Healthy Benefits with Walking – How to Control Your Body

| Author: Manoja Kalakanti

In early days, people used to do a lot of physical activities. They know the healthy benefits with walking and preferred traveling from one place to another by walk. That is the secret behind their healthy living. Soon things started changing and there was a drastic change in case of physical activities. In order to be fit and healthy, physical activities are a must. If you guys feel bored of going to gyms, you can include some kind of fun activities like sports, yoga, walking and few dance routines to keep you fit.

In our day-to-day life we use many vehicles like car, bike, train for traveling from one place to other. With all such facilities many of us are completely avoiding walking even for small distances. We even skip going to a shop by walk these days. Are you of this kind? Then surely you are losing many healthy benefits with walking. Walking is a low-impact form of cardiovascular exercise that involves the working of major muscles. After much research about the advantages of walking even doctors and scientists agree that, walking on a regular basis, keeps us fit and healthy.

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Healthy Benefits with Walking

Walking is one of the best and easy exercise, which helps you to stay fit and healthy. There are various healthy benefits with walking. It helps to reduce fat and also maintains your body.

Control of Heart diseases

Walking will lower the risk of heart disease. By walking daily the cholesterol content can be reduced drastically, which helps in effective pumping of blood by heart to different parts of your body. Walking will help us to be active. The tri-glyceride’s present in the blood are harmful for our health. Due to walking the amount of essential high density fats present in our blood will be increased, this keeps our heart healthy.

Control of Blood Pressure

People suffering with high blood pressure should choose walking as their regular workout, as it would help them to lower their blood pressure. Walking is very much helpful in losing weight which in turn helps in maintaining standard BP level. Due to walking, the blood cells which are in a damaged condition get stimulated, resulting in good flow of blood throughout the body. This will keep the blood pressure level in check.

Control of Diabetes

Walking is a boon to diabetic patients. Walking regularly will facilitate the effective usage of glucose content in the blood by our body parts. This in turn results in decrease of sugar level in the blood which is a must for diabetic patients. The insulin content which will be in a minute level in diabetic patient’s blood can be increased to the required level by walking daily. Therefore, intake of insulin in the form of injection or antibiotic tablets can be reduced slowly.

Control of Obesity

Most of the people who are suffering from obesity will opt for diet plan along with some exercises, which are said to be helpful in losing weight in a faster rate. But, all these methods may work only for a couple of days. Walking is said to be best exercise for effective weight loss, it may take some time to get the result ,but is very comfortable even for aged persons who cannot go for painful exercises at gym. Walking will be very much useful for those who have huge tummy, as it tightens the muscles at that part. We can observe that persons who walk regularly seems slim even though they won’t lose weight to a greater extent.

For Stronger Bones

Walking daily helps in increasing calcium content in your bones, by which the bones become stronger. The calcium content will be less in women at their middle age, due to which they face many problems like osteoporosis, knee joint pain, fracture of bones very easily. Therefore, waking is a good exercise for the persons who are at their middle age, to develop calcium levels in their bones along with intake of milk products regularly.

Types of walking

There are three types of walking:

  1. Leisure walk
  2. Fitness walk
  3. Power walk

Leisure walk

Leisure walk is done in a slow to moderate pace. It is said to be a good start up at the beginning of exercising daily, for a healthy and fit body. This type of walk should be very natural without any heavy body movements. The speed of our walk should be only 3 miles per hour which can yield in spending 60 to 80 calories.

Fitness walk

In this type of walk the speed should be more than Leisure walk, but it should be in such a way that we will be able to breathe properly without any problem. In this type of walk the speed should be 4 miles per hour. 80 to 100 calories can be shed due to this type of walking .

Power walk

This type of walk have some set of rules which can be known from any health club. This type of walk is very fast with heavy foot steps,where the speed is 5 to 8 miles per hour. About 120 calories can be shed due to this type of walking.

These are few healthy benefits with walking. Walking can help you to maintain your health. It is the best way to reduce body fat and maintain ideal weight. To get better and effective results perform brisk walking regularly for around 30 minutes. After performing a 30 minute brisk walk your body will be heated. Hence you can chill out by consuming drinks to regulate your body temperature. These drinks keep you cool and gives you instant energy.

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