Does Obesity And Snoring is interconnected
Why Do Fat People Snore? Is Obesity And Snoring Interconnected with Health Compli...

Waking up at midnight to hear someone snoring loudly next to you isn’t ideal. Many snorers end up waking themselves up depending on how loud they are. Sometimes you try to sleep again, and other times you persuade them to switch to the quieter side. Severe snoring can disrupt your sleep and cause you to […]

How to avoid the risks of being overweight and obese?
Obesity and Overweight – 10 Risks and How to Prevent Them

A major contributory factor in the rise of obesity is the lifestyle change that has taken over our society in the latter part of the 20th century. There has been a steady rise in people becoming overweight and even suffering from obesity. These lifestyle changes have had a negative impact on our health and well […]

Ways to control weight gain and treat obesity
10 Most Effective Ways to Prevent Yourself From Being Overweight

This is an issue resulting from a drastic change in lifestyle in the 20th and especially the 21st century. The rise in overweight and obesity has even forced governments to tackle this issue. A cocktail of modern-day habits that involve a sedentary lifestyle and bad dietary patterns are to be blamed. The COVID-19 crisis further […]

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