How to Get a Perfect Body in 28 days – Workout Routines

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A perfect body may seem out of the box when you hardly know how to get there. But many have reached their goal weight in just 28 days. Can you believe it? 28 days of hard work and your there! With some dedication and interest you can sculpt your body to perfection. To get that perfect summer body, you need to stay focused with this 28 days workout plan. Whether you want to lose 10 kilo grams or just tone your body, this program is simply superb. Being a little cautious with what you eat also plays a very important role.

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Most of success stories come from the consumption of 1500 calories to 1800 calories per day. By choosing clean vegetables, refined flours and sugars will help you reach your goal in this period. So look into this 28 days workout plan to help you with weight reduction.

First Week: Days 1 to 7

On the first week of your reduction program, you have to be focused on cardiovascular activity. Any workout that will keep your heart going will do – run, cycle, practice zumba or karate anything is fine. This is also seen as the most safest and amazing exercise.


  • You mentally feel like you’re working out and beginning your plan from here is just perfect! Six sets of 45 minute high intensity cardiovascular workouts for the first seven days is what you need to focus on.
  • In addition to this, you need to surely go for a 30 minute walk every day, without fail.
  • To have a balanced exercise you can walk in the mornings and keep the high intensity workouts for the evening.
  • These exercises will burn calories and increase your metabolism while improving your cardiovascular health.
  • You need to watch what you eat and not exceed the calorie limit. You can buy a dress which is a size smaller than your normal size.
  • Also check your weight and note it down when you start your weight loss regime.

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Second Week: Days 8 to 14

Since you already began with a heavy workout regime, it is time to add some strength training into it. Continue with the 30 minute walks and add six workout sessions to your day.

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  • Only two of these planned workouts should be strictly cardio, the other four can be weight lifting or other type of exercises that will build your muscle strength.
  • Dumbbells are good to use and you can add them in your exercises. Some sample exercises you could try with dumbbells are dumbbell squats, dumbbell lunges.
  • These workouts will help you tone your body and eliminate fat cells. You can choose to do abs, squats and pull ups.
  • Better yet, make a judgment of your body. Which areas look flabby on the whole? Take this week to focus on those problematic areas.
  • Also drink lots of water and maintain a healthy diet. Cut down on junk food and try to avoid eating outside as much as possible.

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Third Week: Days 15 to 21

By this time your body will get used to the exercise pattern. You will have more strength to work out and your body will feel light. It is important to continue the same routine but by increasing the count and time of your exercises. Your cardio and strength exercises will create all the difference.

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  • This week will be focused mostly upon building muscle. Concentrate on weight lifting and toning the body.
  • You need to be really careful not to over eat. Make a note of everything that is going into your mouth so that you can keep a track of the calories.
  • Eat a few egg whites for breakfast which will boot your metabolism. Starting your day early will buy you more time to burn calories.
  • Drinking green tea every day will eliminate all the toxins and give you a fresher feel from the inside.

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Fourth Week: Days 22 to 28

In the last week of your workout you will start notice the change in your personality. You will feel more energized and active.

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  • You can start tailoring your exercise regime. Continue the 30 minute walks and at least three high intensity workouts.
  • Keep your muscles toned and sculpt your body with this routine.
  • Sticking to the calorie intake can be really difficult for some. Others may get used to eating healthy food and continue eating lots of fiber rich and protein filled food. This week is the most crucial time to stick to the planned regime.
  • You will witness a slimmer person on the outside and a much happier person on the inside.

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You will get into great shape after this 28 day workout. If you are happy with the results you can start maintaining yourself. If not, you can continue this regime for another two to three months, which will give you the ultimate results. If you follow the steps exactly the same way, you will surely regain your health. Try these simple steps and work your way through four fun filled, energetic weeks and meet a younger and healthier you. Remember that few days of hard work can reap you the best body for a life time. Stay motivated and do not lose heart till you complete these twenty eight days.

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