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Nutty balls

Top 7 Dry Fruit Recipes to Curb Hunger Pangs and Be Healthy

Drat that hunger pang which threatens to jeopardize your weight loss journey! You have had a meager lunch and an even more meager dinner; and just when you think you’ve conquered all your hunger pangs, you lose the battle, the war and all the day’s efforts go down the drain. …

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Healthy Food Choices in Indian, Chinese, British and American Cuisines

Don’t we all just love to eat? Don’t we all have a sincere love towards food? Don’t we all look at food as something much more than just a way to curb our hunger? That is perhaps the reason why food is such a big part of our lives. Food …

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Shirley Temple

9 Best Foods to Eat This Summer – Top 5 Deadly Foods to Avoid and Be Cool

Summer, it’s hot, it’s humid and it’s too long! With each day getting hotter, we seem to be draining ourselves now. Most of us feel really tired too soon because of the summer heat. We get dehydrated and feel our energy levels are so low that the whole day’s productivity …

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Sesame Tuna

Top 9 Tasty and Healthy Sea Food Recipes for a Better Heart

Seafood is creating all the right noises in the health circuit. It has tonnes of health benefits and you need to include them in your diet! It is a toast of most health conscious people. Filled with tons of nutrients it is a tasty option for you to partake. If …

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Not reading the labels on packaged foods

Watch Out For the Hidden Sugar Content in Your Packaged Food

You step on your weighing scales every day, and cannot help groaning out loudly. Why? Because you are trying everything in the book yet you don’t seem to drop a single pound. You have joined your local gym, eating right, and even stopped staying up late to watch your favorite …

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Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Top 10 Natural Foods that Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bone’s quality and density are reduced rapidly. In this medical condition, the bones become more fragile and brittle, and the chance of fracture is immensely enhanced. The bones become weaker because they rapidly lose density. Asian and White women above the age of …

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Veg Carbohydrates

8 Common Mistakes about Carbohydrates

With the recent trend of low carb food and low-fat diet in the fitness arena, carbohydrates have come to the limelight, and while some dieticians suggest following a low carb diet to lose weight others suggest following a high carb diet rich in complex carbs. But do we really know …

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Coconut Milk

Coconut – The Super Food and its Top 10 Health Benefits

Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm tree which has sweet, white, edible flesh that is widely popular is various Indian delicacies. Both coconut flesh and coconut oil are healthy super foods that are extremely popular in health circles. Coconut oil is the oil extracted from the flesh of …

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