List of Foods containing potassium
12 Amazing Foods High in Potassium to Include in Your Daily Diet for Optimal Heal...

The standard American diet contains way too much salt and sugar, and it causes a severe dent on our health. We create an imbalance in our bodies because of too much sodium and less of potassium rich foods. This imbalance in nutrition can List of Potassium Rich Foods For Optimal Health lead to chronic health […]

Benefits of Probiotics on your Health
Top 10 Probiotic Rich Foods and Recipes with Healing Benefits for your Body

Say hello to our second brain – our gut! Surprised much? You really needn’t be, as our gut has far greater impact on our body than we give it credit for. More and more research has substantiated the fact that we have more bacteria in our body than cells. So that makes us more of […]

Hemp Seed Energy Balls
8 Amazing Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds and 4 Tasty Recipes

Hail hemp seed, the new seed on the block which is almost reaching superfood status like other rival fellow seeds, chia, flax, and watermelon. Well, even though that sounds mildly exaggerated, if you get a lowdown of the benefits of hemp seeds, you will be totally amazed at its incredible nutritional benefits! First thing first, […]

Everything about the Magic Herb Fenugreek and How you Can Include it in your Dail...

Ever heard of a herb which takes care of your health issues, your skin problems, and hair woes? No? Well, think versatile, think fenugreek! These wonderful pint-sized wonders have tonnes of health benefits. Uses of fenugreek seeds have been the topic of discussion amongst all propagators of natural therapies and natural cures. We all know […]

Top 10 Super Foods for Chronic Diseases – Cure Most Diseases with Daily Die...

Have you ever come across a wonder pill that can cure all kinds of diseases? Well, if not a pill, there are some foods which can help you reduce the risk of chronic diseases, extend life and also keep you lean and healthy. These are wonder foods and pack in a large number of polyphenols, […]

Top 11 Healthy Smoothie Recipes to Drive Away Winter Blues

Is winter your favourite season? Or do you actually not care too much for the cold winds and dry weather that is an inextricable part of the winter months? If you are thinking about how to keep yourself warm and fuzzy this winter, then we have just the thing for you! Before you think of […]

9 Health Benefits of Bok Choy to Fight Cancer, Boost Immunity and Lose Weight

Bok Choy, also known as Chinese cabbage, hails from the cruciferous family and has a mild flavor, making it an able ally in dishes like stir-fries, side dishes, soups, and great even for raw consumption. The list of bok choy nutrition facts is pretty long and reason enough for you to make this vegetable a […]

Nutritional Facts of Three Different Kinds Of Rice and Why Should we Consume Them

Famished? Now, what’s the first thing you will be looking for? Comfort food? For most of us, it is rice even when we are on a weight loss diet. There’s something hugely comforting about a plateful of white rice, steaming and gleaming in all its resplendent glory, isn’t it? Well, has it ever happened to […]

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