the fruit. Ouch! Looks and sounds scary, doesn’t it? You know what is scarier still? Spotting blood in your sink, after you spit out, post …

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Remedies for Armpit bumps

Causes & Symptoms of Armpit lumps – 12 Home Remedies for Cure

This content has been Medically reviewed by Dr. Surya Kedara, MBBS – General Physician Discovering a lump anywhere in your body is a scary thought. It ravages your peace of mind and hurtles you towards total panic. A lump under the armpit is especially too scary for words. But there …

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