14 Natural Home Remedies for Strep Throat Treatment – 12 Signs You Have It

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A Strep throat is an inflammation-causing disease caused by streptococcal bacteria. This leads to inflamed mucous membrane linings at the back of the throat and the tonsils. The strep throat condition usually affects school-going children, and a quick diagnosis can avoid any potential complication.

Any kind of throat infection is annoying and painful. It reminds you of a problem every time you try and swallow something, you hate that feeling and it consumes so much of your mind that you are hardly able to concentrate on anything.


Though warm fluids help for some time (ginger tea being my favorite) it comes back with a vengeance, making you realize that it has just disappeared, not gone! So, how do you deal with a pesky strep throat infection? This article will help you find out how to deal with the symptoms and causes of this condition, followed by home remedies that actually work! Here is what you will find in this article,

  • Strep Throat Causes – How Long Does a Strep Throat Last?
  • Strep Throat Symptoms in Kids and Adults – Catch the Infection Early
  • The Best Natural Remedies for Strep Throat
    • Salt water Gargles
    • Warm Comforting Liquids
    • Add A Soft Diet
    • Steam It Up
    • Cough Lozenges Work EveryTime
    • Localised Heat
    • Raw Honey For The Antioxidant Punch
    • Bone Broth Nourishing And Wholesome
    • Yes, You Can Drink Your Tea And Have It Too
    • Apple Cider Vinegar– The Versatile Health Tonic
    • Try Oil Pulling
    • Peppermint Oil–The Essential Cure
    • Lemon Oil – Effective Natural Cure
    • Cayenne Pepper – A Hot and Spicy Cure

Strep Throat Causes- How Long Does a Strep Throat Last?

Group A Streptococcus (GAS) bacteria; yes, that’s the very bacteria that is the root cause of Streptococcus pyogenes. The streptococcal infection, like a true-blue infection, pervades through the pharyngeal tissue and steps up an inflammatory reaction of the throat and tonsils.

These bacterial organisms make their home in the throat or on the skin, and are responsible for a host of other illnesses as well, such as impetigo (a type of skin infection). Strangely, despite the fact that some individuals carry Group A Streptococcus in the throat or on the skin, they do not show any signs or symptoms of the disease.


You usually get hit by a strep throat at the time of late fall and early spring. This is the time when your immunity goes for a toss, it especially holds true for school children who are bound within an enclosed space.

More commonly, bacterial infection is the reason behind a strep throat or a sore throat, but viral infections are equally responsible for causing a strep throat. This condition is caused by viral infections. Identify the strep throat symptoms early to avoid any complications.

Also, strep throat is contagious as it is a bacteria-borne disease. That means you have to stop short of getting too close to an infected person and sharing his/her dishes. When an infected person sneezes, the bacteria-containing droplets are released into the air, increasing the possibility of infecting the person breathing the same air.

Thankfully, you really heal quick, and the strep throat symptoms in adults or children go away in as short a span of time as 24 hours. A maximum of five days; yes, that’s all you need to heal yourself to a strep throat cure. However, treatment is absolutely necessary, otherwise, you end up with rheumatic fever.

Strep Throat Symptoms in Kids and Adults – Catch the Infection Early

The symptoms occur after a few days, say 1-4 days after the infection hits a person, and they range from mild to severe. A sore throat linked with a strep throat starts suddenly, and the tonsils and the back of the throat may look like red and inflamed. You hate swallowing as it seems rather painful, and thus some individuals suffer from varying degrees of dehydration if they skimp on an adequate fluid intake.


Most times, however, it can be difficult for healthcare professionals to diagnose strep throat on the basis of symptoms alone, as strep throat and a sore throat due to a viral infection often have almost similar symptoms.

Take note of the following signs and symptoms of a strep throat infection, they are

  • Fever
  • Sudden occurrence of a sore throat condition
  • Inflamed lymph nodes found on the sides of the neck
  • White patches appearing on the tonsils and throat
  • Painful swallowing
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Red patchy rash
  • Red and inflamed soft palate (uvula)
  • Loss of appetite
  • General Discomfort

The symptoms of viral infections are very similar to strep throat symptoms, and should be diagnosed by a healthcare professional to continue with the proper treatment procedure.The strep throat symptoms differ widely from a kid to an adult. As has been already mentioned, this condition affects children more than adults. However, adults too can get affected by a strep throat infection. The symptoms vary in different age groups. Here we show how kids and adults get affected by strep throat.


  • Strep throat in infants: Usually, infants do not get affected by this condition, and if they do, they become fussy eaters and irritable too. A low-grade fever and nasal discharge are the other symptoms.
  • Strep throat in children: Children experience a sore throat accompanied by painful swallowing. Appetite loss and abdominal pain are the other two symptoms.
  • Strep throat in teens: Strep throat in this age group can be extremely uncomfortable, with individuals often complaining of a severe sore throat. The fever can be high, and they keep on recurring.
  • Strep throat in adults: Most adults report milder symptoms and complain of a mild sore throat. However, sometimes they may suffer from more severe symptoms.

The Best Natural Remedies for Strep Throat

Follow these potent home remedies to get rid of the condition faster. These tips will help you get immediate relief, and they are easily available too, considering your kitchen is a veritable treasure trove of natural cures.

1. Salt Water Gargles

It is a timeless cure that always works. You can trust this remedy with your eyes closed; it is an effective cure for your strep throat complications. Just a small tip, don’t gargle with water that’s too hot, it will unfortunately, scald your tongue. Get a glass of water with a pinch of salt, which directs the blood flow to the pharyngeal region and cures the infection. Once the infection goes away, the swelling also goes down. The mucus too goes away with time.


2.Warm comforting liquids

Teas are the ultimate BFF, and not without reason though; there are very few ailments or problems that you cannot solve over a hot cup of steaming tea. Pick your choice from different varieties such as ginger tulsi tea, cinnamon tea, lemon honey tea or even the traditional cup of masala chai soothes your throat in the best possible way. Warm liquids soothe down the area, effectively.

3. Add a soft diet

Crunchy foods are great otherwise, but they aren’t that good when you are suffering from a bad case of strep throat. Foods that are easy to swallow and don’t hurt your throat too bad are what you need. A soft diet, in fact, is the first step of strep throat home treatment. There are plenty of options you can explore, take a steamed apple, mash it up and sweeten it with honey. Khichri with veggies is the most nourishing and also the most comforting.


4. Steam it up

Go the old-fashioned way and inhale the benefits of steaming. This is largely comforting and ensures a speedy recovery. This opens up the nasal and throat area and enhances your breathing prowess.

5. Cough lozenges work every time

Don’t you hate those days when your throat seems so parched that you drink anything insight? Cough lozenges and eucalyptus oil lozenges help to ease up your throat and comforts it when you really find it too painful to swallow anything.

6. Localised heat

Your throat also endures spasms of pain, especially when you try to swallow something. For times like these, a heating pad or a hot towel can work like a charm.

7. Raw honey for the Antioxidant Punch

Raw honey has a lot of health benefits as it is a potent receptacle of antioxidants. This gives a boost to your immune system and is one of the best natural remedies for strep throat. The antibacterial nature of raw honey helps moisten the area and shields it with a protective barrier. Raw honey is, in fact, one of the best natural antibiotics to be found in nature. Medicine in a bottle, only it doesn’t seem like any medicine I know!

Benefits of the Power food - Honey

8. Bone Broth – Nourishing and Wholesome

Bone broth is the latest superfood that every nutritionist to holistic nutritionist is swearing by. It boosts your immune system like no other, ensures that you stay hydrated and is mineral and enzyme enriched. When you are sick and hardly up for having any heavy meals, a bone broth will nourish your body and your soul. Yes, it is that good. The innocuous-looking liquid has tonnes of extra vitamins and minerals to boast of and your body imbibes the goodness of the liquid easily.

The minerals include calcium, silicon, sulfur, magnesium, and phosphorus. It has got pretty heavy-duty sounding compounds such as chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, which are otherwise available in fancy drugstores with a hefty price tag! It helps reduce swelling and joint pain. The good thing about bone broth is you can have it all day without getting tired of it ever! Thankfully, all it does to your body is a world of good! It is, quite the healthy caffeine alternative right?

9. Yes, you can drink your tea and have it too!

This is one time when you can gulp down all the tea you want. Well, while you are at it, have herbal tea, which soothes your throat and treats inflammation surrounding the mucous membranes. Chamomile tea is royally loved by most tea connoisseurs because the plant is a powerhouse of everything to do with antioxidants and reduces most of the symptoms associated with a strep throat infection, namely redness, congestion, and swelling.


Dandelion root tea is another eternal favorite for most health fanatics, as it is great for your overall health.An able liver detoxifier, it also treats infections, helps with an upset stomach and gives a great boost to your immune system.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar – The Versatile Health Tonic

Apple cider vinegar is the one health tonic that most people cannot have enough of these days. It has potent bacteria slaying compounds which also helps proliferate the good kind of bacteria in your gut, giving a giant boost to your immune system in the process. It is a bit too tart to taste, so combine it with our eternal favorite sweetener, raw honey, and trust me; within a few days you will be glad to know about this particular remedy.

It is one of the most effective natural antibiotics for strep throat. It is an elixir in a bottle!Invest in an organic, unfiltered, unpasteurized with the mother apple cider vinegar right now. When it comes to ACV, go organic or go home, otherwise it just won’t work, period!

11. Try Oil Pulling

The ancient Ayurvedic practice has the power to stop the strep bacteria in your mouth. It not only makes your teeth healthy and shiny, but also cleans your mouth of all the potential invaders that joins the bacteria bandwagon.

Talk about the original oral detox, emptying your mouth of all the germs. To clean up good, use coconut oil or sesame oil. My favorite is coconut oil though, because of its miraculous benefits. Swish your mouth with 1 to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil for a good ten minutes. It is as difficult as it sounds, chiefly because you have difficulty in holding the oil in your mouth for so long. But it’s a breeze once you get the hang of it. Spit out the oil in the trash, rinse your mouth with pure clean water and brush your teeth immediately afterward. It is a powerful strep throat cure.

12. Peppermint Oil –The Essential Cure

Peppermint oil is another strep throat medicine. It contains menthol, which has a cooling sensation in the throat and calms your body. Just add a few drops, say 1-2 drops of peppermint oil to a glass of water and use it internally. Use the essential oil to apply 1-2 drops on your throat, chest, and temples.


13. Lemon Oil – Effective Natural Cure

Lemon oil is terrific to get rid of the toxins from the body. This essential oil stops the growth of bacteria, particularly the ones that are antibiotic resistant. There is an easy solution to cure a stubborn strep throat, just add 1-2 drops to a glass of water. Drink it up. Another way of having it is adding it to your herbal tea to get a more potent antioxidant boost.

14. Cayenne Pepper – A Hot and Spicy Cure

Cayenne pepper is that effective cure for strep throat that you have been looking for all along. Well, finally, you have it. Try mixing it with a little amount of water, then use a Q-tip to dip into the solution only to dap right at the back of your throat onto the affected area. Make a paste out of raw organic honey and cayenne pepper. Use 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper with the honey, and then use the paste to dab it on back of your throat. This can stop a recurring strep throat problem.

Step up your strep throat treatment without antibiotics and give a boost to your immunity. Yes, strep throat can be cured and you can cure it without amoxicillin for strep throat. Only, you need to monitor your symptoms carefully, so that if you find out that your condition is getting potentially worse, take that trip to the doctor’s clinic without fail. Tell me, have you ever had a strep throat infection, how did you treat it then? Please do share with us in the comments section below!

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