Indian Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast and Reduce Inflammation

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Inflammation is a unique defense mechanism guarding the human body from harmful and foreign stimuli. It enables the immune system to commence the healing process concurrently with identifying potentially hazardous stimuli. Chronic inflammation and weight gain are closely interlinked, the former boosting the other as triggered by hormonal changes in the body. The condition will persist until the body sheds extra weight. Further, inflammation causes insulin and leptin resistance, increasing appetite triggers and slowing metabolism. In short, the body is caught up in a vicious cycle. An effective diet plan to lose weight fast can help the body reach a point of normalcy.
Now, some experts believe fasting has a significant role to play in reducing body weight and inflammation. For instance, intermittent fasting tricks the brain into controlling the appetite signals and preventing overeating. A supportive diet plan allows weight gain to stay under check and inflammation contained.
Indian Weight Loss

The Science Behind Fasting and Weight Loss – Exploring the Paradox

It has already been established earlier in the article that inflammation and weight gain go hand-in-hand. But how does fasting fit into the equation? Here’s an example to elucidate the pyramidal connection.
Let’s consider the human body a machine and the brain its CPU. The brain receives signals from the Ghrelin hormone and initiates appetite triggers. Once the body gets its fuel, aka food, the leptin hormones inform the brain to stop eating. However, in the case of inflammation, the leptin hormones fail to pass on the message, and the brain continues sending messages to eat. This leads to weight gain. Fasting, and most importantly, the intermittent kind, tricks the brain into believing the stomach is full, thus easing the hunger pangs.
Now, intermittent fasting is a popular term referring to a mix of various meal timing schedules comprising a regular pattern of voluntary fasting and non-fasting over a given period. It can be either alternate-day fasting, periodic fasting, or daily time-restricted feeding. Intermittent fasting should be accompanied by a healthy diet plan to lose weight, comprising a limited 500–600 calorie meal a day.
Intermittent fasting is a paradox built around the ancient belief, ‘mind over matter. ‘ It simply means controlling our natural appetites and the body’s response to starvation. There’s another name for this logic; it’s called the ‘Ramadan effect.’ It is proven that Ramadan fasting enables the digestive system to reset and the stomach to shrink, thereby curbing appetite and contributing to faster weight loss.
Observing a clean cycle of intermittent fasting and natural diet plans, one can lose weight effectively and control inflammation.

Diet Plan and Intermittent Fasting – The Secret to Losing Extra Kilos

Intermittent fasting gives a window to fast and another to eat alternatively. You are allowed to keep your body hydrated with water and caffeine during the fasting period and intake calories when not fasting. However, do not dive into high-fat and high-calorie food just when the window for eating opens. Instead, follow a simple diet plan to lose weight faster.
Various studies have proved that intermittent fasting or continuous fasting for 24 hours reduces oxidative stress in cells and subsequently lower inflammation. When your body is under the effect of inflammation, your body is irritated and stressed. The brain focuses more on healing and not weight loss. And since inflammation messes with essential appetite-controlling hormones, like leptin, the brain fails to signal the stomach to quit eating. This behavior accumulates into excessive weight gain, which, in turn, drives inflammation, as stated earlier. But there’s no direct connection between fasting and inflammation. However, dietary restriction and fasting help reduce weight – this is something we all know. Automatically, if weight is kept under check, inflammation subsides.
But only a healthy diet plan to lose weight can truly help; therefore, it is imperative to explore the numerous diets available in the market and handpick the ones best suited for your anatomy.

Effective Diet Plans to Lose Weight Fast

Aren’t we all curious about diet plans to lose weight faster without exercise? Some popular diet plans trending on the Internet, like Keto, are completely carb-free. But who will determine whether carb reduction will ultimately help your body? This is where expert guidance becomes mandatory.
Here are a few examples of popular diet plans to lose weight fast. Be sure to consult a doctor and take your pick.

Keto Diet Plan

keto diet plan

Ketosis is a metabolic state where the body runs on fat, breaking the fatty acids to produce ketones in the liver. Ketones are energy sources for the body and the brain. Many studies have proved that a complete keto diet helps lose weight and improve health conditions related to Type 2 diabetes and blood pressure. The diet plan to lose weight proves effective because it goes low on carbs but high on fat.
The key features of a Keto diet are:
1. High-quality protein
2. High-fat intake
3. Hydration
4. 8-hour window to feed

Paleo Diet Plan

Paleo diet plan

The paleo diet plan to lose weight fast focuses primarily on whole foods complemented with a lot of physical exercises to lower lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart ailments. The term ‘paleo’ is derived from ‘paleolithic humans’ who thrived on various diets available during the period and led a physically active life.
The paleo diet ensemble similar food choices, such as:
1. Green leaves
2. Vegetables
3. Meat
4. Fish
5. Eggs
6. Fruits
7. Nuts
8. Seeds
9. Herbs
10. Spices
11. Healthy fats and oils
Processed food or high-sugar-content diets are strictly avoided in a paleo diet.

Indian Diet Plan

Indian diet plan

A simple Indian diet plan to lose weight fast usually comprises ingredients and food already available in the kitchen. Now, Indians are different in terms of their anatomy and physiology. A simple meal of fruits, fatty elements, nuts, and seeds won’t appease the appetite or the taste buds. But the regular meals cooked in a typical Indian kitchen have everything to suffice the energy, calories, carb, protein, and vitamin requirements.
For instance:
1. Lentils: Lentils are high in vitamins A, B, C, E, calcium, iron, potassium, and dietary fibers. Lentils help control blood sugar and blood cholesterol and increase digestion.
2. Grains: The grains, like wheat, jowar, bajra, and barley, are rich in fibers and carbohydrates.
3. Indian Spices: Even the Indian spices have medicinal value apart from their aromatic flavors.
a. Turmeric reduces cholesterol and blood pressure and prevents blood clotting.
b. Curry Leaves detoxify the body, reduce fat, and prevent greying of hair. c. Chilly burns fat and improves metabolism.
d. Garlic is antibacterial and reduces both cholesterol and fat.
e. Curd, an essential staple especially for South Indians, helps with digestion and prevents insulin resistance. It is also known to help with weight loss.
4. Fruits and Vegetables: The fruits and vegetables in the kitchen significantly improve the metabolism and keep weight under check.
Indirectly, these foods contribute towards reducing inflammation in the body naturally.

Indian Diet Plan to Reduce Weight Loss – The Beginner’s Guide

Diet plan to reduce inflammation and overweight

Effects of Diet and Intermittent Fasting on the Body

Given the unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle of urban cities, effective diet plans and intermittent fasting have become mandatory for many reasons. A balanced diet plan to lose weight fast without exercise is possible, but doctors suggest that a little physical activity is essential.
Let’s understand how both impact our bodies:
Intermittent Fasting
As stated before, intermittent fasting puts your body on a cycle of eating patterns, with specific periods of fasting in between. The benefits are immense, such as:
a. Regularizes the functions of hormones, cells, and genes.
b. Reduces weight and visceral fat.
c. Reduces insulin resistance.
d. Lowers risk of Type 2 diabetes
e. Reduces oxidative stress.
f. Reduces inflammation.
g. Benefits the human heart.
h. Repairs cellular processes
i. It is good for the brain.
Diet Plan
According to research, a healthy diet plan to lose weight fast can also benefit the body in numerous ways. A balanced diet can help children grow and develop and reduce the chances of chronic diseases. A healthy diet enables adults to live longer while lowering risks of obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.
Here are a few benefits to consider:
a. Maintain normal body function.
b. Prevent life-threatening diseases.
c. Maintain healthy weight.
d. Elevate mood and energy levels.
e. Provide stress relief.
Other Helpful Tips to Lose Weight and Reduce Inflammation
A healthy diet plan to lose weight goes hand-in-hand with adequate physical exercises to keep the extra kilos from accumulating and prevent inflammation. Apart from that, a few helpful tips on lifestyle choices might help intensify the positive effects of a balanced diet.
a. Avoid processed food and added sugars.
b. Refuel your body with anti-inflammatory foods.
c. Ensure the body gets approximately 7-8 hours of sound sleep.
d. Incorporate gut-friendly foods into your diet.
e. Detoxify your body through healthy eating.
f. De-stress yourself through yoga, meditation, or walking
A diet plan to lose weight fast does help the body in numerous ways, one of them being reducing inflammation. But a balanced diet can prove effective only when it is planned by an expert dietician who knows what food best suits your age, gender, anatomy, and physiology. The above-mentioned diet plans are some of the popular ones to choose from. But practice it only under expert guidance. Also, add at least 10 minutes of physical activities to your daily routine and witness faster results.


Q1 How to lose weight fast naturally?

Ans. Intermittent fasting, healthy diet plan, and exercise, mindful eating, and curbing fat, carb, and sugar-intensive food.

Q2 Is it easy for men to lose weight?

Ans. Yes. Men tend to lose weight faster than women.

Q3 Best way to lose weight for women?

Ans. Drink plentiful water, follow a balanced low-carb diet, fast intermittently, and add eggs and fiber to your meals.

Q3 What foods help burn belly fat?

Ans. Olive oil, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, chicken, beans, and nuts help burn belly fat.

Q4 How to lose 5kgs in a month?

Ans. Here are a few ways to lose 5kgs in a month: 1. Decrease snacking 2. Consume meals, reducing weight gain hormones 3. Follow a nutritious, low-carb, balanced diet 4. Stay hydrated 5. Workout regularly

Q5 Best way to lose weight for women?

Ans. Drink plentiful water, follow a balanced low-carb diet, fast intermittently, and add eggs and fiber to your meals.

Q6 Which meal is better to lose weight – vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Ans. Vegetarian food is considered ideal for losing weight faster than non-vegetarian food.

Q7 Which are good carbs for healthy weight loss?

Ans. Sweet potato, quinoa, chickpea, beans, brown rice, lentils, and whole grains.

Q8 Does weight loss affect the weight loss?

Ans. Yes. As you lose weight, the metabolism declines and prevents your body from burning more calories.

Q9 Will I lose weight by using protein powders?

Ans. No. Protein powder will not help you to lose weight.

Q10 How much of protein should i eat for weight loss?

Ans. Aim for a daily protein intake of 1.6 and 2.2 grams per kilogram of body weight.

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