Top 10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Red Eyes Naturally

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Long hours at the computer or a long night, whatever may be the reason, you sometimes get red eyes or bloodshot eyes. This is a kind of eye problem that does not disappear even after rubbing your eyes or splashing cold water into your eyes.

So, are you fatigued? Or, is there something wrong with your eyes? There are many reasons for red eyes, and the condition progressively gets worse if you keep doing long hours at work. The reasons range from subconjunctival hemorrhage, more commonly known as broken blood vessels on the sclera, a stye or red bump on your eyelids, blepharitis or inflamed eyelids, asthma, eczema, and allergic rhinitis.

Blootshot eye remedies


You get red eyes mainly because your eyes are crying for help. On a more serious note, it is because your eyes find it difficult to combat dust particles, mold and so on. Eyes come in contact with allergens and release histamines which lead to swollen blood vessels or other forms of allergies.

There are other conditions too that define red eyes, such as dry eyes, a warm climate, computer vision syndrome or conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer, eye injury, glaucoma, smoking, corneal ulcer, hormonal changes during pregnancy, ocular herpes, uveitis, cold and flu, sleeplessness and swimming in water that contains too much of chlorine.

The red eye syndrome is accompanied by some more symptoms such as halos in the vision field, severe pain, blurry vision, and light sensitivity. So, we could quite gauge you may be in considerable pain and distress when you are suffering from bloodshot eyes. But worry not ‘cause we have just the right red eye treatment for you which can take away most of your pain and distress. We are talking about home remedies for instant relief! I am sure if you are reading this article, you would like to know about some of the home remedies that come with zero side-effects. That’s why we are so fond of natural remedies!

Red Eyes remedies

Red Eye Remedy – Effective Treatment Solutions

Imagine, early morning you get out of bed and steal a glance at the nearby mirror and what do you see? Bloodshot eyes! Let’s get this straight, it isn’t a pretty sight! The next thing that strikes you like a ton of bricks, how in the wide world are you going to face people at the office, and then it hits you harder still, what happened to your eyes? Well, I know that very well, you have already started splashing water into your eyes. Lots and lots of it! But your eyes simply refuse to turn to normal! Before you try self-medication and reach out to over the counter eye drops, try something easier, a red-eye remedy as easy as a cold compress. If that does not work too, we have nine others to fix your eye problem. Stay put, because we are going to reveal all in this article. Check out the ten remedies here.

  1. Cold Compress
  2. Rose Water
  3. Chamomile Tea
  4. Aloe Vera gel
  5. Honey and milk
  6. Organic castor oil
  7. Apple cider vinegar
  8. Coconut oil
  9. Tea bag
  10. Tea tree oil

Cold Compress for red eyes

  1. Cold Compress

This seems like bliss, especially when your eyes feel like they are on fire. Try it for super fast relief! Cold compresses also help constrict the blood vessels thus helping reduce the redness of the eye.

What you will need

An ice pack

Method of application

Apply the ice pack directly on your eye.

Hold the compress for a minute and remove it.

Don’t stop keep doing this for at least 2 to 3 times every five minutes. Repeat this procedure at least twice a day.

Rose water for red eyes

  1. Rose Water

My favorite beauty hack is rose water, it pretty much solves every beauty problem and soothes and relaxes your eyes. It particularly has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the irritation and inflammation in your eyes.

What you will need

Rosewater (as per requirement)

Cotton pads

Method of application

Saturate two cotton pads into rose water. Now, place them on your eyes. Leave the eye pads for 15 minutes. Repeat this procedure at least 1 -2 times a day.

  1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea not only helps induce sound sleep but is extremely useful in treating red eyes. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the inflammation that causes swelling in your eyes.

What You Will Need

1 cup of water

Cotton pads

1 teaspoon of chamomile tea

Method of application

Brew the chamomile tea in a cup of hot water.

Steep the solution for a few minutes and then strain the liquid.

Cool down the solution cools and then put it in the refrigerator for an hour.

Now, use the cotton pads, soak it in the solution and place them on your eyes.

Leave them on your eyes for 30 minutes, rest your eyes and then and then wash your eyes with the cool tea solution. Once or twice a day is enough to give you substantial relief.


  1. Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera is that wonder plant that is used in most home remedies, mainly because it has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that make an instant red-eye solution.

What you will need

Aloe Vera gel

Cotton pads


Method of application

Blend aloe Vera gel along with adequate water. Put the mixture in a refrigerator for an hour or so. Soak the cotton pads in the mixture and apply them on your eyes. Now let the cotton pads be there for another 20 minutes. Do this treatment protocol at least once a day.

  1. Honey and Milk

This sounds like a beauty concoction straight out of Cleopatra’s beauty book! But, this is actually a very potent cure for red eyes. The combination of milk and honey works like magic on your tired and stressed red eyes. It soothes as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

What You Will Need

1 tablespoon of milk

1 tablespoon of honey

Cotton pads

Method of application

Combine the required amount of warm milk and honey. Soak the cotton pads in this solution and put them on your eyes. Give them relief for 30 minutes and wash it with plenty of water. Try to do this at least once daily for best results.

Castor oil for red eyes

  1. Organic Castor Oil

Castor oil contains a compound called ricinoleic acid, it is anti-inflammatory in nature and helps lubricate your eyes reducing the symptoms of inflammation and swelling and the redness of the eyes considerably gets reduced.

What you will need

1-2 drops of cold-pressed virgin organic castor oil (be careful of the brand as you will put it in your eyes)

What you will need

Pour a drop each of the pure castor oil in each eye. Blink to clear your vision. You can try this at least once a day and continue to do this until you notice a difference in your eyes.

Apple cider vinegar for red eyed

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is that powerhouse of a kitchen ingredient that can do wonders for your health, and in this case, your eyes. The acetic acid compound in the vinegar is what works in healing your eyes and helps reduce the swelling and irritation. It contains acetic acid that has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and is regarded as one of the natural remedies for red eyes.

What You Will Need

1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

Cotton balls

1 cup of water

Method of Application

Combine the required amount of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water. Now, soak two cotton balls in this mixture and apply them over your eyes. Remove the cotton pads after 30 minutes. Repeat this treatment protocol at least once or twice a day.

Coconut oil for red eyes

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a treasure-trove of medium-chain fatty acids which soothe the eyes as it has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. Your eyes get a great deal of relief from this treatment.

What You Will Need

1-2 drops of cold-pressed virgin organic coconut oil

Method of Application

The process is simple, all you have to do is pour a drop of the coconut oil in the inner corners of your eyes. Blink to drain out the excess oil. Repeat this procedure at least twice a day and continue to do so until you get substantial relief.

Tea bag for red eyes

  1. Tea bag

It is the tannin content in tea bags that helps soothe red eyes. Tannins are anti-inflammatory in nature and help take care of your eyes.

What You Will Need

2 used tea bags

Method of application

Refrigerate two tea bags. Take them out after an hour or so and place them on your eyes. Keep them on your eyes for at least 20 minutes. It is a very relaxing technique to soothe your eyes and calm you down, so you can try this at least twice a day.

Tea Tree oil for red eyes


  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the more popular essential oils, boasting of a number of benefits. Of course, it has potent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that work great for your skin and helps resolve multiple skin issues. This oil helps get rid of bloodshot eyes as it treats the infection and the inflammation.

What You Will Need

4 cups of hot water

2 drops of tea tree essential oil

A big bowl

A large clean towel

Method of application

Take a large bowl and fill it with the required amount of hot water. Now, put two or three drops of the essential oil into the hot water. Now, draw your head closer to the bowl and cover yourself with the clean towel. This helps you to take in the steam. The steam emanating gets into your eyes and calms and soothes your eyes. Though taking steam may not be the easiest thing in the world, thanks to the piping hot water, continue to take it in for a little over than 10 minutes. Try to incorporate this procedure at least thrice daily for maximum benefits.

Tea Tree oil for red eyes

Red Eye Treatment – Some Quick Tips

Now, that you know all the natural remedies for bloodshot eyes, well at least most of them, start applying them to get quick relief from this condition. Follow the below-mentioned tips to get quick relief.

  • Try splash cold water as soon as you spot the condition.
  • Try to limit screen time as much as possible for the day, as you need to find out reasons for the condition, is it for spending too much time before your computer, or mobile or any gadget? See if you get relief by giving ample rest to your eyes.
  • Try and find out whether the symptoms get progressively worse throughout the day and if you don’t get relief despite following a few of the above home remedies.
  • Wait for a day or two, if it does not subside and the symptoms get worse, it is advisable that you show yourself to an eye-specialist who will diagnose your condition and suggest the required medicines or eye
  • Try and maintain a healthy diet including foods from each food group to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Make sure your diet contains ample amount of fruits and veggies, they are chock-a-block with nutrients galore; not to forget fish, eggs, lentils, meat, milk and so on. Vitamins such as vitamin A, E, C, B2 (Riboflavin), B6, and B12 take care of your eyes, So, add foods that contain these vitamins. Sometimes lack of trace minerals can also cause problems in eye-health.
  • Remove your eye makeup before going off to sleep, the chemicals in the eye makeup can cause irritation in your eyes.
  • If you wear contact lenses, take care to keep them clean with the solution provided with the lenses. Don’t wear contact lens for too long, if you wear them and something gets in your eyes, it may cause irritation; so, be very careful while you wear contact lenses.
  • Many of us have the habit of rubbing our eyes if a foreign substance gets in our eyes. Instead of rubbing it vigorously, gently use your ring finger to massage the eye area in a clockwise I repeat, you have to do this very gently to prevent any damage to your eye. Then splash cold water into your eyes, you will soon get relief.

So, take care of your eyes. Though there are many eye drops handed out like candies at chemist shops, our advice would be to get your eyes checked if the condition persists for too long. Keep a check on your eyes for two or three days and then you can go to a doctor. Take care!

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