Natural Methods to Stop Coughing – 5 Best Cough Suppresants

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Now-a-days we have an environment which is getting polluted day-by-day. Many vehicles releasing smoke, lot of dirt and cigar smoking are few of the main reasons why our air is getting polluted. When we breathe in the air which is already polluted, we will sense some kind of irritation in our throat. When this irritation becomes severe we start coughing. There are several natural methods to stop coughing. In order to get rid of these irritations and for effective breathing we can practice deep breathing exercises. These exercises will helps us to take in fresh air and clear impurities in our lungs.

Cough is one of the top most health problems these days. Coughing is nothing but an action, which our body adopts in order to get rid of foreign substances and microbes out of our lungs and wind pipes. It is a natural reflex action towards the irritation in our throat.

5 Best Cough Suppresants

Coughing is a process to clear the air passages and this can happen both voluntarily and involuntarily. Coughing can be a natural action towards smoking, air pollution, dirt and other environmental conditions. When this cough becomes frequent, it is an indication of a disease.

Coughing is one of the symptoms in diseases like lung tumors heart failure, asthma, respiratory tract infection, chronic bronchitis etc. When a person suffers from coughing, he/she should use a hanky in order to cover the mouth. This is because there are various bacteria and viruses which will spread these diseases to the persons beside us.


Cough due to Bronchitis

Bronchitis is an infection of the breathing tubes or passages. It creates an inflammation which will develop swelling of bronchial tubes. It is causes due to viruses and bacteria. This bronchitis leads to continuous coughing.

Cough due to Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Upper respiratory tract infections

Upper respiratory tract infection is a process which is infectious. There are various upper respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, sinus and common cold. One of the most common symptoms in these infections is cough, as the person suffering from this infection will have difficulty in breathing and also irritation in throat.

Cough due to Foreign Substances and Air Pollution

Air pollution

There are a lot of substances like dirt, tobacco smoke, foreign particles and irritant gases which leads to air pollution. These things affect our cardiovascular and respiratory systems of our body. When a person will sense this pollution, the body immediately reacts to it in the form of cough. Few people will have allergy towards smoke and dirt, which creates a lot of irritation in their throat and finally suffers from coughing continuously.

Cough due to Asthma

Asthma is nothing but difficulty in breathing which is a common cause of chronic cough. In this disease, a person will suffer from shortness of breath and coughing. There are several medications and treatments which can deal with asthma, but a person suffering from asthma should let the cough go away. This will help him in getting some kind of relief.

Natural Methods to Stop Coughing

water therapy Water Therapy

We all know that there are natural benefits of consuming water. Water therapy is one of the most effective and easy treatment for cough. Water therapy will ease the throat and gives relief to the person. We must consume water in order to be hydrated. Water will help to ease the cough and removes the sticky mucus or foreign substances from our throat.


Honey is considered to be one of the best and effective remedy to treat frequent cough. Taking two teaspoons of honey during night time will help reducing cough and relives our throat. Mixing honey with warm lemon water or tea will work out best to cleanse our throat and also gives a soothing effect.


Gargling is one of the best treatment to cure cough. In this process, a person must consume warm water with little salt and start gargling. This helps in cleansing the throat. Gargling for about 2 to 3 times a day will heal our throat and reduces coughing and adds moisture to the throat.


Ginger for cough

Ginger is also one of the best natural medicine which helps to reduce coughing and clear the breathing passages. We can consume fresh grated ginger with warm water or we can also take blended ginger with little amount of jaggery.

Black Pepper

black pepperBlack pepper is considered to be one of the best spices. It is one of the most effective cough remedy. A person suffering from cough can chew 2 to 4 black pepper seeds to reduce cough. We can also consume black pepper seeds with other herbs and spices like cinnamon, basil leaves and ginger, as this gives faster results. We can also consume it with boiled milk.

These are some of the best home remedies and natural methods to stop coughing problem. Herbs and spices are the best remedies for cough. There are amazing benefits of herbs and spices. So, try out these remedies whenever you suffer from coughing.

There are also other medications like cough syrups and treatments which will be prescribed by doctor. Coughing due to the presence of disease can be cured only when that particular disease is cured. So, it is always better to consult your general physician and get treated.

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