How to Burn out Your Calories in 3 Simple Steps

| Author: Manoja Kalakanti

Now-a-days most of us are busy with our hectic work schedules and responsibilities and loads of stress. Due to which we hardly have few hours time to spend with our families. With this kind of lifestyle, we are not taking proper care of our health and in fact neglecting it. Due to less physical movements or exercises, its been very difficult to burn out your calories. All time we spend in front of our computers, have our meals at odd timings, consuming lot of junk foods will lead to gain more weight and suffer from various health hazards. People want to rush to gyms and skip their meals in order to see fast results. We should accept the fact that we cannot lose the weight overnight.

In order to be fit and healthy, you should adopt a healthy lifestyle. Out of this busy life, you must spend some time for yourself and take the initial step to plan your day. Take small steps to give some time for physical activities or workouts. Maintain a balanced diet chart and try to include nutritious and protein rich food to it.

3 Step Plan to Burn out Your Calories:

Calories are the units of energy, which is present in each and every food that we consume. They give us energy to perform our activities throughout the day. Every human body requires an optimal amount of calories through the day which varies from person to person. If these calories are consumed in more quantities, then it becomes difficult for our body to store it and hence stores them as fat. Here are 3 simple steps to burn out your calories.

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Step 1: Monitor Your Daily Activities

In order to implement any kind of fitness plans, first closely watch out yourself throughout the day. Always make a note of your physical activities like office work, household work or any other kind of activity. Also make a note of what you eat, how much you eat and when you eat. This will help you know about yourself much better like, how little are you moving and how much food you are consuming and how properly you are timing your breakfast, lunch and dinner. In other words, it will help you to discover the small changes you have to make in your daily schedule. This simple step will give you huge benefits and hope for a better life.

Step 2: Start To Move More

physical activity

After learning about your daily activities and eating habits, aim to indulge in more activities and try to eat small meals instead of one big meal. Aim to increase your movements at least two times for the coming four weeks. The result will be displayed on your weighing scale.

Try to find some creative and exciting activities which you can implement in your daily schedule. Always challenge yourself and choose activities which you like and in which you will have fun. Involve your hobbies (like dancing, skipping, swimming etc.) in your daily schedule.

Step 3: Fight Fat with Food

This process mainly focuses on how to make healthier choices throughout the day. It helps you to maintain a proper mealtime, which include 1,300 to 1,500 calories per day in your diet. Pack your diet with fruits, vegetables, proteins, fibre rich food. Always make sure to avoid canned and other junk foods. Replace these junk foods with healthy foods. Start off your day with lime water and have oatmeal in your breakfast.

Most of us drink loads of beverages and we ignore the soft drinks impact on health. Try to replace colas with healthy fruit juices. Include foods which contain loads of nutrients, vitamins and essential minerals required for human body. Make some salads and spice it up with some herbs and spices. There are amazing benefits of herbs and spices; they improve your immune system and metabolism.

These are the 3 simple steps which help you to burn out your calories. By implementing this plan, you will know the number of calories you are consuming per day and hence even if you consume more calories, you can burn them out by improving your physical activities.

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