Physical Effects of Body Stress – 6 Dangerous Symptoms of Stress

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Now-a-days life has become so hectic that it not only effects our body but also our mind as today’s life is full of work, responsibilities, demands, frustrations and apart from all these pressures, we have adopted an unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet and improper sleep, which leads our life to the destiny of stress. There are a lot of mental and physical effects of body stress which push us into many problems, in order to overcome these effects on our body, we should try few simple stress buster exercises which can relive our tensions temporarily. Everyone has to face stress at some or the other point of their lives, and stress is not harmful when we take it in a positive way, because our body reacts to these kinds of situations in day to day life and try to adjust within. In fact, a little stress will help us to improve ourselves in many aspects, but sometimes over stress will harm us with negative thoughts which reflects on our physical and mental ability.

Physical Effects of Body Stress

Physical Effects of Body Stress

These days life has become so stressful that we don’t have enough time for any other activities apart from our regular works and responsibilities. At this point of time we need to decide what is important, so that we cannot let the stress to effect our health. We should try to overcome these physical effects of body stress and improve our mental ability to avoid inviting unwanted health problems. Check out the top 6 effects of stress in our body, and find out how to overcome them within your comfort zone.


Stress plays a crucial role in the development of fatigue. Fatigue is caused when we are over- loaded with a lot of things. Stress completely drains our energy by exhausts our body and decreases the ability to cope up with life. This in turn leads to anger, pain, anxiety and lot of other problems. So in order to overcome fatigue, we need to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet which not only reduces stress but also keeps us fit.

Frequent Infections

Stress will not cause any infection directly, it will affect our digestive and immune system and makes it weak and when our immune system loses it strength, it will become infection prone. This will indirectly lead to lot of infections like cold, ulcers and other infectious diseases and gives a sick feeling. To have healthy immune system we need to consume foods for healthy immune system which strengthens our immunity and helps our body to fight against various infections.


Headache is a common disorder caused by several reasons and stress may or may not be a primary cause for headaches, but it is one of the main reasons for causing headache. Stress will create imbalance in our body’s equilibrium and over-anxiety and stress are the two main reasons which leads to the development of anxiety headache, tension headache and also other types of headaches. The best way to deal with the headache is to make ourselves calm and practice few deep breathing exercises for few minutes, as this flushes out the negative thoughts from our mind.

Physical Effects of Body Stress

Taut Muscles

Stress also causes various musculo-skeletal disorders. Our body reacts in the same way our mind thinks. And when our mind loses its balance, it shows effects on our body. A stressful life will cause a lot of muscle tension, tight muscles, neck, shoulder and back pain. Apart from these back pain is one of the main physical effects of body stress and in order to be relieved from it we need to know more about how to maintain a healthy back.

Physical Effects of Body Stress

Respiratory Infections

Stress will slow down our body functions and makes them weak, due to this our body becomes more prone to viruses and other foreign substances. In this case, we will sense various respiratory tract infections like short of breathlessness, cough, mild fever and fatigue. Drinking plenty of fluids and taking proper rest will help to overcome these problems.

A young girl is sick and having her temperature taken.

Skin Problems

Stress creates a lot of chemical imbalances in our body which will also show powerful affects on our skin. Stress makes our skin more sensitive and leads to hormonal changes, which in turn makes our skin oily and acne prone. It also causes wrinkles and makes our skin very dull. Consuming at least 7-8 glasses of water per day and maintaining a balanced diet will help us to reduce these skin problems.

These are few physical effects of body stress. Now-a-days stress has become a part of our life and in order to handle this stressful life, we need to maintain a healthy diet which includes all the essential minerals required for human body and also perform regular work outs. Swimming is considered to be one of the best sport which will reduce stress, as there are various best swimming techniques to tone your body accordingly.

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