Healthy Fast Food Choices at KFC, McDonald’s & Subway Restaurants

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Whenever we go out with friends it is common to eat out. You will most probably hop into a fast food joint, as your friends would force you. You cannot say no to them neither can you forgo your diet. For all the people who have lots of friends and love hanging around with them, here are some healthy fast food recipes to choose from. Seriously, no one cares about your health but you! So be careful while going out as it will make a large difference if you munch on fatty food. Some restaurants offer quiet healthy and acknowledging recipes for health freaks. They aren’t harmful to eat once in a way.

Healthy Fast Food Choices

So whether you’re looking for a small breakfast on your way or a meal that will make your wallet smile, you don’t need to choose the biggest meal to help you fill your stomach. A few smart choices will help you enjoy a healthy fast food meal at your favorite joints.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken):

KFC is one of the most famous fast food outlet in India. The mouth watering options laid in front of you are just great! But, do select the ones with less oil and more proteins. Eat a sumptuous and healthy meal at KFC today! The Kentucky Grilled Chicken has more proteins than calories. So try choosing that over the fried chicken.

zinger meal

  • The zinger meal consists of 30.1 grams of protein. It is a tasty meal filled with lots of vegetables. Avoid adding extra sauces and enjoy a mouthwatering meal.
  • The medium whipped potato dip consists of only 0.6 grams of fat.
  • The original twister consists of 21.6 grams of protein. Best to exclude the sauces and always make the right choices.


While choosing the healthiest meal in McDonald’s, you need to focus on 3 C’s Choice, customization and calories. You can look at the nutrition information available on My Meal Builder in and build a customized meal from scratch by using different ingredients. You can choose to deduct mayo and extra salt on your French fries by this option. Choosing grilled chicken rather than crispy chicken is a better choice. These simple choices can cut down on hundreds of calories.

mcdonalds Grilled Chicken Sandwich

  • A Happy Meal offers apple slices, kids’ size fries and the optional beverage which includes fat-free chocolate milk. It is not only made for kids, even elders can try this meal to cut down on the extra calories.
  • A grilled chicken snack wrap with no extra sauce will have only 270 calories with 16 grams of protein and 9 grams of fat. It is a better to choose this than something oily.
  • If you choose a hamburger without sauce it will have only 250 calories with 12 grams of protein and 9 grams of fat. Works out best for a brisk breakfast.
  • Choosing a Grilled Chicken salad without dressing consists of 290 calories with just 8 grams of fat and 27 grams of protein.


Subway is known to be the healthiest eat out. It comes with own customization of subs. offering a delicious and healthy meal; subway has won many hearts who are planning to maintain a good diet.

subway healthy sub

  • A sub of wheat bread filled in with veggies, excluding cheese is only 230 calories. It contains only 2.5 grams of fat and 8 grams of protein.
  • A mini sub, veggie Delite consists of 150 calories with just 1.5 grams of fat. Don’t miss this tasty and healthy snack.
  • Anything grilled or baked is fine to add in wheat bread. Exclude the extra sauces and avoid mayonnaise. You will drown in the tastiest and amazingly healthy subs.

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Choosing the Right Pizza:

Pizzas are every ones favorite, but they are filled will an immense amount of calories. So use these simple tips to cut down on calories.

  • Choose a thin-crusted pizza which will cut down a minimum of hundred calories. If the crust is whole wheat, it is an even better choice.
  • Fill your pizza with lots of vegetables. While choosing the pizza look at the ingredients used and try to avoid fried or oily vegetables.
  • If there are any left outs, you can store the pizza in the fridge and have it the next day. Try not to eat up others left out, zip up your lips after you finish your share.

So, to enjoy with friends and avoid the extra calories you need to keep a few things in mind:

Plan Your Meal Ahead:

When you know you are going to eat out with friends, plan your meal before itself. Think about the little changes you can make to your meal. Cutting down on sauces, cheese, fried toppings and the unneeded calories can make your meal a lot healthier.

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Avoid a Bigger Size:Avoid a Bigger Size

Supersizing your burger will double the amount of calories. Though you may think that you are getting the best deal and saving up on a lot of money, it is the exact opposite for your body. If you choose a small meal, it will be really filling and satisfying.

Slow Consumption:

Though most of your lunch break may be vanished by picking up lunch, it is a better idea to relax while you eat. This will help you to avoid fatigue and indigestion in the day.

Avoid Refilling:

Try to avoid refilling. You favorite fast food center may give you an opportunity to refill your cold drink. But, you need to try and avoid this. The cold drinks are filled with caffeine and sugar, if you refill your cup you will just be taking in lots of calories. However, avoiding cold drinks altogether is a much better choice.

Thus, if you’re on a diet, you don’t need to give up on fast food completely. But, you have to pay attention while ordering. The above tips will help you make healthier choices and save the amount of calories you will be consuming. Follow the best fast food recipes and lose weight while hanging out with friends. Be sure to make the healthiest choices and avoid getting tempted. Have a fun filled and healthy day.

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