7 Benefits of Crown Chakra Healing and How it Helps our Everyday Stress

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“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.” Voltaire had once said famously. We aspire to live well, but sometimes confronting multiple challenges takes a heavy toll on us. Our body’s constant fight and flight response to stress impacts us adversely. Struggling to find solace amidst such mindless mayhem can be an uphill task. Crown chakra healing is one such way to distance yourself from everything that is bogging you down. Balance crown chakra and connect with your innate sense of well-being and happiness, and you can combat everyday stress easily.


What are Chakras and How many Chakras are there?

A chakra is like a wheel or a vortex, but it works like a ball of energy penetrating our bodies. The chakras do not have any physical existence; as you won’t be able to see them on an X-ray. They are parts of consciousness, and they form a close association with the physical and energetic body with the help of two important vehicles, which are the endocrine system and the nervous system. All of the seven chakras are connected to endocrine glands and a group of nerves known as nexus, which form a foundation for healing. Thus, each chakra is linked to particular parts of the body and also particular functions of the body plexus or that endocrine gland, which is one way of finding out how chakra healing works.


The chakras correspond to different parts of the body and different parts of your consciousness. Your consciousness is a medium which helps you perceive reality, helping you experience everything there is. All of your senses, perceptions, and possible states of awareness can be divided into seven categories, and each of these categories can be associated with a particular chakra. When you feel tension in your consciousness, your chakras get affected too. The seven chakras are divided into the following categories.

  • 1st chakra – foundation
  • 2nd chakra – flow
  • 3rd chakra – fearless
  • 4th chakra – forgiveness
  • 5th chakra – forthright
  • 6th chakra – feminine wisdom
  • And the seventh chakra is Freedom.

The seventh chakra stays above the crown of the head, and is different from the other chakras in that it is sort of a cord or portal to the divine. It’s what connects us to the spirit and gives us a deep sense of inspiration and possibility. It’s our way of connecting to true freedom.

What is Crown Chakra and How to open it?

The crown chakra is the median point for trust, devotion, inspiration, happiness, and positivity. It’s also a way to establish a deeper connection with the center of our being and the spirit of life that holds greater value than us. For this very reason, we have to look for tools which will unlock our crown chakra. Here are three of the ways that will open this chakra with ease.

1. Inspiration is the key- One of the ways of unlocking the crown chakra is through inspiration. Think of something that gave you a great deal of happiness like a music concert or remembering a song with fondness. Try and think what feelings of positivity and warmth it incited in you. That feeling of joie di vivre or the feeling of elevated spirits is the way to open the chakras in the human body.inspiration-is-the-keyDo the things that give you immense pleasure and unmitigated joy, it can be a walk you took amidst tranquil nature, or read something which brought tears of happiness to your eyes, or even something as simple as enjoying the beauty of watching the sun set in all its hallowed and resplendent beauty. Anything that uplifts you, gives you inspiration to unleash your crown chakra. Ponder and reflect on the things that inspire you so much that it helps release all cooped up aspirations. Try and include inspiration into your everyday mundane life and it will help open the crown chakra.

2. Bring affirmation to your scheme of things- The second method of opening your mind chakra is to practice affirmation. Bring the feeling of open-mindedness and expansion. Focus on the feeling of expansion and open-mindedness. The feeling of open-mindedness engulfs you especially at the top of the head. This is called the open crown chakra. You have to keep repeating the inspiring affirmation the better part of the day to keep the crown chakra open.bring-affirmation-to-your-scheme-of-things3. Practice visualization- A third way of opening your crown chakra is by practicing the method of visualization and crown chakra meditation. Steal a moment from your busy schedule; imagine this golden orb of light expanding and growing. Imagine it engulfing your senses and filling you with a feeling of positivity. Visualize streams of light emanating from your head, connecting you with the greater being. Think that your mind is open, receptive. Feel an inextricable link with life, find that connection. Feel the strength welling up inside you, thinking that there is a life force that has more importance than yourself. Enwrap yourself with this feeling that you are not alone. This feeling will help open the crown chakra and bond with the life force that is greater than your being.

4. Show your ego the door- Holding on to your ego does you more harm than good, and never confuse self-confidence with ego. Letting go of your ego can benefit you in a number of ways and you will also end up getting a healthier crown chakra. Accepting our faults and being comfortable with them gives you a certain degree of confidence. Ego often results from insecurities and if you let go of the ego, you will enjoy confidence stemming from within.show-your-ego-the-door5. Seva- Helping others can help you benefit your crown chakra too. Reaching out to the less privileged can be fairly rewarding. Join a group who is involved in philanthropy or do it in your own way, and you will feel a strange feeling of contentment coming from deep within. Reaching out to others will strengthen your bond with the environment, one of the aims of crown chakra.

6. Choosing self-love- If you love yourself, you will be able to love others as well. Accepting your flaws and loving yourself despite your flaws can be a wonderful way of accepting others. If you choose love, this will help you to be far more accepting and help incite chakra healing methods.choosing-self-love7. Prayer- Prayer belongs to a personal part of you. It does not have to be an elaborate exercise, but something which will help you connect with your inner soul. Something which you do mindfully, with respect and with patience, it can also be your yoga routine, anything which gets you in sync with your inner being. Just close your eyes let your inner voice be your guide.

A Few Exercises to Heal your Crown Chakra

Connecting with your inner soul can take a long time, sometimes even your entire lifetime. You need to cater to the unruffled calm that is always there behind the frenetic activity which always abounds us. This newfound connection and self-love could be just the tip of the iceberg, going on to mean that much more in the long run.

The exercise of crown chakra healing and deep meditation was started by a Cherokee medicine man by the name of Harley Swift Deer. You will start by breathing into each and every chakra, and as you breathe you will imagine the colors of that chakra, surrounding you with blinding healing light. As you breathe in, this encircling energy will move up the body, touching each chakra and when it reaches the upper chakra or the crown chakra, it will take a life of its own.


The fire breath is a revitalizing and healing technique to heal your chakras and you will be surprised to discover something very unexpected. The mammoth emotions which you were holding on to will get a release, accompanied by tears and even vented anger. Start doing it on your own, then you can try this with your partner.

1. Do not hold onto any expectations and gradually transport yourself to that mind-set and energy state you desire. Also, do not bind yourself to expectation or attachment regarding the outcome.

2. Lie on your back in a relaxed position with your knees up and feet lying flat on the floor or even on your bed. Relax your jaw. Breathe in normally through your nose but breathe out through your mouth.

3. Imagine your breath filling up your stomach like a balloon. As you breathe out, flatten your lower back to the floor. Gently rock your pelvis as you breathe out.

4. Try and squeeze your Kegels as you breathe out.

5. As you take a deep breath in, imagine yourself pulling the energy from your root chakra that is your perineum. You don’t have to push or pull the energy. It will pursue your thoughts.

6. Next, inhale your energy from your root chakra up to your sacral chakra. Then breathe out, feeling the circulation and the energy back down to the root. Keep the movement of your energy flow continuously between the root and sacral chakras by breathing in and feeling it rise, exhaling out and letting it release so that it goes back to the root. The repetition of this movement will reveal that the energy is ebbing away at an easy pace.


7. Now make the circle bigger, starting from your root chakra to your solar plexus chakra, squeezing your kegel muscles as you exhale. This process has to be repeated several times. When this reaches the completion stage, reduce the circle so that the energy travels from your sacral chakra and your solar plexus.

8. As you continue to breathe and squeeze your Kegels, enlarge the circle of energy so that it moves from your sacral chakra to your heart. When this feeling reaches its completion status, reduce the circle so that the energy goes between your solar plexus and reaches your epicenter, namely the heart center. You are moving your energy from sacral to heart and solar plexus to heart.

9. Next, make a circle of energy between the solar plexus and throat, followed by a smaller circle between heart and throat. When you reach the throat, try and make some sounds if you aren’t already doing so, ranging from sighs to moans to “aahs.” This helps liberate you and puts energy into motion to create a deeper chakra healing. The energy may start moving up the chakras in circles on its own as the momentum reaches its crescendo.

10. Take a deep breath in, moving energy from the heart to the third eye, and breathe out and back down to the heart. Repeat this several times, followed by a smaller circle between the throat and the third eye. When you’re transferring energy into your third eye, roll your eyes up while keeping them closed. If you can see out the top of your head, all the while keeping your eyes closed, it will elevate your energy, enabling your chakras to heal and balance.

11. The next circle will be from the throat to the crown which is followed by a smaller circle, transcending from the throat to the crown, followed by a smaller circle starting from the third eye and reaching the crown chakra.

12. Keep breathing continuously and moving your hips and moving the energy in circles, giving your body the expansion to go through the full process of chakra healing and rejuvenate your bodily functions.

Enabling to open your crown chakra is indeed a very valuable tool. Try and practice and utilize these tools to inspire your entire being. You will feel greater feelings of trust, positivity, and inspiration. There are manifold Crown chakra benefits. You will be aware of your spiritual self and be selflessly devoted to the well-being of others because you see them as a part of you, rather than as separate.

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