Remedies for Armpit bumps
Causes & Symptoms of Armpit lumps – 12 ...

Discovering a lump anywhere in your body is a scary thought. It ravages your peace of mind and hurtles you towards total panic. A lump under the armpit is especially too scary for words. But there is NO reason to

Tiger Nuts
18 Tiger Nut Powder Benefits – Try The Hotte...

Time to go nuts on tiger nuts! They are the hottest superfoods on the market. But wait a minute, technically, they are not even nuts. These crinkly, marble-sized orbs are small and hail from the family of tuberous rhizomes of

Rainy Season Tips to Keep Diseases at Bay – Must...

During the fag end of the summer months, we wait eagerly for the monsoons. The long scorching summer months leave us high and dry. We look forward to a season of indulgence, getting drenched in the first cool showers, enjoying

6 Awesome Benefits of Flow Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga

‘Downward dog is my bae,’ said a friend of mine who practices yoga religiously and is especially into vinyasa yoga. I was curious about vinyasa, wondering isn’t yoga all about gentle poses, breathing in and breathing out? Then how does

reason for chest congestion
10 Home Remedies for Quick Chest Congestion Relief...

The build-up of mucus in your chest ruining your day? We feel you! Chest congestion is annoying and so difficult to get rid of. How would you recognize the symptoms of chest congestion? If you find out that you have

Belly Button Infection
11 Best Ways to Treat a Belly Button Infection Nat...

With the current fashion trends dictating women to dress up in midriff-baring crop tops and high-waisted pants, the belly button has suddenly zoomed into focus. Everyone wants washboard abs these days, and with that, a near perfect belly button. Women

Foods cause gas and bloating pregnancy
20 Effective Natural Remedies to Treat Gas Problem...

Pregnancy is an indescribable feeling, something that you cannot put within the constraints of 26 letters. I hear all the mothers saying ‘aye aye’ to this statement. The feeling that a new life is growing in your womb is an

How to Treat Gallbladder Stones with Conventional ...

Ever wondered how a teeny-tiny organ like your gallbladder, located just below the liver in the upper right abdomen, can impact your health? Tiny, yes, but it has BIG effects on your body. It is a small pouch that stores a green-yellow

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