Best 10 Natural Skin Care Remedies for All Skin Types During Winter

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True beauty is associated with healthy and glowing skin. Various skin types include oily, normal, dry and sensitive. Many men and women have a combination of skin types in different parts of their skin. Winter weather affects the skin in various ways. Dry skin is a common result of seasonal weathering.


Chilly winter air lacks humidity and dries out natural oils in the skin. The skin also gradually loses its natural moisture during the winter. Bitter winter wind may lead to rough and cracked skin that can feel uncomfortable. These 10 natural skin care tips are the ultimate answer to the question of how to get a clear face in a week this winter.

Causes of Dry Skin

There are several causes of dry skin. Here we have jotted down a few common causes.

  • During the winter, the dry air leaves the skin parched.
  • Steamy showers can soothe the body, but can cause the skin to become dry because steamy showers can dry out the natural oils in the skin more rapidly.
  • Detergents and harsh soaps can make the skin dry.


  • Diabetes is the most common reason for dry skin.
  • Too much exposure to the sun can cause the skin to become dry.
  • If one is suffering from an illness and is on medications, one can feel the skin getting itchy and dry.
  • Diseases like Hypothyroidism can cause the skin to become dry.
  • With increasing age, the skin becomes thin and parched.

5 Homemade Winter Skin Care Remedies for Dry Skin

Dry skin requires special care in winter. Harsh winds, extreme temperature, winter sun, centrally-heated homes and workplaces are responsible for many skin problems during winter.

1. Milk Cream

Natural clear face tips must include milk cream, which is also one of the best homemade remedies for dry skin. The presence of lactic acid in milk immensely helps improve skin health. Lactic acid exfoliates the dry, dead surface of the skin and also increases the production of collagen. Milk is a great source of Caprylic Acid, which helps maintain the proper pH balance of our skin. Milk cream is also an amazing moisturizer immensely needed for dry skin care.



  • Lemon Juice- 1 teaspoon
  • Milk- 2 teaspoons
  • Milk cream- 2 teaspoons

Method: Add one teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of milk to 2 teaspoons of milk cream. Gently apply the paste on the face, hands and legs. Leave it for 15 minutes and there after wash it off with lukewarm water. Use this remedy once daily until you reach the desired results.

2. Honey

Honey is one of the most effective natural skin remedies It is a natural moisturizer, loaded with antimicrobial, humectant and antioxidant properties. The application of honey on chapped lips is an age-old home remedy for dry lips. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it should be looked after very affectionately. The presence of antioxidants in honey helps protect the skin by controlling the production of free radicals, which is the main reason for damage or death of the cell.



  • Honey-2 tea spoons
  • Olive oil- 1 teaspoon

Method: Mix two teaspoons of honey and one tea spoon of olive oil. Before taking a bath, gently apply the pack all over the body. Leave it for 10 minutes and thereafter wash it off with cold water. Use this remedy once daily to enjoy smooth, well-moisturized skin.

3. Olive Oil

The benefits of olive oil for body, skin and hair need no new emphasis. The all-round skin care routine for dry skin is incomplete without olive oil. Olive oil is rich in four major antioxidants, which allows it to act as a moisturizer, cleanser and protector of the skin. The presence of Vitamin E and Vitamin A in olive oil helps neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals which damages collagen, causing wrinkles, fine lines, and skin dryness.


Vitamin E reduces the chain reaction of free radicals. Vitamin A thickens and stimulates the Dermis as well as reduces wrinkles and enhances blood flow to the surface of the skin.


  • Olive oil- 1 tea spoon
  • Brown sugar- 1 tea spoon

Method: Add one tea spoon of olive oil to one tea spoon of brown sugar. Rub the paste on dry skin. Leave it for 20 minutes and thereafter rinse off with cold water. Do this once daily until you reach the desired results.

4. Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the most nourishing natural skin care remedies for dry skin during winter. Castor oil reduces stretch marks, sun burn, acne and dry skin. It also helps evade infections like athlete’s foot and chronic itching. Castor oil can also cure ring worm effectively, a common skin problem across all age groups. Finally, castor oil enhances the production of collagen and elastin.


Elastin is described as a protein in connective tissue, which helps many tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching. It also helps the skin to return to its original position when it is stretched. Gently apply a thick layer of castor oil throughout the body before taking a bath. Leave it for 15 minutes and thereafter rinse it off with lukewarm water.

5. Coconut Oil

The best winter skin care home remedies must include coconut oil. It is a great source of saturated fats, proteins, caprylic acid, and Vitamin E. Coconut oil is good for several skin disorders like psoriasis, acne and eczema. Coconut oil is one of the most effective natural skin whiteners, it improves the skin tone and its exfoliant property removes excess damaged skin cells to clean out whatever substances have blocked the pores.


Gently massage coconut oil all over the body before going to sleep. Wash the coconut oil with cool water in the morning. Do this daily to make the skin smooth and soft.

5 Homemade Winter Skin Care Remedies for Oily Skin

Oily skin is very difficult to manage, but there are many home remedies that help solve this common problem.

1. Egg Whites

Topical application of egg whites is one of the best natural treatments for oily skin. High in Vitamin A, egg whites can effectively fight oily skin as they shrink the pores. Egg whites can also effectively tone and tighten up oily skin.

First, separate the white from the yolk, then gently spread it on the skin. Leave it for half an hour and then wash it off with warm water. Do this twice a week until you reach the desired results.

2. Lemon Juice

The use of lemon juice for dark circles lightening is well known, and it is one of the best natural bleaches to improve skin tone. It is a great source of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and Vitamin C. Another name of Vitamin C is ascorbic acid, which enhances the production of collagen. The acid property present in lemons help restore the skin’s pH balance and also aids in lightening skin discolorations. It is also a great natural remedy for skin tans. It is an integral part of skin care during winter for oily skin.



  • Lemon juice-1 teaspoon
  • Distilled water-1 teaspoon

Method: Mix one tea spoon of distilled water with one tea spoon of lemon juice. Gently apply the mixture on the skin. Leave it for 10 minutes and thereafter wash off with warm water. Do this once daily until you reach the desired results.

3. Yogurt

Natural, unflavored yogurt is the ultimate skin care in winter for oily skin. Yogurt is derived from milk, and is a great source of animal protein and several other nutrients such as Vitamin B2, calcium, potassium, Vitamin D, magnesium, and Vitamin B12.


The presence of lactic acid in yogurt helps exfoliate the skin, lighten the skin tone and also aids in absorbing excess oil from the face. It is an inseparable ingredient of home remedies to lighten sun tans. Gently apply two table spoons of yogurt thoroughly over the oily skin. Leave it for 15 minutes and thereafter wash off with cool water. Do this once daily until you reach the desired results.

4. Apples

Apples are a great source of potassium, phosphorous, zinc, calcium, iron, copper, manganese, sodium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, thiamine, folate, pantothenic acid, niacin, riboflavin and pectin. The presence of malic acid in apples helps exfoliate the dead skin cells and also aids in absorbing excess oil from the skin’s surface. Inevitably, it is widely used in homemade facials for oily skin.

Grate one apple and apply the shreds on the skin. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off with cool water.

5. Aloe Vera

Effective home remedies for oily skin care in winter must include aloe vera. Aloe vera is extremely beneficial for both skin and hair, and is widely used in the aloe vera hair mask for damaged hair. Aloe vera helps absorb excess oil from the surface of the skin. The yellow substance found under the skin of the aloe vera plant helps lower the problems like wrinkles and fine lines. Aloe Vera gel can be utilized to heal wounds, and it also has plant collagen, which helps repair the skin.


First, extract aloe vera gel from an aloe vera leaf. Apply the gel on the face. Leave it for half an hour and then wash it off with water. Use this remedy twice daily until you reach the desired results.

Special Skin Care Tips during Winter Season

Following a few effective winter skin care tips can help you banish dry skin for good.

  • A long, warm shower might feel comforting, but it is best not to bathe in warm water for more than 10 minutes. Prolonged exposure to hot water removes moisture from skin and hair.
  • Your skin gets burned in the winter too. So, it is best to wear covered clothes along with gloves and a scarf in order to avoid the exposure of skin to cold air.
  • A body lotion with salicylic acid helps exfoliate the dead cells that result from dry skin.
  • Drinking plenty of water is a time tested way to rehydrate dry, flaky skin.
  • Increasing the intake of vitamin C rich foods such as citrus fruits and leafy green vegetables helps increase the production of collagen, which improves the health of the skin and connective tissues.
  • A daily dose of monounsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids from fish, nuts, flaxseed and olive oil helps in moisturizing the skin from within.
  • Use an oil-based moisturizer rather than a water-based one during winter, because the oil forms a protective layer on the skin surface to lock the moisture within the skin.
  • Winter sun can be as harsh as summer, so it can damage the skin and cause a tan. Therefore, it is best to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion on your face and hands at least 30 minutes before going out.


Try these easy home remedies and skin care tips in winter to lessen the discomfort that comes from excessive dry or oily skin and restore its natural, smooth, soft texture; and don’t forget to share your beauty tips with us!\

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