Five years ago, The Fit Indian started off as a blog managed by a group of health aficionados that dedicatedly gave away helpful tidbits to those looking for guidance in their health and wellness journeys. Today we are one of the top 10 must-read blogs in the world and as GoDaddy says - one of the Top 3 Health Blogs In The World.

From the success of our blog, came the idea behind The Fit Indian App. We have a simple purpose, to provide affordable and easy-to-access health and fitness services to our subscribers. Starting from as less as Rs. 499, we have body constitution-specific workout and diet plans designed exclusively by our nutrition team, who has over 150 years of combined experience in the field of health and wellness.

Today, we are a digital health and wellness community consisting of over 20 certified nutritionists and over 30 techies and non-techies working together towards providing aid in the health journeys of millions of our subscribers.

Explore our app to find out your Health Score, which is our unique feature. Let us know your everyday calorie intake and expenditure, lifestyle habits like sleep patterns and water consumption, and we’ll calculate your health score for you and provide a health plan accordingly.

If there’s a lifestyle-related problem or a hormonal imbalance you are going through, that will be taken care of too! Our in-house customer support team consisting of dedicated nutritionists are available 12 hours a day (soon to be 24/7) via chat or telephone to give you expert health advice as and when require.

A healthy you is the best gift you can give yourself. Come join The Fit Indian community and be your healthiest self, now!

The execution of this app is solely managed by Pyrite Fitness Pvt. Ltd. Reach us at support@pyritefitness.com for any queries.