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An effective skin care routine means thorough determining of your skin type, the products your skin will love and how your skin reacts to each product you use. The whole routine and daily skin mantras are all easy, and in your comfort zone depending on a lot of factors. The hard time starts when the weather starts to change and you are horrified of how your skin would react!

The heat is blazing over us right now. The sun does a lot of good like providing us with vitamin D which is essential for our bones and getting our workouts to yield better results, but a lot of anything is bad. Especially our much loved sun and its rays for your summer skin!


The ultraviolent rays of the sun, also known as the UV rays, are extremely detrimental to the human skin. We all know that the substance “melanin” is a big part of darker skin. But the fact is, it’s present in every skin type and colour. Melanin is on the upper layer of the skin, protecting it from the heat of the sun. When we receive a lot of heat, the melanin tissues wear out. This leads to elastic loss in the skin, tanning, darker skin, sloughed off tissues and premature aging!

All of that doesn’t seem too appealing, does it? Hence, this summer, protect your skin from the sun and its rays and keep yourself informed. Know everything about summer skin care.

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Best Tips for Your Morning Summer Skin Routine:

1. Every morning, your skin needs complete personal attention. Your skin craves for water, freshness, and its morning regime every day. You sleep for long 7-8 hours at night. Next morning, the first step you need to do is wash off your face of all the mild impurities and oil that gathered overnight. Use a cleansing agent, like a face wash.


2. Going the extra mile is required for a summer skin care routine. Start your day first with a hot cup of water. Take a cup of hot water and drop in slices of lemon in it. The best quality of lemons is that they are detoxifying agents. They are excellent in cleaning bad stuff from the skin. So chug down a whole mug of lemon water first thing in the morning.

3. The next time you make a to-buy list, pen down a skin toner. Toners are incredibly good for your skin in the summer. Apart from the fragrance, it fills your face cells with freshness and moisture without the grease. Pat the toner on the skin or use a spray if you have one and let it dry till absorbed well.

4. If you are a serum user, your skin will enjoy this the most in this hot weather! Particularly in the summer time, the skin’s hunger for vitamin C increases. The goal is to give skin what it needs and wants. Most serums are also full of anti-oxidants. Find one with those ingredients. It will be your best bet for summer skin.


5. Use a few drops, as required, and pat on the entire face and on your neck. Allow good time for it to absorb. If you use a separate, personal eye cream, go ahead and use it now. An eye cream or an eye gel is the perfect thing for puffed, tired, red eyes. Massaging this is very important!

6. To get rid of any dry flakes left, use a lotion that has hyaluronic acid. It’s excellent to wake your skin up. It’s also full of active ingredients and vital for skin care!

7. Then go ahead and now use your moisturizer. This could be anything, cream or gel. Summer moisturizers usually have less oils in them. A gel is always lighter on the skin. You can also totally skip the moisturizer if you’ve got oily skin. But definitely use a sunscreen before stepping out and the SPF in it will work as a moisturizer too!

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Best tips for your night summer skin routine:

1. So you are back home from a tiring day at work, school or from just shopping with friends. Amidst the heat and sweat, the sun rays are just the first thing you want to get rid of. Hence the first thing you would want to do when you are home is to start your skin care routine!


2. Summer means less products used but the quality can never go down. Winter is said to chap the skin and dry it out. But summer dryness isn’t too good for skin either. You need to use proper, appropriate products and methods. Keep your skin in check with the help of close to natural skin care ways.

3. First things first, remove your makeup! Even the lightest of makeup bits can’t be ignored. Use a good quality make up remover that suits your skin. Make up remover and cleansing cloths are the best thing you can pair. They are usually thin and remove all make up very effectively. Alternatively, you can use cotton pads and balls too!

4. If you are very particular about using as natural products as possible, please try any coconut oil. Its excellent in removing even waterproof make up and better yet-it’s all natural!

5. Your next step will include washing you face. A great quality soap, or a mild facewash will do. Make sure you never use products that are super oily or, are for dry skin. Even if you have dry skin, the natural heat from the sun and the moisturizer will take care of it.

6. If you need to exfoliate, which should be done with a mild scrubber at least twice a week, do it now. The ingredients of a face wash will soak in much better when the skin pores are open from the exfoliation. This step is essential in the summer skin care routine.


7. Massage your face product well with your fingers and then wash it off completely with cold water. Now pat dry with tissue or a soft towel.

8. If you suffer from acne, use your everyday acne cream after the face wash. Dermatologists swear by acne creams that are made particularly for the night. The night is the time for your skin to repair itself. Hence all the products that you will use at night, will be incredibly efficient.

9. Finally then use your moisturizer. If you want to skip it completely according to your skin type, please do so. You know your skin best! But if you are one of those people who do NOT use a moisturizer in the day time, nights are the best time to do it. Use anything like a cream or a face oil. You will be the supplest person the nest morning! In fact, some face oils fight acne and only fill your skin with the needed amount of product!

10. Finish off with an eye cream of your choice.

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Melt-Proof Make Up Tips:

Make your make up last for endless hours. Below are some tips for melt-proof make-up:

This is a small part of skin care but it is essential to all you ladies out there. You spend so much money and time on good quality, long stay and branded cosmetics and skin care products that you would want it to last till the last minute. So here are some tips that will help you with exactly that!


  • So the first tip is the most obvious one. Less is more. Yes, we all know how over usage of products would make us feel and look in the brutal summer heat. Hence, use less of whatever you want to.
  • Keep your crème products and your powdered products separately! That refers to your face.

Either use the crèmes only or use the powdered forms. When you apply both together, they tend to get pigmented and then leave moisture on the face and you are left with all weird looking colours on your face. A cream foundation will mean a cream blush and eye shadow and so on. Also, vice versa!

  • No more pencil eye liners and kohl. In summers please switch to gel or liquids that are waterproof. All pencils, whether they are kohl, liners or brow ones, are made of wax, which melts in heat. So unless you want your eyes all smudging in black blue and brown, no pencils!
  • Use your mascara with waterproof top coat. No more flakes or melting!
  • Blotting papers are a must have in summers. After done with the make-up. Just blot you face and you’ll see no grease at all. You can also keep this with you and use it when you are on the go.
  • Lastly, you can either use the liquid lip colours that promise to stay super long because they are completely matte, or simply use a lip balm or a lip stain.

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Best DIY Face Masks for Clean & Healthy Summer Skin

Who wants to go out for facials and spa treatments to a local saloon in this brutal heat? Forget all of those expenses and know the best packs you can make and use at home for that glowing summer skin.


1. Vinegar facial masks:

Yes, vinegar. You might have not heard a lot about this on face, but vinegar is a great facial product. People with oily skin need a lot of deep cleaning and toner is just perfect for that. Skin pores are closed very effectively, helping you skin fight acne. Make a simple mask with 1/4th cup cider vinegar and 1/4th cup water. Apply onto your face and wait till dry. Great for the summer months!


2. Lemon facial masks:

Lemons are acidic. They are excellent in cleaning your skin and leave your face feeling fresh and fragrant. Mix in a one lemon’s juice with 1/4th cup sweet almond oil. This cleanses and moisturizer your skin!


3. Egg mask:

This is great to moisturize skin and tighten it well. It cleans your pores of all impurities and oil leaving a smooth face. Beat an egg white with a squeeze of lemon. Apply on face for 20 mins and wash off with lukewarm water.


4. Gram flour (besan) facial mask:

Gram flour is famous for skin care since years. Its anti-microbial properties help fight pimples, acne, spots and all basic skin problems. It also exfoliates mildly. Mix some gram flour and some warm honey. Apply this and let it sit for 20 minutes. Wash off thoroughly after drying.


5. Watermelon facial mask:

Along with your taste buds, this cooling fruit is very refreshing for your skin too! It’s a good toner that removes blemishes and marks. 2 tablespoons each of watermelon juice and cucumber juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of milk and yogurt each, mixed and applied for 15 minutes then washed off with cold water does wonders for your skin.


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Bored of Gulping Down Water? Try These Healthy Summer Drinks

It is true that nothing beats water when you are thirsty. Water also does wonders for overall human health, body and skin. But sometimes just plain water gets very boring and monotonous. It’s this time when you turn towards other sugar filled juices, fizzy drinks and energy drinks in the market.

  • The watermelon drink: Watermelon is an awesome refreshment. It’s known to be one of the most popular fruits in the summer. So go ahead and juice it up!


A great cleanser and detoxifier, this natural water filled fruit is just the perfect alternative.

  • Citrus magic: Fruits like lemons and oranges have tons of vitamin C in them. We all know how important and good vitamin C is for our skin’s cell repair and skin health. Drink as much fresh lemon juices, orange juice, sweet lime and any other citrus you get your hands on!


  • Buttermilk: Buttermilk is a light drink made of curd and water with the spices of your choice. Curd and milk is great for your skin. This drink has very little dairy base yet is a good refresher with mint.


  • Sugarcane juice: Clearing up skin or losing weight, sugarcane juice’s natural sugars give you the best. It’s an awesome medicine for acne problems. This roadside juice is a must have every single day!


  • Berry smoothies: Buy yourself some fresh berries and even some greens. Grind them with a little ginger and one apple. Try it out and see how great it tastes along with the benefits it provides to your skin.


All these artificially flavored drinks are unhealthy for our skin and cause more harm than good. This is one of the most vital summer skin care tips.

Hence, apart from water, you can try to have a lot of other drinks this summer which aren’t just going to quench your thirst but are also great tasting, making you crave them every single day. These are guilt free, cool down recipes!

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