Causes, Treatment and Remedies Of Abdominal Bloating

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Abdominal Bloating is a condition where you can feel a subtle discomfort in your belly in the form of bloating. It is a condition that can interfere with your social life/activities and is extremely common among adults and children.

How can Abdominal bloating happen?

You can feel bloated when gas/air enters your gastrointestinal tract, mostly after consuming heavy or oily food. Here, excessive gas starts building up in your digestive system, where undigested food begins to break down. It mostly happens when you swallow excessive air while eating or drinking.

What is Abdominal Bloating?

When you feel full and tight, and your belly feels swollen, you must be suffering from abdominal bloating. It primarily causes excess gas/air production, creating symptoms like pain, discomfort, and having a large belly.

What do you mean by Abdominal Bloating?

In some cases, bloating occurs due to the involvement of excessive amounts of solid, liquid, and gas in your digestive system, whereas, in other cases, bloating is all about an increased sensitivity, where you can feel an increased pressure in your abdomen. Research has shown that a significant percentage of people around the world are currently suffering from this issue of bloating. If you want to learn more about it, then you should refer to Bloating.

Symptoms of Bloating

Bloating is often not taken seriously until you go through an array of symptoms daily, that too for a prolonged time. Then, there comes a time when you will turn helpless and have to visit a doctor for consultation.

 Common Symptoms of Bloating

When you are suffering from bloating, you tend to show signs and symptoms such as :

  • Intense pain
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Burping
  • Bloodstained stools
  • Physical injury
  • Rapid swelling of the abdomen
  • Kidney or liver failure

You should be cautious about the fact that abdominal bloating can turn to be a severe issue of concern if neglected for days, and so it is advisable to take good care of it before it turns painful or swollen.

Medical And Natural Causes Of Bloating

Mainly bloating occurs when your gastrointestinal tract is filled with excess air/gas, which makes you feel full, tight, or swollen in the abdomen.

Causes of bloating

Thus, it becomes necessary to know or verify the causes behind bloating and why it interferes with our lifestyle or social activities. Some of the natural causes of bloating are :

  • Production of excess gas in the stomach due to intake of certain foods, a stomach infection, and chronic diseases. Like stomach ulcer or kidney failure.
  • Sudden indigestion or dyspepsia due to overeating, excess alcohol intake, a stomach infection, or some medications.
  • Stomach infections caused due to bacteria such as Escherichia coli or Helicobacter Pylori
  • Fluid retention or chronic bloating caused due to diabetes or kidney failure.
  • Food intolerance caused due to the consumption of certain foods.
  • Chronic disorders like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or inflammation
  • Gastroparesis caused when the stomach muscles stop working correctly.
  • Constipation caused due to dehydration, pregnancy, nutritional deficiency
  • Gynecological problems caused when the womb touches the ends of the stomach

There are other causes, like gallbladder stones or stomach cancer, which can cause bloating in you quite often. To get rid of this condition, it is essential to consider specific home remedies and treatments.

Preventive Measures Or Treatment of Bloating

Bloating can be easily treated at home if you are suffering from mild bloating symptoms. You can include simple and easy home remedies in your daily life, then you can get rid of abdominal bloating from the root.

Preventive measures of bloating

Some of the preventive measures of bloating are :

  • Stop overeating at a time
  • Take care of your food allergies and food intolerances
  • Disallow intake of too much air or gas
  • Avoid junk foods or high-fibre foods
  • Maintain a balanced diet
  • Reduce your intake of sugar or alcohol
  • Increase your intake of digestive enzyme supplements
  • Cure your constipation issues
  • Consume more probiotics

To have quick relief from bloating at your home, you can opt for some specific home treatments :

  • Drinking adequate water
  • Pressing heat pad on your stomach
  • Intake of antacids or salicylate (Pepto Bismol)
  • Consumption of carbonated water
  • Curing constipation
  • Intake of peppermint candies
  • Yoga and Exercise

In addition to this, a list of home remedies can be provided here which can cure bloating, such as :

  • Prebiotic or probiotic foods like yogurt, dark chocolates, bananas, and others
  • Diuretic foods like lemon, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumber, and others
  • Magnesium fused foods like spinach, almond, black beans, and others
  • High in potassium foods like avocado, sweet potato, pomegranate, and others
  • Anti-inflammatory foods like leafy vegetables, broccoli, pineapple, and others
  • Beverages like water, peppermint tea, green tea, and others

There are multiple ways and treatments available at home. You can cure bloating quickly before it gets too severe or painful for you to handle without medications or a doctor’s help.


Thus, it can be concluded that if you are able to find the reason for bloating, then you can get rapid relief from it, and this involves little or no medical treatments or doctor’s consultation.


1. What causes bloating in the stomach?

Bloating is an occurrence where your belly starts feeling swollen after eating, and this is caused due to excess gas/air production.

2. When should I be worried about bloating?

If the bloating symptoms get extended for a prolonged period, you should start worrying about it.

3. How can you get relief from bloating fast?

If you want to get fast relief from bloating, you must start practicing walking, yoga, and take a warm bath. These measures can help you get the best results.

4. How can I debloat my stomach?

To debloat your stomach, you have to go through a course of 3-5 days where you have to maintain specific measures like eating anti-inflammatory foods, taking probiotics, and other measures

5. Does adequate drinking water daily help to cure bloating?

It is advised that you should drink adequate water daily as it can help in reducing bloat.

6. Is constant bloating serious?

Excessive fluid retention can cause chronic bloating. It can give rise to certain diseases like diabetes and kidney failure, so you are expected to be extra cautious about that.

7. Why does my stomach look pregnant every time I bloat?

Endo’s belly occurs when you start bloating too much. It mostly happens when the lower abdomen starts swelling for days, which ends up making you look pregnant.

8. How can I get rid of Endo Belly?

You can efficiently get rid of Endo Belly by drinking more water and doing cardio, and also by walking. Self-care is the best way to treat Endo Belly, and minor changes in your diet can reduce your Endo Belly fast.

9. Can lemon water help me with bloating?

Lemon water is considered the best bloating remedy as lemon is a natural diuretic product that can treat bloating.

10. What should I eat more when I am bloating?

When you are bloating, you should eat more green vegetables and peppermint tea to soothe your belly and save it from bloating.

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