Top 10 Dessert Recipes for Nordic Diet to Control Sugar Cravings

You have an incorrigible sweet tooth and crave for all kinds of sweet things but a step on the scales and you are reminded of the fact that all things sweet and savory may be high in calories and not too weighing-machine friendly! Desserts should be best left out of your menu right? Not at […]

Smoked Mackerel with Sour Cream
Top 7 Healthy Nordic Diet Dinner Recipes to Lose Weight

Do you feel sluggish, stripped of energy and lethargic after a large dinner? Instead of putting you into a restful sleep all it really does is cause you a heartburn and make you feel terribly bloated. But given that the whole day you are tied to work, dinner is one time when you let your […]

Creamy Pearl Spelt with Brussell Sprout and Onion Relish
Lose Weight and Stay Healthy with the New Nordic Diet Plan

So you thought you have heard about every diet chart in the world! Well, think again! The Nordic Diet Plan is the recent entrant in the fitness world, following the footsteps of the very popular Mediterranean diet. The Nordic Diet is gaining in prominence with its unique approach of improving the blood lipid profile and […]

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