Health score

A hundred on hundred is always welcome in life, isn’t it? Why leave your health out? Check your health score right away!

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Diet and Workout Plans

For every health problem you have, we have a plan. Choose now from our personalized diet and workout plans.

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Track Your Health

Everything from your sleep hours to water, food, and alcohol consumption can now be tracked. Start tracking!

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Nutritionists Support

Our panel of nutritionists are here to acquaint you with your body’s needs. Ask them for their health and lifestyle-related expert opinion, now!

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nutritionists at work


The Fit Indian calculates your health score on the basis of your lifestyle activities, starting from the food you eat to the quality of your sleep, and your current health conditions. Utilize it to keep record of every activity that affects your health, and the calculated score will keep you accountable to make the necessary lifestyle changes.

health score


Has your lifestyle gone out of whack? Bring it back on track with The Fit Indian’s tailor-made diet and workout plans. Whether you want to lose, gain, or maintain your weight, we’ve got everything sorted out for you!

diet and workout plans

nutritionists at work

nutritionists at work


How do you know that these diet and workout plans are making the difference? Apart from the fact that you can indeed feel the difference, you can use our unique tracking feature to check your health score and keep track of it throughout your health journey.

track your health


When we say ‘sorted out’, we mean that our panel of expert nutritionists are relentlessly working towards helping you achieve your health goals. Customized diet plans approved by skilled nutritionists are here to kick-start your health journey right away!

nutritionists at work

nutritionists at work
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  • “I work for 8 hours a day and travel for 4 more hours. With that kind of lifestyle and work schedule, I thought I could never feel healthy again until I found The Fit Indian app. I love the fact that I don’t have to move out of my house to meet an expert who can guide me in regaining my health. ”

    Shruthi Shah

  • “There’s nothing worse than dealing with post-partum weight gain (the hormones and the mess plus, having to look after the little one). It drove me nuts, but thanks to this app, their diet and workout plans have brought me back to normalcy within no time. Such a relief! ”

    Poonam Jha

  • “I am a health enthusiast and a workout freak. While I was looking for just the right kind of guidance to give a sense of direction to my workout sessions, I landed on The Fit Indian app. I not only found an at-home workout regime that I am absolutely in love with but also found the exact diet plan for my needs. Looks like six-pack’s on the way! ”