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Top 8 Calisthenics Exercises to Lose Weight at Home and Increase Flexibility

Advanced technology has made our lives much easier than what it was 10 years back and eased out most of the house hold chores whereas the computer centric work culture keeps us bound to our desk for almost 9 hours. These along with our unhealthy eating habits

Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Tofu- 5 Tasty Tofu Recipes

With the growing awareness about the negative effects of obesity and weight gain and the increasing interest in staying fit, this white soft cheese like product has come in to the limelight. But in reality it has a long history and originated in China almost 2000 years

Best North and South Indian 1200 Calorie Diet Plans for Weight Loss

We have already done an article on a generalized 1200 calorie diet plan and its benefits, but in reality a generalized diet plan is not enough as far as our country is concerned, with such varied cultures and customs and equally diverse food habits, one is always

Top 10 Benefits of Olive Oil Body Massage- 12 Best Tips For a Perfect Massage

The history of olive oil dates back to neolithic times and it was considered the greatest gift of God to mankind by ancient Greeks who used it as a medicine for treating various medical conditions. It was also used as an essential oil for treating various skin

Top 10 Health Benefits of Quinoa- 5 Easy To Make American Quinoa Recipes

When it comes to proteins, the foods that come to mind are meats, fish, eggs, dairy like milk, cheese and poultry, all of which are animal based. This is the reason that people are often skeptic about vegetarian diets such as the vegetarian GM diet and doubt whether

8 Pilates Mat Exercises to Tone the Abs, Thighs and Hips

Although strict diets and regular workouts might keep the weight under check but all of us crave that perfect body with chiseled abs and toned legs that we fail to achieve no matter how hard we toil in the gym. Well, regular exercise may help reduce weight

Top 10 Foods That Suppress Appetite and Helps Lose Weight

Every one of us has tried to restrict unhealthy snacking habits at some point of our lives but eventually given up to the powerful rebellion of our belly. All of us have tried out various types of weight loss diets and failed just because of mindless snacking.

Top 10 Foods to Reduce Belly Bloating- 10 Best Anti-bloating Tips

We have all been through that phase when one fine morning our favorite dress or the best pair of jeans suddenly feels too tight to zip. We are at loss for the reason, completely forgetful of the fact that last night’s over-salty dinner might just be the

10 Best Yoga Poses to Relieve PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome is an extremely common problem among women and almost 85% of women suffer from it. PMS is associated with a collection of emotional and physical symptoms that is experienced during the time of ovulation or Luteal phase of the Menstruation cycle. Although this

Top 10 Health Benefits of Ragi – 4 Best Ragi Recipes for Weight Loss

The recent trend of washboard abs and lean structure has led to people turning towards fat free diets, vegetables, cereal based meal plans and multi-grain recipes. But most of the packed, ready to eat cereals that are available in the market are loaded with glutens, sugar and