Top 10 Foods To Avoid During Your Weight Loss Diet – Ignore Bad Foods

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Everyday thousands of people shift to eat healthy foods, but unfortunately many of them fail to take it further. We all know what to eat and what not to eat, but still we lose our will power to control our healthy diet. Our body needs to be physically fit and mentally healthy in order to achieve a perfect shape and figure. People fail to achieve success in getting a good body, as most of them lose their focus while eating. Beginners always need some kind of help, as many foods which they eat are unhealthy and doesn’t help our body to recover after a workout. Sometimes we eat too less or even skip our meals in order to lose weight, which is bad approach to reduce your weight instantly.

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In order to lose your weight in a healthy way, you need follow a strict diet and perform regular exercises without fail. Try to maintain a balanced diet chart which includes nutritious foods like sprouts, which have amazing benefits. Avoid eating foods which contain high amounts of fat and sugar, as they might gradually cause you many problems in future. Generally most of us try to lose weight by performing regular exercises, but never give up on our regular food habits. This is a bad idea, as exercise is one step forward, but a poor diet is two steps back.

Top 10 Foods To Avoid During Your Weight Loss Diet

Losing weight doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice all your favorite foods over night. You can eat your favorite foods by cutting down eatables which contain high amounts of fat and sugar. We should have a proper knowledge about foods which we consume in our regular diet, and make sure they don’t harm us in future. So check out these top 10 foods to ignore in a weight loss diet, and ban them permanently from your regular diets as much as you can.

Avoid Aerated Drinks

Aerated Drinks are the first and foremost most important foods to avoid during a weight loss program. Many people prefer drinking sodas and cool drinks during their regular diet, assuming they wont effect once in a while. This is mostly observed during summer, as most of feel extremely thirsty while we go out in sun. Drinking cool drinks should be your last option (when you are about to die, and no water anywhere), as they contain a lot of sugar content in them. Drinking aerated drinks can literally screw up your whole diet, which might lead to gain more weight again. Try to drink a lot of water while you are thirsty, as we all know water has some amazing healthy benefits. You should replace these aerated drinks with lemon water, buttermilk, green tea and other healthy drinks which don’t spoil your diet schedule.

Aerated Drinks causing bad effect

Examples of Aerated Drinks: Beverages charged with caronic gas like soda, cool drinks, fruit beer, ginger beer, lemonade and etc.

Avoid Processed Foods

We should always avoid processed foods from our regular diets, as they contain harmful chemicals which effect your health. Generally we consume a lot of packaged/tinned foods, which are processed by reducing the nutrition content from the regular foods. These processed foods contain high amount of sugar and fat content in their package, and are extremely dangerous in long run. So always choose fresh foods over processed foods, as they contain huge amounts of essential minerals and vitamins required to our body.


Examples of Processed Foods: Cookies, cheese, packaged milk, lunch meats, hot dogs, potato chips, noodles, pickles, frozen dinners and etc. Check this list of processed foods in detail.

Say No to Sugar

Sugar is one of the most hazardous foods with high amount of calories and zero amounts of nutrients. You shouldn’t avoid natural sugars like fruits and vegetables to give you instant energy. Apart from these natural sugars, many people prefer using refined sugars in their regular diets, which is a bad idea to lose weight. Foods like jam, aerated drinks, sweets, breads, cakes etc. contain a lot of sugar, which can be replaced by brown sugar or honey.

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No More Fried Foods

Avoid all kinds of fried foods which increase the fat levels of our body instantly. These fried foods can instantly add weight to our body, which requires a lot of time to burn them down. Fried foods which we prefer to eating outside might not contain that fresh oil which we use at home. We often suffer from food poisoning, heart related problems and other weight related issues when we eat a lot of fried foods regularly. Avoid eating these fried foods completely, and replace them with raw or boiled fresh vegetables.


Examples of Fried Foods: Fried Chicken, Fried Pork, Fried Fish, Fried Potatoes (French Fries), Fried Curries, Doughnuts, Chips

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Its no wonder to know there are many health disasters with Alcohol, which might push us in deep trouble if continued. And since many of us workout regularly by following a strict diet, its time to give up on alcohol habits too. Alcohol is one of the slow poisons which will kill you from inside. They have high amounts of calories which are certainly not required by our body. Drinking too much of alcohol can cause many healthy issues like instant death and heart stroke. You should replace alcohol with fruit juices, vegetable juices and any other health drinks which might help you to recover from bad drinking habits.


Some Bad Effects of Alcohol: Facial redness, Liver abnormalities, Swollen face and Swollen eyes, Risk of depression, Pancreatitis, Stroke, Cirrhosis, Suicidal tendencies, Pregnancy problems, like spontaneous abortion, Sudden death and etc.
Avoid White Flour

Avoid White Flour

Breads, pastas and noodles are some of the common foods which are highly consumed. These foods are made up of white flour, which can lead to high blood pressure, heart attack, obesity, high cholesterol and other health issues. Make sure to keep white flour out of diet chart, and replace it with wheat flour and other healthy recipes. So instead of eating white flour pastas and bread, its better to replace them with foods made of wheat flour like brown bread.

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Examples of White Flour: Croissants, donuts, bagels, cakes and cookies, pancakes, waffles, biscuits and rolls, Pasta, macaroni and cheese, fast food burger buns, pizza, bread sticks.


Most of the meat contents are high in fat, which contain saturated fats in them. These fats can increase the fat levels in your body causing many health issues. Eating too much of meat can block your arteries and tend to cause heart attacks in future. Never include read meats in your regular diet to spoil the efforts of workout and strict diet. Always try to add lean meat like chicken, fish and prawns which includes rich amounts of protein and energy.

Examples of Red Meat: Beef, Veal, Lamb, Mutton, Venison, Pork, Goat, Rabbit, Buffalo.


Most of us have a sweet tooth and its impossible to imagine a day without desserts. You need to completely avoid these desserts which contains high amounts of lot of sugar, cream and other fatty products. Doctors do not recommended eating sweet dishes daily, as they are extremely dangerous in future. You should slowly make a habit of avoiding these sweet dishes by replacing them with natural fresh fruits, which benefit our weight loss program.


Examples of Desserts: Ice-cream sundae, Cheesecake, Chocolate fudge cake, Tiramisu, Lemon meringue pie, Treacle tart, Donuts, Muffins, Chocolate brownies, Cookies, Sticky toffee pudding, Profiteroles, Raspberry trifle, Apple pie and etc.

Fast Foods

Fast foods like pizzas, burgers, cakes must be completely avoided on a weight loss diet, as these foods have low nutritional value and high amount of calories. Eating fast foods are not recommended by any physician, as it leads to instant weight gain as well as other health problems. Try to replace these fast foods with healthy home-made foods like Oatmeal, Granola, Waffles, Fruit snacks and etc.

burger banned

Examples of Fast Foods: Pizza, Hamburgers, French fries, Tacos, and any foods which are made up of excess oil within 5 minutes.

Baked Foods

You should learn to avoid baked foods during your weight loss program, as they contain simple carbohydrates which help in weight gain. Baked foods like potatoes, cakes, breads, donuts, cookies etc. are made out of white flour and sugar, which should be avoided in our weight loss program. So always stay away from baked foods which are high in trans-fat and low in nutrients.


Examples of Baked Foods: Cakes, Pastries, Pies, Tarts, Quiches, Cookies, Scones, Crackers, Pretzels and Cupcakes.

These are the top 10 foods to avoid during your weight loss program. The above foods which have banned from your diet chart contain low nutritional values and high fatty, sugar contents. Avoid eating simple carbohydrates, high salty foods, artificial sweeteners to lose your weight instantly. You can feel the difference within a month, and don’t forget to come back here and leave a comment. 🙂

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