Reduce Hyperhidrosis with Home Remedies – Excessive Sweating

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Sweating is refreshing when it happens after a good workout. Sweating is a great way to know that your body is burning the extra calories. But, sweating while you are in the office or when your out with friends can be really embarrassing. It is normal to sweat in the summer or with excessive physical activity. However if you are sweating constantly without a special reason, you need to worry about the condition. Hyperhidrosis is the name given to excessive sweating and many people are diagnosed with this problem.

Move and sweat as much as you can

Reduce Hyperhidrosis with Home Remedies

Have you tried every possible thing and not been able to get the proper results? There is absolutely no need to worry! You can use the given natural remedies which will help you to reduce and control sweating. All the remedies are easily available and completely inexpensive. These remedies will work on your body and build up your self esteem. Some things need to be made a part of your lifestyle.

Baby Powder

Baby powder is a great remedy to reduce excessive sweating in the body. Pat a bit of baby powder on the effected areas. Corn starch is another alternative to baby powder. They act in the same way by absorbing the sweat. It may not completely prevent sweating but it does help to control it to a great extinct. Use this corn starch or baby powder on the areas where you seem to sweat excessively.

Baby Powder

Facial Scrubs

Using facial scrubs on the excessive sweating areas will provide relief and give refreshing skin. The facial scrubs work because they exfoliate the skin by unclogging the pores. Initially, you may experience more sweating than before as the toxins trapped inside the body will come out. But as you use it regularly you can see a gradual decrease in sweating. Use a facial scrub two to three times a week. Ensure that you don’t use it more than the recommended time.

Turnip Juice

Turnip juice is known for reducing the amount of activity that takes place in the sweat glands. Grate a turnip and squeeze out the juice. Apply this juice in the affected areas and see the difference after two weeks. Drinking turnip juice can also bring the desired results. Choose the best one for you.

Turnip Juice

Baking Soda for Hyperhidrosis

Baking soda works like corn starch and baby powder. It will help to unclog your skin’s pores, resulting in toxin elimination. However, too much use of baking soda on the skin may result in roughness of the skin. It is recommended to apply baking soda on the affected areas only once or twice every week.

Baking Soda for Hyperhidrosis

Lemon Juice

The most simple and effective home remedy to get rid of body odor would be lemon juice. Lemon is an easily accessible remedy and using it daily will help you feel refreshed. Apply lemon juice from the fruit itself or by squeezing the juice out. It works either way; you will be free from body odor caused from all the sweating. The acid found in lemon juice is known for killing any odor. However, lemon juice is not very effective in reducing the sweat.


Sage Tea

The not so popular but definitely effective method to reduce hyperhidrosis is sage tea. It works just like turnip juice by reducing the amount of activity in the sweat glands. You need to drink one or two cups of sage tea everyday to see the best results.

Sage Tea

Other cautions and tips you need to follow to get rid of the problem are:

Dietary Changes

Without realizing on your own, you might be consuming some food that can be causing the hyperhidrosis problem. The foods that make you sweat excessively include onions, caffeine, spices and garlic. Consumption of healthy food is especially important. Foods with high water content, especially vegetables and fruits may not reduce the problem but will definitely prevent body odor. Also too many sweats can play a major role in excessive sweating. Diabetic people often experience the same problem.

Use Antiperspirant

Applying antiperspirant to the body at night will help the ingredients set it to clear the pores. The sweat production is relatively less at night and this will help the treatment to move on smoothly. You can reapply the antiperspirant in the morning for a better result. Apply it only on dry skin, as you may experience skin irritation. Avoid applying it on the sensitive areas of the body.

Use Antiperspirant


People with hyperhidrosis need to choose their clothing wisely. Cotton and other fabrics used in athletic wear, will absorb the moisture from the skin. Clothes made from linen are also a good choice. Try to wear layers under the clothing like undershirts. You need to also choose a proper color to hide the sweat stains. Use dark colors which don’t allow the stains to be highlighted.


Purchase breathable shoes for your feet. The moisture will evaporate through the holes. Try wearing shoes made out of natural materials like leather, to reduce foot sweat. Try to wear sandals or go barefoot, whenever you possibly can to give your feet some breathing space.

Lose Weight

If you are over weight then the sweating might be caused due to the fat in the body. Try to work out everyday to achieve your goal. The amount of sweat will gradually decrease. Permanent weight loss may prove to be successful for your body.

weight loss

Be Hygienic

Consider bathing twice a day if you really have a problem with sweat. You can use a deodorizing soap to eliminate body odor. Carry baby wipes or facial wipes while you are traveling to wipe out the sweat and refresh yourself. Always carry an antiperspirant to apply on your body whenever you can.

Be Hygienic

Refreshing Baths

Add essential oils to your bath. Lavender, orange or rose oil will produce a nice smell to cover up your body odor. After a bath, try to apply a thin layer of oil to your hands and feet. Preferably tea tree oil, cypress oil or geranium oil will help nourish the skin.

Avoid Stress

Stress can also be one of the main causes of excessive sweating. Try to keep your mind free, relaxed and calm. You can try some stress buster exercises to calm your mind and enjoy the peace around you.


Drinking lots of water everyday will help to enhance the function of the body. Prickly heat is associated with sweat, when trapped in the pores of the skin. This will cause blisters, rashes and itchiness. If you have this problem try to keep your skin cool and dry all the time.

If you experience any other medical problem like chest pain, stomach pain, chills or dizziness along with excessive sweating, immediately contact the doctor. It may be a serious condition. Take good care of your health and stay active. Do not feel embarrassed of shy due to this problem. Try to be confident and follow the mentioned tips for a better life.

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