5 Dangerous Causes of Heart Attack – Be Aware from Heart Diseases

| Author: Manoja Kalakanti

Heart attack is one of the most dreadful stage in one’s life. Once if we are prone to it, then we may not be able to live peacefully. Heart, which is the vital organ in human body plays a very crucial role in leading our life from the day we are in our mother’s womb to our death. But once if this organ fails due to some blockage of valves or due to ageing effect, then we will get effected with Myocardial infraction (heart attack). Increase in cholesterol and triglyceride levels, are one of the main causes of heart attack. There are dangerous effects of triglycerides on health. There are 5 dangerous causes of heart attack. Therefore, it is always better to take necessary precautions of the factors which leads to heart attack.

5 Dangerous Causes of Heart Attack

5 Dangerous Causes of Heart Attack:

Some factors which are responsible for heart attack such as age, gender and genetic are not in our hands. But these days many people are getting heart attack in the age of 30’s. Such conditions can be avoided by taking proper precautions. In order to avoid it, we need to adopt a healthy life style. Eating healthy food, reducing stress levels and regular work outs will work as the pillars of heart attack. Walking is one the best way to keep your heart healthy, as there are healthy benefits with walking. Generally, the risk of heart diseases is more in men when compared to women. Such gender differences and even the genetic impact cannot be avoided. These three factors are called Non-modifiable risk factors. The persons who have these risk factors should take care accordingly to protect themselves from such type of heart diseases, by frequently undergoing health check ups.

5 Dangerous Causes of Heart Attack

Apart from these factors there are many risk factors which are caused due to our life style, food habits, pollution,etc. These factors can be subsided by taking proper care and taking some medicines if needed . There are 5 dangerous causes of heart attack, which shows adverse effects on our health leading to heart problems. They not only result in heart problem but also paralysis, cancer, so it is better to stay away from these. Most of us assume that, blockage in blood vessels is not such a big problem and it will only be problematic if the cells are blocked to 80-90% which is a root cause for heart attack, but this is not true. Even if the blockage is very minute depending on many conditions , the person may get stroke when the blood cells. This may occur mostly in those who smoke. Many diseases like obesity and diabetes also cause heart diseases. So, those who wants to avoid the risk of heart diseases need to perform regular work outs and maintain a balanced diet chart which includes all the foods for healthy heart.

How does smoking lead to heart attack?

Smoking and alcohol consumption are always a threat to our health. There are various health disasters with alcohol and smoking. Any tobacco product like cigarettes, blunts, little cigars, etc are very much harmful to our health. 3% among the heart patients have the habit of smoking. Tobacco consists of nicotine which has very harmful effects on our health. When we inhales the smoke of tobacco product, it passes through our lungs and gets mixed up with the blood vessels. This would effect the endothilium layer along the walls of blood vessels, this would result in accumulation of cholesterol at that area. Day-by-day this accumulated layer of cholesterol becomes denser, leading in blockage of blood stream. Such persons may have problem in breathing even after walking a short distance, and may have pain in their chest. Some may even get heart attack directly without any such signs. This problem is more in those who smoke, as the nicotine-cholesterol blockage breaks. This makes the blood to clot, leading to heart attack.

Due to smoking our blood cells will start contracting. Because of this, blood pressure increases to a greater extent.The good cholesterol present in our body reduces drastically, and the bad type increases . This is the main reason why persons who smoke get heart attack in the age of 30’s itself. But the best part is that, if one stops smoking gradually this blockage gets cleared. So, it is better to stop smoking. Many of them think that there will not be any harm due to costly and filtered cigarettes, but the fact is that any of the tobacco product have the same impact on our health.

How does High Blood Pressure lead to heart attack?

Generally the blood pressure increases to some extent with age, but this should not exceed 130/80 in diabetic and kidney patients, and in normal healthy persons it should not exceed 140/90. If the blood pressure increases these limits then it is said to be high blood pressure. If this condition arises it can be controlled by following proper diet, regular exercises, consuming less salt and proper medication.

5 Dangerous Causes of Heart Attack

In high blood pressure condition, the blood stream will be much faster than normal in the blood cells, this damages the walls of blood cells, this results in accumulation of cholesterol along the walls. And in such condition, there is need of pumping blood with much force than normal. Due to this heart walls become denser which is called left ventricular hypertrophy resulting in failure of effective pumping of blood. This results in heart attack, not only this but also nervous breakdown, paralysis, etc.

How does diabetes lead to heart attack?

In diabetic patients there are two types of blood cell problems, macro blood cells and micro blood cells . The heart problem is related to macro blood cells problem. Due to the presence of glucose in blood of diabetic patients, the endothilium layer is damaged. Even the cholesterol levels and blood pressure may be high in diabetic patients, all these factors form blockages in different parts of the blood vessels. Diabetic patients have a chance of contraction in width of blood vessels. Due to this even after the arrangement of stunts, and undergoing bypass surgeries the chances of recovery, and long lasting effect of these methods may not be possible.

5 Dangerous Causes of Heart Attack

Therefore, it can be clearly understood that it is better to keep in check the glucose levels all the time as all the treatment methods may not show equal effect on diabetic patients compared to others.

How does cholesterol lead to heart attack?

Cholesterol is one of the main reasons of heart attack. Cholesterol is a fatty acid, which is present in different forms like HDL, LDL, triglycerides, VLDL, etc. Among all these forms, HDL is a good type of cholesterol. If any of the other forms of cholesterol increases, then that would cause problem to our health. If any of the bad cholesterol levels increases in blood it may lead to heart attack. It is observed that, in the recent years the persons suffering with heart diseases is increasing day- by-day. This is because of adopting an unhealthy life style. For any person cholesterol should be less than 200, LDL should be less than 130, LDL should be less than 40 and triglycerides should be less than 150 mg/dl. If the levels of these exceeds this levels they can be controlled by following proper diet, about 20-30% of the levels can be reduced.

5 Dangerous Causes of Heart Attack

If you have the heart diseases already it is better to keep the levels of LDL levels should be less than 70mg/dl, and in case of diabetic patients it is better to have the levels less than 100mg/dl. Along with reducing the levels of LDL, HDL levels should also be kept in proper levels. This can be done by doing regular exercises, taking low fat food, including healthy and natural protein rich foods in our diet and intake of dry fruits like almonds,walnuts and even fish can helps us out.

The advantage of having HDL levels more is that it would help in movement of cholesterol back to liver which is accumulated in blood vessels, whereas the other types of cholesterol gets blocked everywhere and resulting in heart attack.

How does stress lead to heart attack?

Stress is playing a main role in everyone’s life. In fact, it has become as a part of our life. At some point of time in our lives, we might feel stressed up and our stress levels would increase. It might be either due to the health conditions or due to the hectic lifestyle and lot of work pressure. Whatever might be the reason, it is impossible to completely eradicate stress in our life. The only thing we can do is, keep our stress levels in control. As, the sudden stress would effect our hormones in blood, and this would lead to heart attack. Practise of meditation, yoga and few basic deep breathing exercises may help us to decrease stress in our life. Leading a happy life, by spending some time with loved ones, and completing all the tasks on time would keep us away from stress. If you are working in office for longer periods, then you can try few simple stress buster exercises, which relieves you from tension and reduces your stress levels.

These are the 5 dangerous causes of heart attack. There are also other factors like obesity, which would play an important role in heart problems. In order to maintain a healthy heart you must perform regular workouts and follow a balanced diet which includes healthy and nutritious foods. You can also include best healthy oatmeal recipes in your diet, as oatmeal is considered to be the best food for a healthy heart.

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