Best Tai Chi Exercises for Relaxation – Techniques for Stress Relief

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Tai chi is a martial art, manifestation of deep philosophy and a health exercise. By practicing the techniques of Tai chi one can experience relaxation of both the mind and body. Through this, one can gain a clear awareness of body alignment. The muscle movements of Tai chi help the energy to flow through all the organs in the body. Its main focus is on proper posture of the body and the alignment of the spine. It also improves the digestive system and eliminates stress from the body. Tai chi exercises will help you reap a deep calmness and reduce the negative effects of stress. If Tai chi is practiced regularly it will help prevent stress, muscle tension and anxiety.

Best Tai Chi Exercises for RelaxationTo use Tai Chi effectively you will need some time. Practice makes a man perfect, so use these simple techniques to eliminate stress from your life. The best thing about Tai Chi is that anyone can practice it. Working at their own pace and ability, anyone can benefit from this martial art. The gentle movements of Tai Chi encourage people with joint pains and arthritis to take part in it.

Health Benefits of Tai Chi:

  1. Reduces blood pressure
  2. Reduces anxiety and depression
  3. No equipments needed
  4. Improves balance (can help elders to balance and walk)
  5. Improves mental focus and well being
  6. Improves quality of sleep
  7. Helps in gaining muscle while losing weight.

Best Tai Chi Exercises for Relaxation:

Tai Chi Rocking Motion:

Rocking is one of the methods in Tai Chi that claims to reduce the stress in the body. It will stimulate the pressure points in the feet, which soothes the mind. Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Move your weight onto the heels completely and rock back to your toes, by lifting your heels of the ground. Continue rocking yourself on your feet with slow and soft movements and you will feel the difference.

Tai Chi Rocking Motion

Tai Chi Shower Exercise:

Meditation and relaxation is the main focus of this exercise. It is unique and may seem a bit strange at first. But, do try this exercise and feel the peace in your mind. You can begin in a kneeling position (seated position is also recommended). Close your eyes and imagine that you are in a warm shower. Picture that the warm water is washing away all your stress and breathe deeply from the abdomen. Continue the same until you feel relaxed.

Tai Chi Shower Exercise

Tai Chi Supine Position:

If you find it difficult to sleep at night, you need to practice this exercise. This will reduce the stress and help you sleep peacefully at night. You need to begin by lying down in a supine position and close your eyes. Try to focus on each body part, starting with the head. Move down your body; focus on relaxing each part one by one. Continue till your body feels heavy and relaxed, you will be ready to sleep.

Tai Chi Supine Position


Breathing is the vital key to reduce stress. All Tai Chi exercises and movements need deep breaths from the lower abdomen. The deeper the breath, the more anxiety released. Start your exercises by breathing deeply, try to merge the movements as you inhale and exhale. Deep and slow breathing is the strongest tool used in Tai Chi. Whenever you feel stressed take long deep breaths to control your mind. Pay attention to the air flowing in and out, for a few minutes. By concentrating on your breathing and body movements, you will focus on the present and your mind will shift away from your worries.deep breathing

Tai Chi Muscle Relaxation:

Relax for a few minutes and when you feel relaxed shift your attention to your feet. Start with the right foot; slowly tense the muscles in your foot by squeezing it tightly. Wait for 10 seconds and slowly relax it. Your foot will feel limp and loose; relax for a moment by breathing. Repeat the same with the other foot.

tai chi muscle relaxation

Tai Chi Soothing Scalp:

This is a technique that will help you to relax your mind directly by massaging the scalp. Place your thumbs behind your ears and hold your head with your fingers on top. By making circles with your finger tips, gently move your scalp forward and backward for 20 seconds. This will surely leave you with peace and calm.

Tai Chi Soothing Eyes:

Eyes are the most stressed part of the body, relaxing the eyes after a long day of work is very essential. Place your ring fingers near the bridge of the nose and below the eyebrows. Apply slight pressure for 10 seconds and gently release. Repeat 2 to 3 times.

Tai Chi exercises are great to develop a stable mind. Try these simple techniques and experience all the benefits of Tai Chi. By tackling the sensitive and important points in the body one can soothe the mind and the soul. Move the weight from one leg to the other and raise your hands alternatively you will have the benefit of relaxing all the muscles and limbs.

The nutrients in the body will flow into all the joints that enhance the balance and flexibility in the body. They can also help in strengthening the tendons, muscles and ligaments. Be healthy and use interesting ways to get rid of the problems. Hope the above Tai Chi exercises help you to enjoy a fit and stress free life.

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