42 Delicious Healthy Food Swaps for Quick Weight Loss Results

Good Food Vs. Bad Food In life, we are always in the pursuit of gain; except for one thing, and we fight equally hard to lose that! We are talking about weight loss. It is the most searched about, discussed, thought about and written about a topic. But, you know what, it does not have […]

Strong Muscles
10 Best Foods and 10 Exercise Plan for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain – 6 Pote...

Are you into the gym diet plan for muscle gain, trying to lose fat and gain muscles in the process? You and countless others are on ‘mission fitness plan,’ working towards getting the perfect body, but, wanting is so much different from achieving it. However, when you pair the two goals together, you get awesome […]

7 Delicious Low Carb Desserts – Satiate Sweet Cravings the Keto Way

Keto is not a fad diet but a way of life for keto followers. But it’s not an easy diet to follow since you have to go low-carb and give up on your favorite desserts. But do you really have to? Is keto desserts really a thing? Yes, out goes the sugar-laden desserts and in […]

Tiger Nuts
18 Tiger Nut Powder Benefits – Try The Hottest Superfood in Town

Time to go nuts on tiger nuts! They are the hottest superfoods on the market. But wait a minute, technically, they are not even nuts. These crinkly, marble-sized orbs are small and hail from the family of tuberous rhizomes of a sedge grass (cyperus esculentus lativum) that has been cultivated for ages together. Native Americans […]

20 Best Foods for Instant Stamina and 7 Power Foods for Athletes

Either you run the day or the day runs you over! And what is that one thing that stops you from running your day? I think it is stamina. Before I define stamina, let’s find out what happens if you don’t have loads of it. Well, it proves difficult to go through the day with […]

5 Benefits of Good Carbs and 8 Good Carb Foods for Weight Loss

“I gained, I lost and I gained again!” If you are racking your brains trying to make head or tail of this statement, don’t worry, this is just a snippet from my weight loss journey. All, because I bungled up big time with my diet and I left out the healthy carbs for weight loss […]

10 Best Natural Foods to Boost Your Energy – 3 High Energy Recipes

Do you feel an energy slump at the end of the day? What do you do then, reach out for your caffeine laden drinks or worse still, reach out for those fizzy sugary drinks? I did that too! Yes, guilty as charged! Whenever I felt drained of energy, my cup of java seemingly restored my […]

Hanging Exercise
Top 20 Foods and Exercises for How to Increase Height Naturally

Having a tall and shapely figure definitely has its perks. It not only makes you look great in your outfits but also gives a boost to your confidence. But for some people, growth hormones don’t seem to be working quite effectively while others seem to have a sudden growth spurt. To tell the truth, the […]

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