Simple Stress Buster Exercises – Relax Your Whole Body Instantly

| Author: Manoja Kalakanti

Tired after a long day’s work? No problem! We have enough Simple stress buster exercises to take your pressure down. Here are some of the fast relaxation techniques that can regenerate research proposal on whistleblowing your energy back. Now its not any weekend that you spend with your family, it would be everyday giving for best to your parents, wife, children and most importantly for yourself. You will get enough peace and happiness after spending little time with your family. Get ready to relax in less than five minutes and with just minimal effort.

Simple Stress Buster Exercises:

While performing these simple stress buster exercises, take a good seating position, where you can sit comfortably by putting your legs down touching the floor.

Exercise 1: Effective on Arms, Neck, Ab

  • Take your right palm, place it on the left knee.Nod head up & down for 10 times.
  • Now do the same by placing the other palm on your right knee.
  • Then combine both, i.e. put both palms on opposite knees repeat the buy an essay nods

Use: This exercise helps in compact stretching of arms and neck area in forward direction

Exercise 2: Effective on Arms, Neck, BackSimple Stress Buster Exercises

  • Fold your hands back (similar to folding them normally) and hold them together.
  • Turn the head to right and nod up and down for 5 times.
  • Repeat it on to the left.

Use: This exercise helps in compact stretching of arms and neck area in backward direction

Simple stress buster exercisesExercise 3: Effective on Abs

  • Hold your hands together, by interlocking the fingers.
  • Rest them at the back of your neck with your Chin down
  • Roll your head in clock wise direction for 5 times
  • Repeat the same in the anticlockwise direction

Use: This relaxes the whole abdomen muscles.

Exercise 4: Effective on Stomach and Thigh

  • Cross your right leg over the left leg and place left elbow on to the right knee with right hand on the left hip.
  • Turn your abdomen to the back side, from right
  • Now spy cell phone cross the left leg over the right
  • Place the right elbow on the left knee with left hand on the right hip
  • Try to turn your abdomen to the back side from the left direction

Use: This frees your stomach and thigh muscles

Exercise 5: Effective on Hands and Wrists

    • Take your hands to the shoulder level, with palms facing up
    • Turn them to face down
    • Now stretch as far as possible, concentrating on your nails
    • With the help of one hand hold the wrist of the other
    • Move the wrist up and down for 5 times
    • Repeat by holding other wrist

Use: This frees your hands and wrists

Exercises 6: Effective on Legs

  • Sit on a chair with your back straight
  • Lift your right leg above the knee level and hold for a breath and put it down gently
  • Repeat it with the left leg
  • Do this as a cycle for 10 times.

Use: This relaxes your legs and makes them as free as after a walk

Exercise 7: Effective on Nerves and eyes

  • Now rub your hands spy any cell phone free download together and twist and turn them in the possible direction.
  • Rub them till they get warm and place them on your eyes, closing them.

Use: This relaxes nerves and eyes

Note: Please be gentle with the course. Avoid rushing through the procedures while performing these simple stress buster exercises. These simple stress buster exercises are helpful for people who work continuously by sitting on a chair for more than 6 hours in a day.

These hardly take five minutes and are real time stress busters. These can be done in break times, bus stops, while waiting for cabs or just after your work (in the work chair itself). Making them a regular habit before and after work hours, will keep us hale and healthy.

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