How to Protect Your Hair From The Summer Sun – 5 Easy Ways

| Author: Manoja Kalakanti

Summer is the best time to enjoy vacations as many of us get enough holidays to stay away from burning sun. Also it is the best time to enjoy mangoes and other seasonal fruits. On the other hand, summer is also considered to be a threatening call for our beauty, as the sun rays can damage our skin and hair badly. During summer, the oil glands of our scalp gets stimulated, and makes our hair oily or frizzy which in turn makes our hair look dull and lifeless. A beautiful and shiny hair will always be a plus point to our overall appearance, depending on your hair style and health.

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Having thin, brittle, split ends, frizzy and oily hair is always a nightmare for many women out there.In order to avoid these problems, we need to follow few simple steps like eating a balanced diet, consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water, working out regularly and maintaining a proper sleep cycle.

Protect Your Hair From The Summer Sun

We generally take a lot of care towards our skin in summer by applying creams and facials. But most of us neglect our hair to take proper care in summer, which results in hair fall and other scalp problems. Check out these below important steps to protect your hair from the summer sun this season.


Keep Yourself Hydrated

We often get tired and dehydrated during summer season, which is one of the main reason for our hair dullness. So in order to keep our body healthy, we need to drink plenty of water and keep our body hydrated. Make sure to drink atleast 7-8 glasses of water per day and also try to consume buttermilk, coconut water and lemon water during our regular work outs. These fluids will get your body instant energy and keep us away from dehydration. Include fruits and vegetables which have lot of water content such as watermelon, muskmelon, tomatoes, cucumbers etc to our regular and healthy diet.

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Mild and Gentle Shampoo

Summer is a time where we suffer from excess sweat, bacteria which might result to dandruff too. This not only makes our hair to look dull, but also leads to a stinky and itchy scalp. So make sure to wash out your hair more than what you usually do. Always make sure to use a mild and gentle shampoo, which will cleanse our scalp as well as retain the moisture of our hair.

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Use Conditioner with Sunscreen

As we all know our hair can tend to become frizzier, rough and dry during summer, we should make sure to use a good conditioner on our hair. Conditioner gives our hair proper body, texture and strength, which keeps our hair shining and healthy. In summer we usually spend our time on vacations, swimming pools, and etc. So always make sure to use a good conditioner to protect your hair from dust and roughness.

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Wear a Scarf

Always wear a scarf while you go out, as this protects your hair from the harmful effects of the sun. Try not wearing the scarf too tight, as this will restrict the blood circulation in our scalp. Prefer a cotton scarf instead of any other materials like silk, so that our hair won’t get stuck to your scarf.

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Avoid Hair Styling Tools

In order to make our hair beautiful, we prefer using rollers, blowers and irons on our hair. Avoid these tools on your hair, as they make our hair more rough and frizzy. Also try to limit hair coloring, bleaching and other usage of chemicals on the hair, as these can damage our hair during summer.

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These are the top 5 ways to protect your hair during this summer. Make sure you follow these steps regularly, and prefer only natural products for your hair. Do not forget to perform your regular workouts during this season, as fitness is equally important like our beauty and charm.

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