Diet tips to control diabetes
How to Control Your Blood Sugar Levels with Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Diet is one of the most critical components of controlling the condition. Some foods can cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels while others keep it steady. Thus, what you eat can make or break your effort in keeping diabetes under control. Many other factors result in these fluctuations, such as genetics, physical activity, weight, stress, […]

Tips to Control Cravings When You Have Diabetes
How to Control Cravings If You Have Diabetes – 7 Amazing Tips That Actually...

The management of diabetes is no easy task, and it takes a dedicated effort with no room for inconsistencies. Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the critical aspects of the management of the condition. However, a factor that often threatens to derail this effort is the constant craving for food. While an urge to […]

Managing diabetes at home
7 Easy Natural Home Remedies to Manage Diabetes

Diabetes – the scourge of modern society, is on the rise owing to lifestyle changes that have taken over our lives. The symptoms and effects of the disease can take a toll on the mind and the body. Over time it can also result in much more severe problems if not appropriately managed. It is […]

Best diet tips to treat diabetes
10 Healthy Eating Tips for Diabetes Management

There are very few health conditions that are as discussed as diabetes. This is a condition that has seen a steady rise in recent times due to lifestyle factors. As is the case with several other diseases, your eating habits play a central role in both causing and managing them. Diabetes occurs due to a […]

Diet plan for COVID-19 patients with diabetes
The Effects of COVID-19 on People with Diabetes – Treatment and Diet Tips

The Coronavirus 2019 pandemic has swept across the globe, causing large-scale social upheaval. As the pandemic rages on, new complications and new findings have come to light. It has been long known that older people, those with underlying medical conditions and a compromised immune system, are at a higher risk of developing severe complications. People […]

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