4 Best Effective Ankle Weight Exercises to Increase Your Height Growth

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How does one increase height? Well, most of us have tried to find an answer to this question in our teenage years. We live in a world where we take our physical attributes very, very seriously and our height matters. But are there any ways to increase height? There is a wealth of information out there on the net but the facts are largely intertwined with the myths. So, how would you find a scientifically-backed theory that will provide fool-proof results? Don’t worry, we will discuss that right here. Actually, there are a number of ways to increase height.

 Effective Ankle Weight Exercises

But yes, there are certain conditions, such as age. Increasing your height is possible, only when you follow the procedures during your growing years. While there may be people out there who will defy the norms and increase their height in their adult years, the possibilities are few and far between. Well, if you are still in your growing years, you may help nature by eating right and exercising to increase height. One of the possibilities that we are going to discuss here, is ankle weights. Yes, there are many ankle weight uses, and one of them is to increase your height.

How to Increase Height Using Ankle Weights

Well, the process isn’t complicated, it is exactly as it sounds, and all you need to do is strap weights on your ankle. Going jogging or running? Just strap it on your ankles and go for that run! You can use this even when you are running on the treadmill. You cannot go too heavy-duty, as far as the weights are concerned. Knowing the right weight is extremely crucial. The wrong ones will end up damaging your ankle.

Professional athletes are more into using ankle weights than normal people. It is a pity that ankle weights are not that popular among common people, because they are really effective! There are pouches where you can throw in the weights and strap it around your ankles. If you are unable to lay your hands on the pouches, then use a cloth to do the same.

Many people use syrups and pills to increase their height. We don’t know whether they are effective, but they do sure have some long-term effects on your health. When you have an option to try out something like ankle-weights which are easy-to-procure and easier-to-execute without any harmful side-effects, then why not use the same? Yes, you have to learn the ropes from a professional, who will guide you initially. But once you master the moves, you will reap the benefits like a true-blue champion.

Ankle Weights

How to Use the Ankle Weights:

The weights are not something too hard to find, they are normal weights and are used in many a popular activity. So, where to strap it on? You can fix it just above your ankle, around your Achilles tendon and the lower shin. As I have already said, you needn’t increase the weights too much. Also, since you are strapping it around a small diameter range, you cannot strap on too much weight. These weights are attached to a bony area, so you won’t face tightness around this area.

 Add Ankle Weights

When can you Add Ankle Weights?

Doing dips or pull-ups? Fantastic! Now is the right time to add ankle weights to your exercise regime. Add them when you are doing your static stretching, or working out your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. Exercise gives you all round benefits, it works your lower back, tones your core and your upper back too. However, in order to get results, you must do them regularly. Be it walking, jogging, sprinting or other exercises, just add strap these weights to your ankle and you are good to go. But for all the benefits, done wrong they can show some serious side-effects too.

  • Puts stress on the joints
  • You experience pain in legs and calf muscles
  • Feeling of tiredness
  • Experience cramps in legs
  • Cramps in the legs
  • Stress on the nervous system and larger intestine

Ankle Weight Exercises

Get a Lowdown on the Ankle Weights:

Ankle weights are really versatile and you can train with them, such as working on the rotational hip stabilizers and also in dance postures. If you try all these exercises, you can activate the key muscles and hence increase height.

You cannot expect miracles in a few days, and what you need is a synergistic effort; that is to incorporate the right eating habits, and exercising. Try the following height exercises to target the knees and increase height.

Sitting with ankle weight

You can sit and lift weights, just by including 10 or 15 lbs. of Ankle Weight on each leg. This way you can add more load to your knees and increase the load as your knees get stronger. Ensure that your knees hang from the edge of the bed or chair so that they are pulled towards gravity. Plonk yourself on the bed and ensure that your feet do not touch the floor. Try to sit for half an hour to build continuous stress. If you feel bored, grab a book or watch TV while you sit on the bed and lift weights. Once you are done, massage the knee area to increase the blood circulation after you are done with your session.

Once your sitting-with-ankle weights session is over, try to stretch the cartilage that you put stress upon. Or you can try this before you fall asleep. Don’t fall asleep with the weights though, as it is too ambitious and may hinder with your sleep. At least 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary for activating the human growth hormone. Don’t jump off to higher weights right at the onset, start with lighter weights at the beginning and then move to higher weights.

If you feel any numbness affecting your legs, stop right then and avoid any injury. Maybe the ankle weights you are using are not right for you. Remember, patience is the key, height increase is not an overnight process.

Kick with ankle weight

Start with strapping the ankle weight on the lower thigh. Start with 5 lbs. ankle weights on each leg and then gradually move up the load, strengthening your legs. Remember, you must kick towards the earth’s gravity. Keep kicking with your leg at a moderate pace, start with 10 minutes and then gradually build the same to make your knees stronger. Try and kick towards earth’s gravity. This exercise makes the tibia and fibula longer, increasing the tensile decompression around the knee area.

Stretch Down with Ankle Weights

This exercise elongates your lower body at any age, even after you have reached a certain age. The idea of this exercise is to stretch the lower body as you increase the cartilage between your knees. Continuous stretching will help elongate the cartilage and also increase the mass, this will ensure that you have a longer lower body.

Plonk yourself on a high chair and attach a weight fastener to your ankle. As the norm goes, let your body get used to the smaller weights first and then move on to the higher weights. Now, move your legs to stretch with the additional pressure of the weights. Once, you are done, get rid of the weights and relax your legs as you kick 5-10 times gently, and then pick up the pace and go for 5-10 times vigorously. The purpose of this exercise is to flex and stretch your cartilage to help increase the length.

Workout 3 times a week for best results.

Ankle Weight Training while Running

Ankle Weight Training while Running

Running with ankle weights creates bone micro-fractures. Incorporate 30 minutes of high impact running on a solid concrete or asphalt. This exercise extends the micro-fractures and puts tension on your legs.

Please note: Exercises with ankle weights should be done under the supervision of trained professionals, to avoid major injuries. The weight of ankle weights to be used for exercising will be decided considering the health of an individual.

What Factors Impact Your Height Gain? – How to Grow Height Faster

You know that ankle weights can help in your journey of increasing height, but you know this very well that incorporating ankle weights only is not the answer. There are various growth factors that together make it work and may even add inches in your adult years. Know all the factors that can help give an impetus to your height growth.

Your genes play a significant role, there is no running away from this basic fact. However, you can tweak your genes if you follow certain methods to ensure you reach a certain height. It is important you set realistic goals for yourself. High expectations so often give way to disappointment. A positive approach often gives greater results. Stay diligent, persevere and combine proper nutrition, the right physical activity, ideal sleep patterns, and ankle weights to get closer to your height goals.

Our HGH hormone or the Human Growth Hormone secreted by the pituitary gland impacts your height in a big way. This hormone plays a role in the composing your bones and muscles and all in all, your entire body composition. The growth spurt owing to the HGH hormones happens at the onset of puberty when you hit your teens and it continues to stay effective for five to six years. So, this is the right time for growth.

Incorporating the right lifestyle tips goes a long way in increasing or influencing your height. They will enhance the human growth hormone and hence your height.

Best Lifestyle Tips to Increase Height

Food, yoga, and exercises are major contributing factors to building a good height. Besides, tapping on to the ankle weights benefits, there are general healthy lifestyle habits that make height gain a distinct possibility, ensure that you are relentless in your pursuit of achieving the right height.


  1. Soak in some vitamin D

If a few random beach holidays are the only time you are exposing yourself to the sun, then you are doing it all wrong. You have to get up and venture out of the comforts of your home to soak in the sun. Go for a walk or a jog in the sun, every morning, even 15-20 minutes is more than enough. Get your running shoes and head out to have fun in the sun. Sunlight boosts your vitamin D levels and gives a boost to the calcium absorption.

  1. Eat a balanced wholesome diet with vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for your height growth, so find sources that will cater to your health requirement. There are food sources such as cheese, milk, eggs, and fish. These natural foods will help you gain height even if you have reached 18.

 a good posture

  1. Reward your spine with a good posture

Walk tall and straight and you will add height to your frame and personality. A good posture promises dividends in the long run. So, maintain one, while you are sitting or standing. Don’t slump your shoulders, rather relax them. A slouching posture mars your personality and makes you look short and unimpressive.


  1. Get a good night’s sleep every day

We have discussed this point before and we are harping on it again, just to drive home the point that a good night’s sleep has innumerable benefits including warding off diseases, fat loss and not to forget, increasing your height. Just sleep for 8 hours a day as it is one of the best ways to increase height.

  1. No growth inhibitors, please

The two growth-inhibitors are alcohol and smoking, and they can slow down your height gain process, especially when you have just ventured into adulthood. Alcohol and smoking harm your body in more ways than one. It affects your liver and increases the toxicity of carbon monoxide in your bloodstream. This has a growth-stunting effect on your height.

How to grow in height? Well, we have listed out the points that will ensure that your height growth gets a major fillip. Don’t forget to add ankle weights to your workouts, eat right and lead a healthy life. This will have a great effect on your height. Remember, professional athletes had great success with ankle weights, you can have too if you are willing to give it a try.

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