Best foods to manage high blood pressure
Top 10 Foods to Control Hypertension

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a common condition that has seen a tremendous rise in recent years due to lifestyle changes that have swept the globe like a pandemic. The sedentary lifestyle, stress, dietary habits, and myriad other factors are responsible for the spike in high blood pressure cases. The primary reason why this […]

Ways to control weight gain and treat obesity
10 Most Effective Ways to Prevent Yourself From Being Overweight

This is an issue resulting from a drastic change in lifestyle in the 20th and especially the 21st century. The rise in overweight and obesity has even forced governments to tackle this issue. A cocktail of modern-day habits that involve a sedentary lifestyle and bad dietary patterns are to be blamed. The COVID-19 crisis further […]

Natural ways and diet plan to manage hypertension
7 Natural Remedies and Diet Plan to Control Hypertension

Tension is a term that all of us are well acquainted with in today’s world. Tension, stress, anxiety, call it what you want. But the results of dealing with this emotional state, in the long run, can often lead to the same not-so delightful outcomes. Although the central theme in the following article is not […]

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