Sahaja Yoga Meditation Guide – Health Benefits on Body, Mind and Spirit

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The 5th of May 1970 saw a woman dedicate her life to the cause of humanity and finally find the path which leads to unlocking the spiritual gates of humankind. Mataji’s life story scripted an innate awakening from her own primordial energy. The realization dawned on her that she had to share her surreal experience with everyone who was seeking truth and spiritual awakening. She listened to the cry of her soul and spread the word on Sahaja Yoga, by travelling far and wide. Her free sermons benefited a lot of people who were trying to seek happiness and peace.


What is Sahaja yoga meditation? Sahaja Yoga meditation is a technique that can bring forth innate awakening leading to self-realization. The word Sahaja has two connotations. One of the meaning is ‘spontaneous’ and the other means ‘born with you.’ It is usually an energy form that flows within you. Yoga also means uniting together. So, SahajaYoga brings you closer to your inner self.

When do the kundalini forces integrate? Just when the individual consciousness unifies with the collective consciousness. The integration of the kundalini forces brings together peace and balance within individuals.

The Beginning of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Mataji explains the essence of Sahaja Yoga Meditation in a beautiful way, it helps your soul bloom just like the seeds sprout and the flowers bloom. We witness its magic, but we find it difficult to unravel the mystery of the happening. We know the miracle happens because of the all-encompassing power of Divine love. The divine love is within us too, we just need to tap into itand find out how it flows within us.

The connection can only be made with the mains. When we are able to make that connection, we will be able to witness the beauty and the potential of the dynamic result. This result is a dynamic one and not a mental one, we must realize that.


Sahaja Yoga meditation technique emanates from self-realization when you pursue in accessible aspirations or distant goals; there are chances of disappointment, and a Guru has a group of disciples under him, who usually train, cleanse their inner self, and also get coerced to go through a growth process in life.

Things have undergone a sea change in today’s times; instead of seeking a guru, Mataji calls it the blossom time where people try to be their own Gurus as they begin to find their spontaneity going through the entire journey of self-realization. She has found a method to do this.

This form of yoga does not require an instructor. It is more about a self-journey and being aware of your inner self with the help of both meditation and Kundalini Yoga.

How to Do Sahaja Yoga Meditation

The first step in Sahaja Yoga requiresraising your Kundalini every time you meditate. You need to follow some basic affirmations to raise the Kundalini. The affirmations can either be made by looking at Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s picture or without looking at her picture. It depends on individual preference.

In order to begin Sahaja yoga meditation, you need to sit in a comfortable position on the floor and gently close your eyes. The procedure encompasses a nine-step affirmation, each step requires you to have different hand placements on the body. This is how you can carry out the whole procedure,


  • Place your right hand on your heart and ask this to yourself ‘Mother, am I the spirit?’
  • In the next step you need to lower your hand to the lungs and ask yourself, ‘Mother, am I, my own master?’
  • In the next step, you would lower your hand to your hip and ask, ‘Mother, please give me the pure knowledge.’
  • Raise your hand right up to your lung and say, ‘Mother, I am my own master.’
  • Raise it to your heart next and say the words, ‘Mother, I am the spirit.’
  • Get your hands closer to the back of your neck and say, ‘Mother, I am not guilty.’
  • Raise your hands to your forehead and say, ‘Mother, I forgive everyone.’
  • Use your hands sand raise it to the back of your head and say, ‘Mother, please forgive me for whatever my wrongdoing.’
  • Place your hands on the top of your head and say, ‘Mother, please give me my self-realization.’

How does Sahaja Yoga Meditation Work?

Inside our system, we experience a spontaneous awakening. This knowledge about the interflow of energies that regulate our being has been the best kept secret for centuries.

The centralised center consists of seven major energy centers; these energy centers are known as ‘chakras’ or three channels. This system is actually the center focus of our well-being, happiness, and self-realization. Another more precious secret is the knowledge which is hidden right at the base or own spinal cord, waiting for the right moment to rise, enlighten us, and grant us all our innate beauty, power, and strength, the event has been defined as the greatest achievement for a human being in all the ancient scriptures.

This secret energy is called by many namesbut it is most frequently known as ‘Kundalini.’ The word ‘kundalini’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘kundal’ which means ‘coil’).


“The Spirit is like the firm axis at the very centre of a wheel. If our attention reaches the immovable firm axis at the very centre of the wheel of our existence (which is constantly moving), we become enlightened by the Spirit, the source of inner peace,and reach a state of complete calm and self-knowledge.”- Sri Mataji

Meditation is that deep sense of peace which we acquire when our mind is calm, silent and yet whenall our senses are amazingly alert. The power of meditation is immense as it has the capacity to take us to a greater state of awareness that will help us fulfil our real human potential in everyway.

The benefits of Sahaja yoga are so many that one does not know where to start. Usually, people who are not quite satisfied with life are the ones who benefit most from Sahaja yoga, the most. They are not quite satisfied with materialism and want to get much more out of life.

The reason for the dissatisfaction lies in the fact that they are seeking something beyond materialism, something that will make them break out of all the shackles that bound them, the attachments and bondages of life.

After acquiring self-realization, we get connected to theall-pervading divine power which takes care of us. We get embroiled in life, feeling burdened, unable to deal with the ups and down of life. The freedom from this bondage provides an unflinching joy which defines our Spirit.

Benefits of Sahaja Yoga through Sahaja Yoga Treatment

The difference we feel after Sahaja Yoga Treatment is immense! We gradually feel the difference in our mind, body, and spirit as the time goes on.

1. Sahaja yoga treatment protects us from illness


The subtle energy system in our body helps govern our body; as soon as there is an imbalance, we awaken the dormant primordial energy Kundalini and it starts awakening the subtle energy or the centres (chakras) within us. This will help heal, balance, andrectifies andnourishes the subtle energy centres (chakras) througha simple cleansing technique, which is usually taught in Sahaja Yoga.

Once you can restore your center and you balance the energy, your health improves and your immunity increases, keeping at bay all kindsof illnesses. As Shri Mataji explains,“Once you are properly established, you don’t have to worry about your health at all.”

The health benefits of Sahaja Yoga are not merely a figment of somebody’s imagination but have been substantiated by medical doctors and psychologists who have backed their findings by clinical studies and research. Many have attempted to cure themselves of various ailments such as high blood pressure, asthma,diabetes, epilepsy, cancer and so on.

2. Improved Sleeping patterns through Sahaja Yoga

Adequate and quality sleep has numerous benefits, right from disease prevention to weight loss. But our modern lifestyle ensures we stay awake for long hours, managing to compromise on our sleep and consequently, our health. That is where Sahaja yoga comes in, as it helps us not only sleep better but deeper, and we wake up more refreshed in the morning.

Many people suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia or unsatisfactory sleep, and they are not able to find out exactly why they suffer from sleep disorders,so they blame their lack of sleeplessness on just about everything right from the weather to bad bed springs.

But the fact of the matter is less sleep may be just a combination of a troubled mind, thinking about the past day’s events, or worrying and planning too much about the future. Through Sahaja Yoga, one can gradually let go of the past and start living in the present.

3. Spiritual Awakening through Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja Yoga has a great impact ondifferent aspectsof a person’s life, such asmaterial, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. A heightened spirit and a rejuvenated human being can find solace in the unknown depths of energy and creativity which helps improve theliving conditions, which again leads to a more satisfied and meaningful life.

The regular practice of Sahaja Yoga can provide the person a sense of calm which enables them to cope more easily and effectively with the everyday stresses of life. Thus, it not only helps cure the innumerable diseases which are a result of modern day living. The modern-day diseases such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, mental disorders, diabetes and so on are all a result of all our hectic lifestyle.


Medical evidence is also encouraging, SahajaYoga indeed cures and heals, say researchers conducting experiments to find out about the health implications of Sahaja Yoga techniques. There is increasing medical proof of the curative powers of Sahaja Yoga as per many experiments conducted. Its ability to cure daily everyday health problems such as alcoholism, smoking and even cases like drug addiction has been proved beyond doubt.

That’s not all, Sahaja Yoga has also been able to cure several cases of diseases such as cancer, paralysis, epilepsy, and also asthma among many other diseases. The inner transformation of human beings, contributing to the overall transformation of the society and also to entire humanityis an ideal result. Sahaja Yoga brings about the integration of all the major religions of the world.

4. Sahaja Yoga Chakras- Is it what it Claims?

Sahaja Yoga Meditation cannot be bound by the philosophical paradigm, it is an experience first and then comes the philosophy part. It is a simple system in which Self Realisation, that is the union with your Divine Self, takes place naturally.

Shri Mataji conducts her public programs and initiates the process of Kundalini awakening among the large gathering. Anyone can practice Sahaja yoga irrespective of one’s caste,creed, religion,race and nationality and so on. The popularity of Sahaja Yoga can be estimated from the fact that it is now practiced worldwide, in as many as 90 nations.

Sahaja Yoga is based on experience too and not obtuse philosophy. It does not bedazzle you with its philosophy but awakens you with its clarity.


The seeker with the help of vibratory awareness and through self-realisation, and with the practice of in Sahajameditation, can attain the truth. What attracts the masses to Sahaja Yoga meditation is that it does not propagate rituals andhas no do’s and don’ts as such, but the practitioner of Sahaja Yoga will gradually get rid of all bad habits and start leading a Dharmic life, organically.

Through the grace of Shri Mataji, aself-realized person can give realization to other seekers as well, just as one light enlightens another, naturally.

5. Sahaja Yoga and its Impact on a Day to Day Basis

Sahaja Yoga is not only to cure chronic diseases or your deep-seated psychological disorders, but it can improve your whole being, little by little every day.

  • Sahaja Yoga meditation is very easy to master and any one can adapt it, catering to their lifestyle, be it to their professional or personal life.
  • People experience great improvement and harmony in their family life and social relations.
  • Children experience great improvementin studies as their memories improve, drastically.


  • Many people discover that their latent artistic talents get fully nurtured and developed.
  • People become more courageous and confident.
  • Peace, contentment, and joy are the chief properties ofSahaja Yoga.
  • It is based onscientific technique which does not depend on blind faith.
  • Self-Realization can be attained through Sahaja Yoga and it is completely free.

So, practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation Music and unlock the mysteries of the world where there is no stress, just peace, and unbridled happiness. As Sri Mataji says, “You cannot know the meaning of life until you are connected to the power that created you.” So, go ahead and create that power with Sahaja Yoga.

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