Top 16 French Beauty Secrets Unveiled

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Why do all the women in France have such a great personality? Do you think they are born with a bright complexion? The red lips and tousled hair look perfect! What is the secret for this dazzling beauty? French people have a certain sense of style. Beneath the effortless appearance it is the time honored tradition that helps them look beautiful. The hair looks perfectly undone and the skin looks as natural as ever. Their big eyes, glowing skin and a toned physique make them look extremely gorgeous. However, they do have a lot of secret tips which can help you maintain the same natural look. Most of the beauty secrets for skin and hair are related to home remedies.

french beauty tips

French Beauty Secrets

Secret #1

Hydration is the key for good hair and skin. Drinking a glass of water right before sleeping and right after waking up from bed is highly recommended. The first secret weapon that makes the skin healthy by flushing the toxins is water. They don’t snack when they feel thirsty. They just keep themselves hydrated all the time.

drinking water

Secret #2

French people appreciate good circulation as it makes the skin glow. They aren’t afraid of using cold water while taking a shower. Using hot water for opening the pores and then cold water to close them is the key for their beauty. The sudden change in the temperature gives a shock to the nervous system, which acts as a wake-up call to the brain. Wiping the body rigorously with a towel after a cold shower brings blood and color to skin.

French Beauty Secret #2

Secret #3

French women use the right accessories for their clothing which allows them to wear the same dress even after 20 years. A printed purse, snakeskin belt, beads and other accessories look perfect on chic dresses. The shoes and hand bags never match. The texture changes the look completely.

Secret #4

French people think of the health benefits and risks of traveling in the sun. They usually apply a self-tanning product from a tube or bottle rather than going out into the sun for a natural tan. They are completely aware that the sun rays can accelerate aging and cause skin cancer. Hence, they take precautions against sun to protect their hair and skin. They are careful about their skin and usually wear sunscreen. They look for appropriate SPF in their beauty products. However, they don’t sit down under the shade. They take enough amount of care to go out and enjoy the sun as well.

French Beauty Secret #4

Secret #5

The French don’t prefer to workout indoors. They don’t prefer a ‘boring’ way to exercise. That is the reason you don’t see many French people at the gyms. They prefer water aerobic classes, aqua gym or other kinds of fun stuff. They also practice ‘invisible exercise’ which is adding a little lore activity to daily routines. Some examples are, parking the car in the farthest place from the building, using the stair case instead of the lift or stepping out of the bus or train a few stops before your destination.

French Beauty Secret #5

Secret #6

Masks are used to help in hydrating and brightening the skin and also in balancing the skin tone. They use masks once or twice a week to nourish the skin and hair (this is done from a very early age). The common hair mask used is made from egg yolks. They need to be kept on for 20 minutes and washed with vinegar water.

Egg mask for hair

Secret #7

The French use intensive skin creams. The beauty products they use are usually branded or natural. They prefer skin care products over cosmetics. They prefer to have a super-healthy clear complexion. They like to keep it simple by moisturizing with oils. They use different kinds of oils to nourish the skin and hair.

French Beauty Secret #7

Secret #8

Try to spend less time styling your hair. Styling your hair regularly will damage and kill your hair. French women use more treatment products for their hair. French women also avoid hair-driers. They prefer to dry their hair naturally. They oil their hair before shampooing it. Combing the oil into your hair before taking a shower will help to detangle and moisturize the hair strands.

Secret #9

The French tend to leave their hair alone. They don’t wash their hair every day, nor do they do it alternate days. They believe that washing the hair frequently will reduce the nourishing oils in the scalp. Thus, they wash their hair twice a week. To remove the dirt from the hair, French people generally bend forward and brush their hair from scalp to tips with a boar-bristle brush. While washing the hair, you need to be gentle and use circular motions. The hair should not be scrubbed harshly. The gorgeous hair cuts will provide a fuller and thicker look and help in faster growth of the hair.

French Beauty Secret #8
Secret #10

The French often get facial massages or facial exercises to bring an even tone to the skin. The French massages make you feel like a new person as it will refresh you from within. You can have your own facial massage by winking the eyes, massaging your cheeks and other kinds of facial exercises.

French Beauty Secret #9
Secret #11

Anti-aging is seen as an attitude, not as a product category. They believe that one can look good at any age. They aren’t afraid of aging and they don’t stress about it. They try to look natural in every way possible with the help of different kinds of oils, honey, Shea butter and grape extracts. They feel beautiful in whatever they wear. You can also try some home made juices for anti-aging.

French Beauty Secret #10

Secret #12

We have read about washing the hair too often. The French also avoid washing the face too much. Cleaning the face twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening is more than enough. Wash the skin and moisturize your face thoroughly. Over cleansing will remove the natural oils from the skin which help to nourish the face, so try to avoid too much of washing.

Secret #13

Fashion always comes first for the French. French women don’t seem to get fat, but it is a great challenge for them to maintain themselves. They do like to munch on their favorite food. However, they think about fitting into their favorite clothes. That is what they love and that is what they look forward to.

French Beauty Secret #11

Secret #14

The French people give an ear to their grandmother’s beauty rituals. They follow their mothers and grandmothers in order to maintain the same beauty. Cleaning the face thoroughly before going to bed every night is a part of the bed time routine. Also applying a face mask periodically is important. The face mask should be something simple like a mixture of strawberries and honey. This can also be topped off by placing cucumbers on the eyes. Most of them also rinse their hair with cold water with a tablespoon of vinegar or lime juice for added shine and growth of hair.

Secret #15

They avoid exfoliating the skin too much; try it once or twice a week with a natural face scrub. This exfoliation will calm, repair and soften the skin. Exfoliating too often will reduce the fragility of the skin by damaging capillaries. Try to exfoliate the skin gently and with care. You can always choose a good mask as an alternative to exfoliates.

Secret #16

Wine is also one of the one of the top French beauty secrets. The antioxidants are for your body and also the skin. The pure wine created in France is just perfect to nourish the body from within. Thus, wine is one of the strongest secrets of French people.

French Beauty Secret #16

The common problem for losing natural beauty is caused by over styling or too much of care. Try to live a life like the French who care a lot by not worrying too much. They believe in natural beauty and hence preserve with all their might. So by styling your hair a little less and by taking care of your skin while out in the sun, you can actually get the French glow.

Bear in mind these top sixteen secrets to get a beautiful face, body and mind. Also try new cool home remedies, like packs and scrubs to refresh the skin on your body. Make the best choices in food and you will get the best results. French people aren’t much different from us, they just believe in their own beauty. In this way they are able to carry themselves in the best way possible. Try out new looks and enjoy these great tips!

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