Essential Guide for Women to Lose Weight Fast with Lifestyle Changes

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Are you someone who starts on a new diet every six months and gives it all up frustrated, vowing to yourself, “I will never diet ever!”? It happens because fad diets never work.

How do you lose weight fast at home? That’s one difficult question to answer! You have probably tried every trick in the book to lose the extra flab, sometimes you do manage to drop the pounds but it all comes back with a vengeance! “What can I do to lose the weight and look svelte and slim again?” is the question you probably ask yourself. Because you do not lose weight, what you get is dry, blotchy skin, limp hair, and a tired body.


All you really need to do is slash the calories, boost the nutrition quotient and build a healthy foundation to lose weight and keep the pounds away. And you do not need to starve, have insane amounts of not very delicious smoothies and sacrifice all your favorite foods to stay on the right side of the scale.

Is it harder for Women to Lose Weight?

Now, this is something women may find it a little difficult to accept, but women may find it a little more difficult to lose weight than men. There are some reasons which make it that much harder for women to fight the flab than it is for men. Find out why!

  • Men have more muscle mass- Men have more muscles, and muscles burn more calories which is the reason why men have it easier to knock off the extra kilos.
  • The basal metabolic rate of men is higher- So just by standing up or sitting down, men can burn more calories than women!
  • Women are emotional eaters- Women find it difficult to disassociate themselves from food. If they are sad. they would seek solace in Men, on the other hand, are not emotional eaters.


Tips and Tricks to Lose the Extra Flab Quickly

Now that you know that you exactly might not find it easy to drop the extra weight, arm yourself with these lifestyle tweaks, it isn’t rocket science and pretty doable if you put your heart and soul into it. Keep yourself motivated as a little motivation can go a long way in achieving impossible feats. Well, weight loss is no less than a feat.

Move more

Yes, we know you do not fail to sweat it out early in the morning every day. But the question is what do you do for the rest of your day? Okay, we know the answer; you are hard at work in your office, or even at home.

But do you sit it out for the rest of the day once you are done with your chores? Or if you are working, you don’t get much time to get up and walk around, right? That’s where you are going wrong!

Get up and start walking. Do you know for every one hour you have to walk for at least ten minutes? Go ahead, try this out. If you can pick a fitness tracker, aim to hit at least 10 thousand steps a day. You do not have to walk all ten thousand at one go, distribute your activity levels throughout the day and find out when you managed to be your most active and when you went into a slump! See, you will find it really hard to be lazy now.

It worked for me! When I had hit a plateau, I was wondering what was going wrong and a fitness tracker solved the riddle for me. Get yours now!

Eat every three hours

You still cannot keep long hours without eating, to keep your metabolism at its peak. So, can frequent sessions with your plate and bowl give you a svelte body? Well, it certainly seems so! At least six meals should be the go to rule.


Also, even if you eat those six meals, try and focus more on meal – prepping. Yes, the license to eat more means only upping your frequency levels, not your quantity. So, think and prepare what you are going to eat for breakfast and then what are you going to eat for your next meal, plan your meals efficiently.

It helps if you prepare your meals before, otherwise your hunger pangs may set you off looking for food which isn’t even remotely healthy! Biscuits, cookies, chocolates are the vices which you must keep a safe distance from, which brings us to our next point.

Keep all unhealthy foods away from you

Make your home a healthy-eating haven, it may sound boring, but the fact is it is what helps stop you from piling on the extra kilos.

Junk the junk! That should be your mantra. Snack on healthy foods; they aren’t too bad! In fact, sometimes they are just plain delicious, like nuts, seeds and fruits. I for one love the banana with peanut butter combo or the apple with almond butter combo.

It is a delicious way to keep your mind away from the unhealthy food stuff. Yes, it is time you brought your never-ending love affair with anything full of trans fats, corn syrup and excessive refined stuff to a final stop. Trust me, you will never regret this decision of yours.

Amp your morning routine

Change your boring exercise routine! Do you go for a walk every day? But is that all you do for exercise?


You have to start changing your exercise routine, the trick is to shock your body a little, include weight-training, or zumba or yoga, anything to keep you interested and focused and your body guessing. The fat loss, and eventually the weight loss will follow.

Eat the fat to lose fat

I always wondered how my grandmother managed to remain slim and toned even after eating all the dal, rice and ghee! Whenever I asked her, she would give me a toothy grin and answer, “I ate the food I cooked at home and never had your pizzas and burgers.”

I knew it was true, I did crib a lot about not eating rice and ghee, except that these are the very foods we should bring back on our plates. Ghee helps to reduce cholesterol; in fact, the good fats like ghee and cold pressed coconut oil are powerful foods to lose the weight and gain health. Not to forget the nuts and seeds too, or the egg yolk!

The much-maligned foods like ghee and egg yolk, are back in favor. They are not only great for weight loss, but also for your health, as they are full of good fats and essential vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, we have just ignored what has been staring at our faces all along.

Drink lots of water

Drinking 10-12 glasses of water is very important. It keeps you hydrated, helps drop the extra kilos and quietens your hunger hormones.


Begin your day with lemon water, getting up to lemon water rejuvenates you and gives a kick start to your sluggish digestive system. Remember to sip your water and not gulp it down to get maximum benefits.

Sleep more

You might exercise for hours, eat healthy for the most part of the month, but if you do not sleep for at least 8-9 hours a day, you won’t be able to make your weight budge.

Also, science has substantiated that you need to sleep in a darkened room to ensure optimum sleep, and if you do put in the required hours of sleep, you will have greater chances of losing weight and skittling your waistline. So switch off you TV or gadgets an hour before you hit the snooze button. You will be in a calmer state of mind to zoom off to La La Land!

Keep a journal

Are you an emotional eater? Don’t worry, most women are, and I am guilty of that label too. If I feel my day is not going the way it should have been, then I will immediately turn to foods, which otherwise I would have turned my nose at!


Since I had this huge fight with a colleague or got reprimanded at my office for turning up late, I might capitulate to that sugar craving at 4 o’clock! Maintain a journal. That, believe me, is the best way to lose weight fast!

So even if you have a piece of chocolate or that chocolate chip cookie, you will write it down and feel responsible enough for your actions, so as not to repeat it the next day. Give it a shot; you will be surprised at the sneaky calories that creep in without you giving it much importance!

Eliminate the white stuff and the empty calories

When you are trying to lose weight, the first thing to emphasize upon is providing the right nutrition to the body. It is not only about getting rid of the foods which are bad for our health but also adding the foods which can nourish our body.

So, the white bread, the pasta, cookies, and the fizzy drinks must be eliminated for good. You will be surprised at how much better you are going to feel.

Soak in some vitamin D

Getting out early, catching some morning sun can help you keep the kilos away for good. The morning sun helps synchronize your metabolism to help burn fat more effectively.

Eat and savor each morsel

It is important you chew your food properly. Chewing your food will help you to digest it Previously, people used to sit down for a meal together, but now the TV gives you company during your meal times.


Tell me, do you need to get distracted when you eat your food? In fact, that is one thing you must keep yourself away from. Chew your food at least 25 times. Since it takes 20 minutes for your brain to register that you are full, eat slowly and enjoy your meals!

Supplement Right

Losing Weight fast for women may not be very easy, as sometimes there might be a health issue or hormonal imbalance which may work as road blocks to your weight loss journey.

Find the underlying cause like a vitamin and mineral deficiency like vitamin D or calcium deficiency. You might also need to load up on your Omega -3 fatty acids to put things in order regarding your health and weight loss strategies. Of course, do not self-medicate, consult your doctor and find out the real reason behind your weight loss plateau.

Keep a cheat day

Are you feeling all woebegone, that you have to sacrifice all your favorite foods so that you are able to make peace with your weighing machine?

Do not sweat; you can keep a cheat day when you can indulge in your favorite foods. You are less likely to cheat when you know that you can have that chocolate cake or pizza on a Sunday or Saturday.

Eat your dinner early

There are people who eat their dinner and immediately go back to sleep within an hour or two. Give your digestive system the time to digest the food, so ideally you should close your kitchen a good 3-4 hours before it is pillow.


Try interval training, the “it” workout

For losing weight, try this fast workout, interval training. So, what is so great about this workout? HIIT workouts have been shown to burn an insane number of calories compared to traditional workouts in lesser time.

Also, the afterburn you experience even when the workout is over is what makes it tick. It helps you lose weight, build lean mass and shrink your belly. Forget diamonds, it’s HIIT which is every woman’s BFF! It’s mine for sure!

The caffeine kick

Do not forget to rediscover healthy beverages. Sip on your green tea; spice your drink with ginger or black pepper powder! Enjoy the drink and also burn fat more efficiently. Drink several cups a day to reap more benefits.

Don’t forget black coffee an hour before your workouts to burn more fat. Add grass fed butter or a tablespoon of coconut oil and a sprinkling of cinnamon powder to let your body get into fat burning mode!


Divide your plate well

Control your portions; you already know the drift, don’t you? Visualize how much you are going to eat, then serve half of what you thought you would have.

The protein, fiber, carb content should be in balanced proportions. Fill your plate with veggies and first, next you should have your protein fill, then finally your carbs. This way there would be fewer chances of your overeating.


Make sure you eat right most of the time; well, at least 75% of the time and for the rest of the 25% you are allowed to cheat. As they say, you have got to earn your cup of ice-cream! These strategies aren’t too difficult to follow, a little bit of resolve and you will be on your way to reaching your goal weight.

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