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Growing old, is an irreversible process. Everyone has to go through it someday. It is suffocating to hide your age, when you have wrinkles, saggy skin and age spots which are clearly visible. Remedies for darkening the hair, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying fit are immense. There are hundreds of creams and facial treatments available to give you a younger look. However, these methods use chemicals which are harmful to the skin. Adapting to a natural treatment works best for the skin, body and soul.

Anti aging juices

You will also be saving up a gigantic amount of money by using the best remedies available around you. Why not try a few juice recipes that prevent skin from aging? Here are some juicing recipes for anti-aging gathered to give you the best possible solution. Treat your tongue along with your skin with the best anti-aging juices.

Best Fruit Juice Recipes to Fight Aging

Beetroot Juices:

Beetroots are rich in vitamins and minerals – vitamin A and C, folate, fiber, manganese and potassium. They are filled with antioxidants that revive the skin by eliminating dead cells. They support the liver to increase detoxification which helps in slowing down the aging process. The nitrates present in the beetroot ensure a free flow of blood to the brain.

Anti-Aging Beetroot RecipeAnti-Aging Beetroot Recipe 1


  • Beetroot – ½
  • Lettuce – 5 leaves
  • Fuji apple – 1
  • 1 whole Lemon
  • Ginger – ½ inch


Wash the beetroot thoroughly and peel the skin. Cut into half and dice it. Drop the pieces into the juicer and add the lettuce, fuji apple, ginger. Squeeze the lemon and add the juice to these ingredients. Make a fine juice with these ingredients. Add some ice and enjoy this tasty drink. Drink this juice on a regular basis to revive your skin.

Anti-Aging Beetroot Recipe 2Anti-Aging Beetroot Recipe 2


  • Water – 1 ½ cups
  • Strawberries – ½ cup
  • Blueberries – 1 cup
  • Beetroot – ½ cup
  • Leaf Kale – 1

Thoroughly wash the blue berries and strawberries, remove their seeds. Put them in a juicer. Wash, peel and dice the beetroot, put it in the juicer. Add the Kale leaf and blend them together. According to your choice of thickness add the water and drink with ice. It is a mouthwatering drink that will strengthen and brighten your skin.

Delicious Drink:

The use of fruits and vegetables in the juice will boost up your energy with glucose. However adding fiber and protein to the same drink will be an added advantage. Filled with antioxidants this juice is a treat to your taste buds. This amazing anti aging juice is loaded with phytonutrients that boosts the immune system, preventing you from dangerous diseases.

Ingredients:Delicious Drink for skin aging

  • Cucumber juice – ¼ cup
  • Carrot juice – ¼ cup
  • Apple Juice – 1 cup
  • Kale juice – ¾ cup
  • Organic plain Yoghurt – ¼ cup

Combine all the juices together and mix it well. Add the yoghurt to it and blend it. Add some ice and drink chilled. Try to use fresh juices as fresh ingredients will work better.

Soy Milk:

Soy milk helps to get a smoother skin with lesser wrinkles. The sun produces strong UV rays which are harmful to our skin. The skin-firming collagen in our body is damaged due to these strong rays. The isoflavones present in Soy milk help to preserve the skin – firming collagen. By drinking soy milk you are fighting the harmful rays from within.

Apple and Blueberry Juice:

Apples and blueberries are a great combination, rich in antioxidants, chlorogenic acids and pectin. Using this simple anti – aging remedy will help reduce aging lines, acts as an anti – bacterial and protects you against brain – aging. Follow these simple instructions to notice your skin shine and tighten.


  • Blueberries – 2 cups
  • Apples – 2


Thoroughly wash and remove the seeds of the fruits. Put them in a blender and make a juice. Add some ice and enjoy this tasty drink. Drink the juice immediately after preparation; it will gain a gel like texture after half an hour of preparation.

Cucumber Juice: (Wrinkles)

Cucumber is filled with silicon, which is a mineral essential for connective tissue in our body. Adding silicon to the diet will help to gain amazing results for hair, skin and nails. This juice is high in vitamin A and silicon. They help to improve your hair and nail strength and control cholesterol levels. They are a good remedy for improved complexion and reducing anti-aging signs.


Cucumber Juice
  • Cucumber – 1
  • Carrots – 2
  • Apples – 2
  • Celery stalk – 1


Use the whole cucumber as it is, without peeling. Most of the silicon in cucumber is found in the skin itself. Combine all the ingredients and blend them together. Drink with ice. Drinking this juice regularly will help to reduce wrinkles.

Fighting skin problems with the help of delicious juices is great! Spending thousands on chemical and artificial methods with long term effects is a waste. Try these simple natural juice recipes for anti – aging and enjoy healthy beautiful skin. Your age increases in numbers not in wrinkles! Take care of yourself and live a healthy life.

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