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Top 8 Cardio Workouts for Fast Weight Loss at Home

In recent times, obesity has turned out to be an epidemic in developed and developing countries alike. Our unhealthy lifestyle with over-dependence on harmful processed and packed foods, and lack of physical activity is to blame.  It is high time to take care of our health and control

10 Best Vegetarian Bodybuilding Foods for Muscle Growth

Muscle building and vegetarian foods don’t go quite hand in hand because protein is the foundation of muscle building and some of the richest sources of protein are non-vegetarian such as lean beef, pork, turkey and fish. So, does that mean vegans and vegetarian don’t stand any

Top 10 Foods that Protect Cartilage and Prevent Arthritis

Arthritis is a common joint disorder that is caused due to inflammation of the joints. Although there are 100 different types of arthritis, the most common are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Pain associated with arthritis is mostly localized to the joint affected by arthritis and it can

10 Best Equipment Free Workouts to Lose Weight at Home

A lot of us don’t get the kind of day-to-day physical activity we actually need, and so we are physically “unfit.” “Physical activity” is described as any movement of the body that is mainly made by skeletal muscles – and requires sufficient energy to accomplish. “Physical fitness”

Top 7 Special Foot Care For Diabetes Patient

In recent times, diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus has become one of the largest harmful chronic diseases across the world. The main causes of diabetes are the modern day sedentary lifestyle, genetic susceptibility, overdependence on harmful processed and packed foods, obesity and lack of physical activity. The

10 Amazing Natural Juices for Improving Digestive Health

The temptation for spicy and fat-rich foods is hard to overcome and in most cases we end up indulging in these dishes and more so during the holidays and festive season. These foods not only take a toll on our inches, but also injure our digestive system

Top 7 Natural Home Remedies For Dark Underarms

Dark underarms are the most common beauty problem that many women face. Up to 7 out of 10 women are severely suffering from black underarms. Many fair skinned women too have dark underarms that make them self conscious of their appearance when raising their arms and wearing

Home Remedies To Control Frizzy Hair and Split Ends

Having smooth and silky hair is perhaps the dream of every woman. The hair is built up of three layers and thousands of cells. Dry hair occurs when the hair does not receive enough moisture. This reduces its shine and can make the hair look lifeless, frizzy

10 Amazing Natural Juices for Wrinkle Free Skin

Glowing and flawless skin has been the bench mark of beauty since time immemorial and getting truly beautiful and healthy skin in the long run is possible only when care is taken about what we eat. The recent hype over cosmetics, face pack and commercial anti-aging products

10 Best Office Exercises to Stay In Shape at Work

Throughout the history of human civilization, work has been a demanding physical activity that required energy for execution. Cavemen had to chase down and hunt their foods and farmers had to till the land, sow the seeds and reap the harvest to produce their food. All these